The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.


  • Bump. Also does class advantage/disadvantage factor in? Or is your atk reduction considered "base attack"?
  • I think you are confusing yourself here haha Sounds like the node you are referring to is safeguard (defender can't lose more than 1% hp per hit or similar wording). I am referring to the protect defense tactic in alliance war where it triggers when the attacker deals more than 300% of their base attack.
  • Forgot to add - also champion atk increase mechanics including fury buff (e.g. real NF fury buff, doom sp3 fury) guillotine's and star lord's attack increase with combo meter, etc
  • Before people ask, yes I did have a skill character in my team and yes I did have charges at the time encroaching stun hit
  • People have 0 chill. Sh*t happens, especially in an environment that gets updated as frequently as this one. Kabam employees have acknowledged the error and have said that they're working to fix. Based on previous issues I'm sure that we will receive adequate compensation based on the impact this has for people. Have some…
  • Not terrible luck, most of the my 6*s are actually useful and probably champs I wouldn't take above r3 otherwise... Apart from Antman, he sucks ha
  • I think Kabam needs to clarify it though, it seems to be 110% over 100 seconds, but the node description doesn't actually say it's on a timer...
  • Towards the start After degen timer was out and Regen done
  • I've actually just test a 5*r3 Angela against that 3.2 degen and she can definitely solo it. I got as high as 9%hp by the end of degen then up to 25% hp until she was out of the queued up regens. Mind you it's a bit RNG based as that fight also has pilfer regeneration on. I wish someone told me that before I went and did…
  • Forgot to mention but obviously does this mean that all Regen champs will work for this, especially cosmic/science for variant 3.2? I suppose Angela might work well since she regens from losing health, but is it all too quick for her to catch up?
  • @will-o-wisp I do have max pacify. If that's the case and I just didn't notice the dmg back on the few occasions it happened I'd like kabam to make the heavy non contact lol it's described as a web shot in the champ description so should be like bullets right?
  • Just to be 100% clear this is an Ultron on AW psychic thorns (node 15 to be specific). Node description attached for reference
  • Why have you added Sig stones to KK though?! :|
  • Currently the fight screen is a permanent loading icon, have checked with other people who are having the same issue. I can access all other screens, just not "fight" and its subscreens so can't do arena, AQ and quest
  • Currently the fight screen is a permanent loading icon, have checked with other people who are having the same issue. I can access all other screens, just not "fight" and its subscreens so can't do arena, AQ and quest
  • @Garus I am being served 2 versions of the game with the same device & network connection, one which is high definition another which is medium definition. High definition is more fluid and possibly has better graphics. When i say I cracked I mean I have found proof that there are 2 different versions (due to a difference…
  • @Garus @The_Unknown So that's the initial fight screen, when you're not able to hit the opponent and it's the 2 champions running towards each other. One version is a straight downwards motion of the camera (non fluid version) The other version is much more curved in the camera angle going downwards then finishing with a…
  • That's not a bad shout at all @silverseraph give people the choice so if your phone can't handle you can choose to downgrade to non-HD. This is pretty standard in pc games, you can pick low, medium or high res etc, so would be ace to have that choice!
  • I'd actually understand it better if it worked for power gain nodes but not for strike back nodes to be honest, as I wouldn't necessarily class the latter as power gain it's just receiving a flat bar of power. I want to check with Kabam that it not functioning as a power gain node counter isn't a bug
  • @NiteAndDae I would even go as so far as saying that j play worse with the fluid version haha but that's mainly due to response times not being used to it. Agreed as I mentioned the game still runs ok in non fluid, but the fluid version is stunning
  • YES - FINALLY CRACKED HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT! These are definitely different experiences as demonstrated by a rough diagram above this is the difference between the fight start screen between non-fluid and fluid! Why are you serving me different experiences on the same device under very similar network connections? can i just…
  • Device and Model: One Plus 5 Device Operating System: 8.0 Cellular or WiFi: Both, carrier is EE Game Version Installed: Doesn't say what version in play store, but most up to date at the time of writing Game Mode: all game modes Description of the Issue: I've been noticing this for a while most of the time my game runs ok…
  • Something to add that might help troubleshooting, it seems like the camera at the start of the fight (i.e. before you can hit the opponent) zooms in differently, i feel like just before you can hit it zooms in from above (not sure if actually different or just frame rate that makes it feel miles different). I wonder if…
  • not sure if this has been fixed yet, but if it has it definitely does not work on champions with power gain buff (i.e. AQ map5 morningstar still gains the same amount of power with and without exhaust)
  • I tried to record it once but the problem is when I went off the app to start recording it was no longer the super smooth version
  • Exactly what garus has described, it's like chalk and cheese. It's not like the non fluid version is terrible, but when you experience the super smooth version you can really tell the difference
  • I'm not saying it doesn't happen just that's infrequent to get over 5 without sp3. Not complaining, saying that makes sense since if you were able to stack say 15 (e.g. 11+sp3) exhausts on regular basis he'd be massively OP. On mine it's about 800 atk per debuff, so would equate to 16k overall atk on 15 debuffs!