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  • Not so sure. I think they chose to close them because I may have named someone. In any case, the closest I got to an answer is here which I am finding hard to accept:
  • It was just a simple analogy @DNA3000 , you can apply it to which ever platform you want...I tried to present my argument more clearly in this thread from a different angle: the gist of their argument is flawed and biased…
  • Well tbh it doesn't feel as if Kabam is dropping any hammer on anyone anymore...literally nothing has happened. Yea they dropped some points off the cheating alliances...congratulations well done as the regulator you took 'action'...alliance that was cheated against? just scratching our heads as to what to do? email kabam?…
  • Going by your logic, having reported the alliance that 'piloted' was duly punished by you. So what happens to the alliance that was cheated against? and in some instances, same alliance in the space of 3 days? When you play any match, any game, there are two opponents. If one is found be in violation and the verdict is for…
  • lol so naive of you...and how about when we have screen shots of the opposing alliance boasting of piloting? and in addition they get deducted -600 points from the AW rating and all of their win bonus points? Oh and demoted to gold category to very low levels of it? And now imagine you have faced that alliance twice in one…
  • well help us work this out then @weapon_x we are getting most of the threads one is responding to PMs and support is sending out a default response. The treatment is beyond belief
  • Yea and when that specific alliance loses 600 points on war rating and is dropped to 110th in gold category, what happens then? Twice in one week. Utter discrimination from kabam. Biased one sided hypocritical bs
  • Last 5 wars
  • And what happens to the honest alliances that played by the rules?
  • It makes no sense! @Riegel points should absolutely be reversed...I mean how is that possible, you punish the alliance that cheats but they one cheated against is just left cheated!! Wow I’m baffled and here I was thinking kabam taking some deserved action....
  • It’s ridiculous, points get deducted but not added back to the alliance who was cheated against? @"Kabam Miike" Apologies for naming an alliance but I was just trying to put a very straightforward case across. You don’t even give us a chance to explain ourselves. Support responds with a default template. How do you expect…
  • Yep watching as we speak...waiting for points to be added to us as well...just makes sense...also the war rewards etc
  • I am not sure about the split, I think you may be right but that's besides the point. Kabam is who sets the base price, thereafter split happens. @TaKshAk Wasn't aware that I was addressing a board of directors @TheOneAndOnly but I'll try to be more formal next time. I am pretty certain Apple or Google does not dictate the…
  • I work in finance, very well aware as to how and why currencies fluctuate. Question was about Kabam setting the price really, in your suggested scenario, Kabam can easily instruct Apple or Google to alter the price of an Odin accordingly to make it fair. @Jaffacaked
  • I think this was suggested and ignored on a number of occasions. I like it, would definitely move wars to being more tactical and resourceful however I firmly believe it would not ‘stop’ or reduce piloting by any means, on the contrary it may even trigger it further!
  • @Ad0ra_ @"Kabam Miike" how are we going to be compensated as alliances as well as individuals for the above misgivings? We send tickets and get default autobot responses asking us to open to new tickets 🤷‍♂️ Your recent message does not address the above, hence I ask.
  • Will we be able to see the points earned after each fight from that specific node? ie 240 points for killing the opponent + 150 for expo? Or will that just tally up in the total score? Ideally if it showed it would make it easier.
  • The idea was moving forward with the game...there is currently a completely useless section called 1v1 quickmatch. Why not enhance that and instead of 25 gold you pay 25 3*, 4* or 5* return you get 50 shards back for get 3 mins to fight...why would this break the game? It would just allow skill to…
  • How about live PvP?!?! Introduce that already! That would break the game to new dimensions!
  • Call it the Champions League! Put a trophy at the end and watch everyone fight to death! Would be awesome...
  • Actually got 2,500 5* shards :)
  • Same here. What was the cutoff?
  • I'm in LoL path 2 as we speak, as if VP and RR's damn broken evades aren't good enough this **** appears right in front of me after RR and before Maestro. Had spared 7 revives for Maestro and they're all gone. He evades like no tomorrow!!! I'll post it up after grinding for some units.