Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Hi! :) I've used Scorpion a lot for this quest for his versatility and customizable immunities. He's also a #sinister6 so his damage is boosted a lot from the nodes. I've used Void as well because his constant damage over time and anti-regen allows you to focus on evading your opponents attacks without thinking too much…
  • Here is Cosmic Ghost Rider :) There's a special edition for Knull as well if I remember correctly with his hand coming out of the frame.
  • Hello :) You can get free units by completing quests, objectives, solo events or in arena. You can also buy them from the unit store.
  • Hello :) For my 1st run i used a full mutant team : Apocalypse, Namor and Archangel. Apocalypse for Havok and Nick Fury, Namor for Terrax. Then i put the horseman buff on Archangel for Scorpion. For the 2nd run i used Hercules, Guillotine2099 and Tigra. I used Guillotine2099 for Havok with a sp3 finish. Hercules for Nick…
  • Ah that's a shame :| That's exactly what i was afraid of. He's a super fun and useful champ but he has a really low health pool. If his miss mechanic doesn't work he loses his main interest. Has it been already reported or acknowledged by Kabam?
  • That fight took place in tier1. We're back in tier2 right now but i don't think it's any different (besides +%health and attack). I took a picture of the node :)
  • Thanks for giving it a shot :smile: I'm really hoping it's not a bug and just a silly mistake on my part or an intented interaction i don't know about. I'll keep on playing Miles and see if i'm able to recreate that interaction.
  • I'll be sure to record my next fights with Miles when there's unblockable involved. :) Hopefully it's just a one time thing.
  • Halas no i don't have it anymore. I cut a tiny part from and it replaced the initial video. At the end of it you can see me taking a few hits while DM is unblockable and then holding block to maintain my position. But that's it. I'm trying to replicate what happened, hopefuly not during war :D No i was not touching the…
  • No i was not touching the screen on the left side on y phone screen when i took the first hit as if i were playing Ghost on phase mode. I held block at the end of the 5 hits combo though to maintain my position. Halas no i don't anymore. I cut a tiny part of the initial video, the cut replaced the whole one. You can see me…
  • Don't you have to be Thronebreaker or higher to participate? o:)
  • Thanks for your help guys :) It was node5 in war (path2 section1). So besides +% attack and health there was : Strike counter Fury and Power struggle. I'm looking towards maybe some kind of mastery interaction maybe? But honestly i'm lost. I've ranked 3 Miles Morales mainly for this miss mechanic. If it's not reliable,…
  • I read it a good amount before posting, There must be something obvious i'm missing then. Care to elaborate please?
  • Masochism has a little window you can exploit : it can't trigger all the time. After purifying a debuff it will go on cooldown. So you can apply debuffs during that time with any champion. Try and learn re-parry if you can : > parry like normal, the stun will go off immediately > then parry right after, the stun will…
  • From the Game team, september 2021 about changing the cadence of the buff program: We’ve heard it from our players and feel it ourselves, some of the updates are not up to the level that Summoners had hoped. While not every Champion is meant to suddenly skyrocket to the top of the DPS charts or replace every Champion in…
  • Those came initially from Modok's Lab side quest if i remember correctly. That was a mini randomized boss rush. You could reroll your enemies buffs if they were too crazy or not suitable for your team. The first iteration was fun but pretty tough! :)
  • n-Game Name: Belphégor Device and Model Iphone Xr Device operating System: iOS 15.3.1 Cellular or wifi: Wifi Game Version Installed: 35.0.1 Game Mode: Alliance War Description of Issue: Opted-in to the New Input system - Beta version. My opponent was able to break my block (on hold) Edit : i suggest watching the video at…
  • In-Game Name: Belphégor Device and Model Iphone Xr Device operating System: iOS 15.3.1 Cellular or wifi: Wifi Game Version Installed: 35.0.0 Game Mode: Alliance War Description of Issue: Opted-in to the New Input system - Beta version. My opponent was able to break my block (on hold) https://youtu.be/hIgWu922eH0
  • I'd give him his own slot and pray he doesn't get the Gamora treatment :#
  • After today's maintenance, it seems this bug has been fixed :) Success! B)
  • Hi! :) Playing as iBomination you had a poison debuff on yourself. Elektra reduces defensive ability accuracy by 85% as long as you have a debuff on you. So your parries had a pretty high chance of failing (85%).
  • Hi there! :smile: Since the last update, i found out that Beast can no longer complete his Freestyle chain combo (signature ability). The game seems to start another chain when Beast hits with a third light attack. iPhone Xr - iOS 14.7.1 MCOC up to date Arena mode
  • A few months ago Miike spoke about a rework for Miles' animations. I know it's way too much to ask for and i'm probably dreaming, but i'm really hoping for change in his 3D model as well to make him look like this : That would make him stand out a lot more in my opinion :)
  • I'd love this mode to be a permanent addition to the game. It's a really nice training ground. :) Maybe Kabam could add even more iconic fights like the Collector and the Grand Master as the story continues? Those fights could be locked until you've beaten them at least once in quest.
  • You can't regen/power steal with Omega Red's Sp3 if you don't have spores applied on your enemy. In my opinion, it's not a bug.
  • Congrats on that new shiny 6* Classic Cap, lol! B) Slowly grinding back on act6 exploration myself. That's inspiring :)
  • Mr Sinister actually bypasses the reverse control phase. :)
  • iPhone XR here, I updated last week. Using iOS13 my game was suffering from regular severe frame drops. Especially during heavy particles effects from specials (like Torch or OmegaRed). My phone was heating up pretty fast to the point i was wondering if my device was the issue. Since i've been using iOS14 all of these…
  • I've just tried it in the Canadian side quest against IMIW. Only extra node is breakthrough. I've launched my SP3 with 2 infections placed on IMIW on got 10% health back. Seems to work OK in that quest at least for me. Could you try it there and see for yourself ? (no energy required :) ) https://youtu.be/IzXSZcZv3p8