We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.


  • Very apt analogy, because a very long time ago, calculators in maths tests might have been seen as cheating. When I was at school, about 20 years ago, calculators were seen as entirely normal to use during tests and the tests were designed around them. This is what happens with power creep in games, the new content is…
  • I've been playing this game for about 18 months, so I've never played without 1) input bugs and 2) the revive farm. So from day one I've known that you can swipe and get no response or block and watch the enemy hit right through it, and the only think you can do is keep an adequate supply of revives and spend one when it…
  • The free to play players exist so the whales have someone to have better rosters than. If this game was just whales it would be a tiny community and they would all move to other games with large free to play playerbases, and then those games get their money, not this one.
  • You should start internal discussions around rolling this decision back entirely if you want this game to exist in 6 months' time.
  • This is such a stupid decision. Nobody is going to play this game without revive farming, and by the time Kabam accepts that and reverses this, everyone's alliances will have been hollowed out by so many players leaving.
  • It doesn't surprise me at all that noone there plays the game routinely... but why don't they just play for an hour or two and take a look at the bugs firsthand? Then they can get bug reports from experts who know how the game engine works, instead of people who have no idea.
    in Omega level Ai Comment by Spaec March 21
  • 2, I didn't time it but I feel like the first 2 weeks of this sidequest took as long as most full months. They probably just figured the number of fights and didn't realise incursions has a ton of slow pointless extra clicks to select hacks which doubles the amount of time everything takes.
  • When people say "the rewards are different based on progression levels" what they mean is that what the rewards are worth is different, based on progression levels. Which it seems you agree with.
  • Like, what do you think the purpose is of having the store be different for different progression levels? It's so Kabam can hand out the same number of tokens and they are worth more if you are a higher progression level and less if you are a lower one, that is why it is in the game.
  • You're wrong. If we both get a piece of paper that says "the bearer gets five gold bars from their prize shop" and your prize shop has much smaller gold bars than mine does, would you say we got the same prize? Because we both got five tickets? Or did you get less than me, because your gold bars are smaller than mine? It's…
  • It kind of boggles the mind that Kabam's decided to require anyone who submits bugs to learn their internal bug submitting protocol and then gain access to some sort of limited availability fight reporting tool... instead of just giving a dozen phones to their testers so they can play the game for a week and record all the…
  • I hope the person who came up with the idea of emotes in battlegrounds spills a bowl of soup on their favourite shirt.
  • Not true, the second part of his SP1 covers the whole screen. OP, you need to precisely dex the dash part or push him to L2. First part also not true, Black Cat, Cap Falcon, Gorr, Jessica Jones, Rintrah, Titania, Valk, Wong all have much easier to dex L1s than Absorbing Man.
  • Bosses are way overtuned, uncollected difficulty absorbing man hits about as hard as act 7 bosses, so it's an easy choice to skip this.
  • Trades all done, thread works. Thanks!
  • I'm also looking to trade 12 or so, ingame name spaec.