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  • I actually just did my initial clear of abyss this past week and for the fights that do require mystic champ, I was very glad to have Doom on my team, he was very successful.
  • Definitely pleased
  • @Hilbert_unbeatable2 @GinjabredMonsta It’s no bug unfortunately. Kabam’s event quest layout was intended for this. we will get one new quest each week from now on. We only received the first two quests last week in order for all 6 quests to fit a 5 week period.
  • @Skiddy212 It’s definitely a good month with a lot to offer, i was just curious if there was a reason why Kabam decided to the single champ in December idea
  • @NOOOOOOOOPEEEEE that would make a bit of sense since they didn’t start doing that until the least few years. I just remember when surfer came out and it was odd that it was only him, then it just continued lol.
  • The power drain reduction is not all that significant. There will still be the complete capability to keep the opponent under a bar of power throughout the full fight while spamming sp1 if you so please. With his new kit, the other special attacks are more valuable anyhow compared to them prior. He received a good buff…
  • @xBearx no this was for the Card that included regular cavalier nexus crystals. I wanna say it came out last week
  • If i’m being completely honest, I actually had much better pulls from the incorrect drop rate crystals than the compensation ones…
  • I am fortunate enough to have the characters that a large number of players consider “the best”. The one champion that has escaped me forever that I would just love to enjoy is Elsa Bloodstone… I am a big fan of her kit and her animations are cool.
  • I have received mine. So i guess keep an eye out. Maybe also verify you’re entitled to compensation based on when you made the purchase?
  • I purchased the Thronebreaker bundle but wasn’t aware of a drop rate error.. How would I know if I received the wrong rates? I’m assuming my faith in Kabam is all i have now?
  • @De_Potato_Salad That timer was for signup. Now you wait for new timer to actually begin beta.
    in 7.4 beta Comment by TC1 October 2021
  • I pulled Hercules on my first attempt at featured. Felt very special
  • Coming from a TB player who hasn’t seen 1 mil gold in ages, there definitely isn’t a gold “shortage”. I do personally feel there should be a buffed gold output from arena to make it worth the time spent but there’s other options. I get gold when needed, and the gold deals came at a price of your valuable time which is why…
  • I’m being told by some players that it is progression based. So Cav players got a 6* chance for under 1 mil gold? Am I expected as a Thronebreaker player to carry millions of gold just because of my title?
  • I recently ranked 2 cmm i duped as well. absolutely love using her as much as i can. i will definitely rank 3 her without dup as well soon
  • This isn’t really an appreciation to any players. Not every player can afford these deals with gold, even at the Thronebreaker level
  • These offers weren’t a make up for September issues because it isn’t for all players. Not every player can afford these gold deals.
  • A lot sure, not everyone. Not every player has gold to spare. It’s actually a very little amount of people considering the millions of players they have.
  • @danielmath I have never noticed myself. Still a very cool interaction. It’s hard to notice I suppose while the numbers keep rising from beating him down
  • @Zan0 If that is true then thanks for letting me know. I have a 6* rank 3 and have never noticed it personally so thanks for clarifying if that’s the case.
  • good stun spam from sp1 but that’s it to be honest. up to you ultimately
  • Apoc is an amazing 6* Both the gwen’s are actually so useful! Spider-Gwen especially, great utility
  • I think both your options you chose are great! I personally really enjoy players using Mr. Negative, he is such a unique champ. Honorable mentions: Sunspot, Prof x, surfer
    in Next r2 6* Comment by TC1 October 2021
  • @CharlieMurphyKC You pray. And if that doesn’t help, you spend 18 hours a day on your phone like BrianGrant grinding in arena
    in Gold issues? Comment by TC1 October 2021
  • @The_Sentry06 yeah sq typically helps a lot with gold. I’ll still be too tempted and spend it on ranking everyone up lol. Then back to no gold i go.
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  • It is indeed amazing. Praying for all the souls including myself you are very poor in gold.. lol
  • Someone posted rewards on different thread. recommend looking
  • i’m all for new champs. Don’t think Havok needs to be awakened.. just my thought