Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.



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  • I got it now, what I had noticed before was the timer resetting during a special that included many hits (Hyperion sp1). I would delete this thread if I could. Thanks again!
  • Thanks for the help... I still think I’m missing something because in other fights I use the special and it resets the timer well ahead of the 12th hit. I’ll go back and have another look
  • I thought about that. Just so you know, #female / #male is not a tag you can see in the champ info.
  • Recording is built into iPhone now, you need to add it to your quick menu
  • I only have a 4* so I use him to explore Master mode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • For me I had to actually search for the game through the app store and update from there. For some reason even though it was hours and hours later, it did not show up in the updates section.
  • My top 3: Mystique Endgame thor! Sandman My runners up: Apocalypse Cosmic Ghost Rider Adam Warlock Kraven Professor x Silk The Lizard Shuri Jubilee Ironheart Beta Ray Bill Wiccan Shang Chi Onslaught morphius Please consider to buff Thor Jane Foster for the new film
  • This is great, I'm really looking forward to watching this! If it's hype, I fully plan on using it to lure friends into getting started playing this. I'm eager to see what it means for us Summoners already in the Battlerealm, too. I could imagine a cool interactive thing where we get to cheer for our favourite competitor…
  • Yes they did confirm that as like every monthly quest, this one is eligible for time attack legend challenge. Remember though, that you can only try within the first two weeks. Today was…
    in Legenden Run Comment by cling2 July 2019
  • Oh. and then to add to this, I just found this post, here. Which seems backwards, why not make that the other way around!? Give the underdogs a fighting chance ffs
  • It should tho, otherwise how to determine what map you get? amiright?
  • One fellow player described it as a champion nerf via game mode. Does anyone else see it that way?
  • I agree, it's garbage. Next buffs should be some crystals like this one.
  • Will we be able to use any pre-fight ability in Arena fights? I don't feel it is appropriate to withhold certain abilities based on the game mode in this particular game.
  • Came here to make sure someone didn't put psychedelics in my coffee because I could have SWORN I just put a bunch of work into placing defenders. Can't say I'm not disappointed. Noticed it after updating the app.
  • Prowess increases special damage by the amount shown. Was it the CapIW synergy you were looking at? I think the synergy should state what prowess does.
  • Sorry for the vague title. This is only annoying when setting defence for War. It's not really a big issue, I was just frustrated. I thought with portals, then the addition of Summoner names on nodes, that we would see things spaced out a bit more on the maps we set defense on, but that never really happened. I'm…
  • Toronto here - Also streaming frequently at lmk if you ever plan on being in town and maybe I'll see if I can set up a meetup :smile:
  • What does Force of Will do again? Anyone? Edit: right, immune to ability accuracy reduction!
  • So frustrated over this
  • Damn. I’m doing last minute war placement can anyone tell me which immunity this one should be? Wow okay so apparently posting images in the forum from chrome on iPhone is also broken. Node 42
  • that feeling when nobody cares :'(
  • iPhone 7 - iOS 11.4 - Can't run the game due to concerns of permanent damage to device therefore can't stream until fixed. Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen - Android 6.0 - Overheating is killing this device and the lag makes fighting impossible, it was fine until this last update :'(
  • Personally, I'm not at that point yet. Yet I think that when I do retire, I could see myself coming back to see new updates, try new champs etc. because I do still find the game fun to play.
  • Personally, I'm not at that point yet. Yet I think that when I do retire, I could see myself coming back to see new updates, try new champs etc. because I do still find the game fun to play.
  • Mutant as well for me. Took me ages to start getting 4* mutants, but then they started rolling in, now i have many muties (first came Magneto, then Cyke, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, NC, Cable, X23, Wolvie). I would say that I now lack mytics but I can't complain after just finding a Morningstar, Dorm, Ghost Rider, and Guilly.