• very disappointed that kabam didn't do anything to treat carnage with respect so far
  • he is worse than gwen and fixit.
  • I reported many cheated players (only have 4* r4,lv 40 but has lol ultron on their profile pages, and if you check their alliances, you can see many of them got lol ultrons). I have reported these players over a week, but nothing happened to them.
  • more and more players are cheating in the game, too bad see that kabam just can't handle the cases on time.
  • wow nobody at kabam give a damn ****
  • It is the first time that I find she-hulk is not that bad after I used the carnage.
  • This is because carnage's useless is on an another level and he is worse than any champions you mentioned.
  • wow it seems that kabam just ignore us again and the reason for complaints is that we are not capable of playing the "NEW" fighting style
  • Kabam Mike said that carnage is fine and he is "good" in longer fights.
    in Carnage... Comment by ddatm June 2017
  • Carnage is definitely a Champion players are going to have to get used to --> not our problem, you have to learn how to trigger "massive" bleed damage through heavy attack He doesn't play like a majority of Champions --> yes, he is a trash and he even can not meet the bar of a mid-tier champion. So what? He can be useful…
  • carnage definitely need a redesign.
  • Suggested plan: Carnage should have basic attributes slightly lower than most champions'. Carnage should be able to cause bleed through sp or base attacks. Increase the damage of the bleed OR Increase the duration of the bleed. Grant him the ability to Regen OR Grant him much noticeable ability in power gain. For now,…
  • King Groot has a low attack but he has great regen ability and health, Wolverine also has low basic stats but he has the top 3 regen ability in the game. Carnage has low stats in every aspect and lets's see what he got? Zero regen despite you have low health, Low damage, no good power gain like Hyperion or Mordo(they even…
  • after using sp, carnage should gain the permanent buff immediately instead of waiting 10s. Carnage should be able to trigger bleed through all attacks (not heavy attack and sp3). His sig ability is incredibly weak and should change to gain power directly or regen when the opponent is bleeding. If you want to make his bleed…
  • Even with 5 buffs active, he is still not "good". The bleed damage is ridiculously low and the only way to trigger bleed is through the heavy attack and sp3 ??? His sig is a joke, only increase power gain by 15% at sig 20 and you have to wait for 20s to reach that number, what? Even cable's sig ability beats it easily, the…
    in Carnage... Comment by ddatm June 2017
  • I pulled him as a 5 star and he is just terrible.(zero utility, can only do simple quests, absolutely useless in Aq and Aw) I still like this character and I wish kabam do something do make it right.
    in Carnage... Comment by ddatm June 2017