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  • Still looking I'm sure we are the perfect fit for those looking to retain a high level of rewards, whilst cutting back on the committments of aw and aq. Come join like minded vets and renew your game experience by putting the grind mentality behind you.
  • @Gerbil I'm not sure what more there is to elaborate. I've long suffered from random lag whilst playing, lag in crystal vault and sometimes in champ screens. It got so bad after 1 update a long while back i was ready to quit. After tinkering with my developer settings on Android i improved performance greatly. All android…
  • @chaos_bruh Know how to access developer settings? Do so, access, scroll down to "limit background processes". Change it from "standard limit" to "at most 1 process" Reload game, go to vault, usually where it's laggiest and see if you notice a difference. This helps me on 2 Android devices, the difference is extremely…
  • https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/88108/failed-to-sign-in-merged-threads#latest Want to help get it fixed? Use your eyes and check for existing threads before making new ones on the same issue
  • Already a much longer thread on the same issue. Don't make multiple threads https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/88108/failed-to-sign-in-merged-threads#latest
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Wolf" Apologies, i wouldn't normally tag like this however nothing has been said on this issue for quite some period of time, despite at least one moderator seeing and merging into the thread. It will go along way if some confirmation can be given that it is being…
  • Me too. Works on phone fine, not on my Lenovo tablet. Uninstalled and reinstalled, whether i select new game or continue both options give me the "failed to log in" "failed to sign in" message
  • Upon further inspection not only weren't we awarded the bonus for winning, our season points remain at zero It's like the war counted as an off season one
  • My alliance too didn't get the win bonus Can't find this mentioned anywhere Anyone else had this problem?
  • @the op I agree it's maybe a tad unfair. Whilst some have suggested it's maybe due to a smaller pool running 2bgs, I have evidence to the contrary. My alliance is running a 2bg war currently, we are within 150ish war rating of yours. Yet we've been both been matched with people 300+ war rating higher.
  • People just want to sometimes troll and generally be difficult for the sake of it because they cannot offer anything constructive.
    in Variant. Comment by icorer February 2019
  • I think it's fantastic and totally agree with your sentiments, although I'm not complete yet. So far I've done an initial run through on one account as well as 100% chapter 1 on both accounts. The rewards justify the effort and challenge, but the single most important thing to me is you can break it down into bite size…
    in Variant. Comment by icorer February 2019
  • Left thumb & right index :D I use my right thumb and right middle finger to hold the top and bottom edges of the phone, on the right side. I just always found thumbs only takes up too much screen space and obstructs visability. I use thumbs only on my tab.
  • Damn that sucks. I thought it was more level of opponent that dictates the xp not the energy. Ah well, good thing you've still got quite a lot of time. Totally agree on the xp to next level needing to be displayed.
  • If you haven't already make sure to knock out as much of the valentine eq on the various difficulties. Only 1 energy per move and you'll grab yourself up some nice stuff hopefully. Same can be said about chapter 1 of the marvel event
  • Been a hell of a long time since i needed to get xp. Isn't it the case at the end of fights and quests it tells you how much gold and xp? If I'm correct them you can very quickly and easily see how much you get for both beating venom and the quest. Good luck, you can make it
  • Android app called image combiner. People should play at their own pace and comfort levels, no disrespect but most anyone could achieve level 25 within a couple of weeks of intensive play or a month or so of semi active playing. I know hard work is relative but it really sounds to me that you're grossly overestimating the…
  • Appreciate it but the info was put up so people could reach out to me not the other way around.
  • How about you post your fantastic rosters from your accounts your want to merge. Let me go first, here are mine below. Worked hard, free to play and would never dream of asking for a ridiculous idea to merge them. The only people that would ask are those seeking to shortcut and exploit, case in point, you my friend :* Look…
  • In addition I've got 2 accounts and have had for nearly the entirety of the game, however I'd never post such an idiotic request you've done Suck it up and keep them both or give one up. Just get yourself together and keep your whining to yourself
  • It's a stupid idea, kabam aren't even going to dignify with a response. You're either trolling or extremely narrow minded. You started multiple accounts knowing full well you couldn't combine them ever. Just because you may now want to because it's no longer convenient doesn't change anything. Bottom line play them…
  • Still looking for one
  • Kudos for putting your studies first, as you should, but you still won't find much/any sympathy to your cause here. Everyone has busy lives, whether it be work, family, studies, sports or any combination of the former. If the rewards were obtainable with your skills & roster you could have made time earlier. If you truly…
  • Whole month to do the event, harsh lesson it is, next time do it earlier and never rely on the dying moments that the game will stay up or you won't have some problem at your end. If you had the refills you should have used them at a time in the last 30 days you could play. Also i believe the game went down after the…
  • They've been very quiet on the matter since the announcement made at the start of the event to inform it would happen at the end. Perhaps they think we've forgotten :D Rather than make us waste time and them by putting it up especially they should just send all the level rewards out to Android users. Check logins to see…
  • Whilst i definitely think it's high time limits were increased, a big part of successful progression is resource management, as well as the obvious element of rng. You should always be thinking about who you will rank or want to rank, once you pull them. If you see you're getting close to limits and you are unable to rank…
  • My 4* r5 sl was particularly useful for 2.2 & 2.3 Keep at it, good luck