**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will remain untouched.
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.


  • No this was moondragon featured, as I only run featured
  • Herc and Galan are great, but I mean if they're already definitely and mostly broken respectively...may as well take up someone who may benefit slightly more from the minimal attack and defense increase you get. Unless you're thinking the higher rate of power gain will be a real game changer.
  • 46mil placed 683...usually get around place 350 to 450 at this range, so more ppl seemed to have pushed higher scores with the new rewards structure...that or more bots have been unleashed into the mix 😁
  • Dragonman was in my top 10, Elsa and war machine I'm good with, overall satisfied.
  • I gave up opening them after 40, Spot never appeared, abs man appeared once on crystal 36 and iDoom showed up half a dozen times. Opened a dual class science/mystic...Spot...finally. Best of luck and at least now we're getting AGs in the SQ so there's that option for you too.
  • Just got the same thing
  • Vision Modok path is 3 +1 generic 6 star sig stones
  • For whatever reason OG hulk's sp1 still clips me occasionally. Maybe it's the sheer lack of fighting him with any regularity. Since his buff though I hope I don't get clipped with it as it'll be lights out on that prolonged stun.
  • I used Galan on TB version, king Groot, venompool, hulkling, red goblin on the Cav version just for giggles. Red Mags worked easily as well. Didn't see him in the roster, but if you have a ranked 4 star it's doable.
  • You could use shang chi. Cycle through your sp3 several times until you've built up a lot of chi charges then a single sp2 could finish the job. Since it works for Realm of Legends Wolverine, it'll work for this magneto. Mr Negative is the easier choice though as mentioned before.
  • What I find odd about this is these changes do not align to the changes made to story content in the slightest. Streamline Acts 1 through 4 so new players can blaze through it, cool and understandable, a new player may look at the gap between starting in act 1 and seeing people doing act 8 and become discouraged. Nerf the…
  • I like and use sigil witch, I like weapon x, I like Kang with apoc synergy, I think Jessica Jones looks interesting, but I'm not going to invest in my 5 star. No one though saves me time in revive farming like this guy.
  • I open several of the middle ones every so often in my never-ending-though-getting-closer quest to max sig all 3 stars. Generally when I get around 1 to 1.5 mil I'll pop 200 or 300
  • EoP will give me a second option. Debating a few options: Mr Fantastic, Magneto HoX, Bishop, Cap Wilson are the ones I'm leaning toward.
  • Opened 2, new Wiccan and 20 more sigs on Miles. Now only missing Valkyrie and Titania from the featured.
  • My only issue with EQ is whenever science seems to be the 5th or 6th quest each month it also happens to be the month Mr Fantastic is one of the best options and I'm left applying his prefights 36 to 42 times. So much tapping and I'm left not wanting to use him until the next time I need to for EQ.
  • I like collecting the 2 stars. For me I saw this in game and considered grabbing some. My only hesitation came when I saw several PHC 2 stars in the list. Had it been all exclusives, I'd have grabbed 10 without blinking.
  • Prefer to do it with gems if I have them, but will use cats if needed, and if I need the champ for a specific thing and don't have or can't use a 6 star version. Like taking quicksilver and hulkling up for EoP, I don't have either as 6s. Depending on how ascension looks when it eventually rolls out on 5 stars I may…
  • I can only imagine somewhere in Kabam HQ there is a conference room somewhere with a giant whiteboard with the word "Bases" crossed out and underneath someone wrote "Wish Crystals".
  • Iron Fist. Used to blast through Venom with the 4 star way back when he was AQ boss. Even mistakenly joined AQ once with only him on my team and still cleared my path, the minis, and the venom boss. Had my bg mates rolling with laughter for months on that. Ever since then I've always had a soft spot for him. I've r5ed my 5…
  • I did it without pacify. Just don't let him build power. Bait the sp1. That way if you don't crit and the regen does proc, he won't heal as much. You'll definitely be at 999 by his fight.
  • You have to end the combo with a medium to activate the wushu strike. Every attack you did you were ending with a light attack. MLL, ML, MLLLL, ML, MLL, etc. There isn't a combo ending medium throughout that fight.
  • It's possible a lot of the release tie ins are or were driven more by Marvel than by Kabam. Considering Morbius is Sony and not Marvel/Disney they probably didn't push for it.
  • Ran her with one of my main questing teams of Angela 6r4, Odin 5r5, Wags 6r3, and Mr Fantastic 6r3. Using both the Wags and Odin prefights my 6r1 Gamora was able to solo LoL star-lord in 365 hits with about 80-85% remaining on the 2nd enrage timer. Pretty darn good without suicides or boosts. She can definitely deal some…
  • I've found Anti-Venom to be a terrific bishop counter. Incinerate immune, heal block heavies, gain power from blocking specials.
  • Though he's far from a great overall champ, yondu isn't a bad option for nodes like invade or oscillate.
  • Angela, especially with Odin and running suicides, Hercules' immortality without having to drop to 0 health first...I've also been having a lot of fun with Ikaris. 250+k sp3s are nice
  • Opened 14, got: Anti-Venom which I have duped as a 6 star (only featured champ pull) New BWCV, which I have rank 3 as a 6 star New OG BW (finally for the pokemon checklist) A bunch of 6 star shards otherwise
  • Angela put in a lot of work for me in 7.2 and 7.3. just as an addition to the many mentioned already. Many paths have best case workers and then some that will work regardless based on the nodes. No units for 7.1 through 7.3 100% fully explored. just farmed revives in variant 7 and pots in RoL.
  • In game name: AnAnemoneEnemy Device model: Motorola one 5g ace Device operating system: android version 10 Cellular or wifi: wifi and T-Mobile wireless Game version installed: 33.3.0 Game modes: all Description of issue: parry dex and block all feel like inputs are being registered well after screen is pressed. If I press…