**Known AQ Bug**
We are aware that some alliances encountered a bug during this last AQ that would not allow them to start maps on certain days. We know this has impacted your rewards.
We have been looking into the cause of the problem and once we have resolved it we will explore how to make things right for the impacted alliances. We will provide any additional communication in

this thread.


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  • I've been using Ultron for that chapter. He works well.
  • Same. It happened yesterday but someone else in the alliance started it. Same again today. Tap Continue and the timer spins a little then back to Continue.
    en Alliance Quest Comentario por Goldcup7 julio 2021
  • I've been Cavalier some time and usually get the monthly Uncollected done without using resources. My first attempt at this side quest was yesterday trying out Epic. Easy fights till I got to the boss. I struggle with the Mix Master node, and ended up using a few revives against Void. Luckily I have lots overflowing, but I…
  • Yes, the same for me. Samsung J6.
  • I recently pulled a 6 star Colossus, tried him out, then took him to rank 2 unduped. With Omega Red in the team his damage is huge (I only have a 4 star OR right now), and with Wolvie or Old Man Logan he has a big fury buff at the start for shorter fights. With OR in the team he must have the biggest parry-heavy in the…
  • I'm not a fan of this new design. It makes it much more difficult to see at a glance who you can rank up.
  • No regrets taking my 5 star Venom to rank 5. He's very useful, has interesting abilities and can do some nice damage. I use him for questing and in AW attack to deal with any annoying spiders, Havok (hoping you get lucky with armour up), Thing (works well due to bleeds), Hyperion, Medusa (makes stealing her buffs a fun…
  • I got lucky and pulled the 5 star. It was a shock. I was expecting to dupe my 4 star.
  • Took my 5 star Venom to rank 5. No regrets. I use his Sp1 a lot even if they don't have buffs. It can really help build your health back up if against champs with buffs. I use him sometimes against RTTL Rhino. I keep Rhino against the wall mostly, take some block damage but get health back by using the Sp1. I can finish…
  • So this bug has been around for a long time. I just noticed recently when fighting Thor with Mephisto that he gets furies during Soul Imprisonment. Needs fixing for sure.
  • Well said. Seems like some folks like to jump in, end a conversation because they're "right", and criticise the person who started a genuine discussion in a forum for discussion. Regarding the topic, I feel like there has been a reduction in the drop rate of potions in the event quests. I don't feel I'm seeing as many…
  • Only done Master so far. Vision destroyed my first champ with his lag skills. Dashing back and blocking didn't respond. Second fight went better but it was very jumpy. I didn't have any problems with Black Widow - Quaked her. I use a Samsung J6.
  • I got another dupe on my 4* Miles. With the 5* shards I opened a 5* crystal and duped my Symbiote Supreme. So I got the 5* spiderverse rewards in the end.
  • I've spent a lot of units in the past trying to get him. A lot. He would go well with my game name. But I've recently become Cavalier, so Cavalier Crystals seem like a better way to chance my units.
  • I picked up a quite a few revives last month tapping through Heroic. Also, check out the Marvel Insider rewards - they're including revives with them now.
  • I'm going to be honest here. I've tried about 7 times and I can't get Master level Thanos below 30% health. I haven't needed to use potions in master mode for a long time and don't want to start now - I save them for 'tougher' content. So instead I did my last few runs in Act 5 and got it done 100% - Elder's Bane. But it…
  • Colossus was my first 5 star (Yay!). He seems popular in the vote, and I like that he is bleed immune, he could do a lot more damage, and he could have better armour and resistance. BUT, there are already some great mutants for me to use my mutant t4ccs on - AA, Iceman, Emma, Domino, Omega Red (I'm saving them for you),…
  • They did a fix for it but it still happens sometimes. It's the light attack that occasionally misses.
    en Punisher 2099 Comentario por Goldcup7 enero 2019
  • There is a hotfix update to fix Darkhawk's lag. Still lagging for me though. Pausing the game doesn't seem to work. I did get lucky with Uncollected by restarting the game and clearing the memory on my Galaxy Tab before starting the Darkhawk fight. That was better, but still laggy with his blocks, shields and stealth. Got…
  • It seems to have changed. I got this at streak 24. I often use two 1/25 5 stars and a 4/40 4 star, but it looks like that might be a thing of the past if this is going to happen. Wondering what I'm gonna do with all my 1/25 5 stars that aren't worth ranking up.
  • They removed the duplicate in the update. It was too good to be true.
  • It can work in our favour sometimes.... Sometimes I start the game and persistent charges work. Sometimes they don't. So some runs The Champion has the blue star, sometimes he doesn't.
  • I take that back. It still happens, just not as much. Occasionally the light attack fails/misses and the AI hits you mid combo.
  • I reported this before. It seems to happen a lot. When I load the game sometimes the persistent charge is there, sometimes not. Makes it a bad investment to rank up a champ who uses it. Device and Version: Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) SM-T580 Device Operating System: Android 7.0 Mobile Carrier: None Cellular or WiFi: WiFi…
  • I completed Beginner, Normal, Heroic, Master, Epic and Symbiote levels 100%. Did the easier ones just for the Klyntar Shards. I still ran out and had to spend 300 units on 75 klyntar strands when finishing the last level. Loading times must be slow on my Galaxy Tab. I didn't go wild with boosts. Mainly used Cut Deep and…
  • Same here on Android Galaxy Tab. The game told me I needed to do the update yesterday so I did (looks like it was meant to fix Android endless login delay, which I never had a problem with). Now the reconnect prompt pops up about 3 or 4 times when I've left the game idle.
  • I bought 2 also, to try them out. I got the exact same thing - 200 grandmaster crystal shards and 20 4 star shards. Never again.
  • I noticed the same thing yesterday. Tried using my new 4 star Sabretooth (from arena grind), but the persistent charge icon was missing and none of his furies carried forward. The blue icon was missing on other champs too, like Mephisto and Morningstar. Woke up this morning and the little blue icon was back. All is well in…
  • Looks like this issue got fixed in the update on June 29th (• Fixed an issue where some Champions would miss with their first light attack in a combo). Seems to work fine now.