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  • I suggested in the past that if they can't move it - make it a "double-click" to activate. I have no problems on my iPad but on my iPhone I've triggered it many times accidentally.
  • Lazarus Aegon was really fun IMHO. Probably could have done it with a 3* once you get the pattern started. Lifecycle Spidergwen was more annoying IMHO! She was the true boss of the contest this month!
  • @Lormif Agree that they will not (and should not) remove diversity. As I recall, however, the main reason why wasn't that people had leveled champs specifically for war - but that, without diversity, all you would fight are Things, Korgs, Domino's, Hyperions, etc.
  • Super fun champ. Sometimes I use him over Domino on certain paths just because he wrecks stuff with that bat! Requires a different play style.
  • Captain Marvel - which one? Movie? Thank you - actually find this valuable at least from a damage over time experiment. As others have mentioned, GR has utility and goes with Blade like peanut butter and jelly. I'd be less worried about # of hits vs. "Time to Kill" (using a stopwatch or timer). If you feel up to it, I…
  • Thanks folks - I'll rank SS to R4 and get a bit more used to him.
  • @Shadowstrike Thank you. Good info. Still would say that there needs to be a champ moving into the adjustment queue every month at least. Two or three a year ain’t gonna cut it. If it takes 2-6 mo then they need to streamline the process IMHO. Thats an absolute eternity when you compare MCOC to other games of its caliber…
  • Besides insane utility and good damage, maybe the most fun champ in the game.
  • @DPXFistheGOAT Agree - I’m certainly not advocating for rushed revamps. Do them right! Patriot is definitely in the “do-over” bucket. AND the monthly frequency wouldn’t preclude an interim buff and then full revamp later. I would say that most of the champs needing help are in the easier bucket. Great model - good…
  • @Colonaut123 Thanks! Part of this idea actually comes from reading your previous thread. Agreed on quick-wins and tweaks. All the YouTubers would go crazy...
  • Same in AW - very frustrating vs. Thing boss - lost bonus and likely lost the war because of this bug. Time limited so no choice but to do it again. Eventually it took. Couldn't complete even a path in epic side quest. Kept resetting at Morningstar.
  • If you have a decent Red Hulk and Masacre, then I recommend Domino. She 100% does not need her dupe, doesn't require ramp-up, and has a low skill cap. All good choices though - you can't make a mistake.
  • I won’t rehash the observations - all true and evident in my experiences in end game content. The issue has been compounding month on month. It’s most prevalent in the Variant quests. (AQ is a separate issue with passive AI.) I know the convenient response is “no changes to AI.” Technically that may actually be true.…
  • Ghost appears to be the answer to a lot of the problems in Variant 3 - but (like Quake) you also have to master the playstyle. I don't have a ghost to vote but I do have a R5 Stark and R4 Warlock. Warlock was just awesome on some paths. Not sure I could have done it with just Stark - especially that last Kang fight. I…
  • It's all RNG...which unfortunately is the love/hate I have with the game. Feels great when you pull an awesome champ, but lows are so...low. To answer @killmeASAP - I'm in a pickle on this very question. My first 5* were awesome(ish). Winter Soldier, Sentinel, Killmonger (made my WS go from meh to bam!). That's my AQ team…
  • This behavior is most significant in the Variant AI FWIW. It's particularly noticeable in Variant 3 because of Sentinel bonus. The main issue I'm seeing is the overall response time of the AI in these modes is wicked fast...probably a touch too fast. People have mentioned the stationary invisible (block/unblock) that we…
  • I feel that it’s just OK. Is probably about a break-even proposition for me, with the exception of the QoL aspects. It’s pretty lowbrow to put much needed game improvements behind a paywall. I’d like to see the Black ISO market expanded and some additional exclusive quests. In the meantime, I’ll may buy it occasionally…
  • Using unduped 6* Sentinel in Variant 3. Some champs are worse than others (BPCW and Aegon - can't hit into block more than 2x) but the bug is worse than the previous version. Please fix.
  • I really appreciate the community choice. It's a lot of fun to participate in these! My only issue is that these buffs are way too infrequent and too slow. I mean Colossus and OML are STILL not out ~ 6 mo (fact check me here - either way a long time) from the first announcement? I think you should be thinking one rework a…
  • KM does not need the dupe for offense. He is fantastic especially when paired with Void and Winter Soldier. MAYBE 4* Spark if you need to form the trinity - Blade,GR, Spark.
  • D O M I N O followed very closely by Blade and CAIW. That said all 3 require a supporting cast to be amazeballs.
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  • Between solo & alliance events, EQ, 4* arena (to 1M), and 5* arena (to 1M) - I pull about 500 units a week, without too much effort. I do try to take advantage of solo events when possible. I'm sure it's possible to do more but this system keeps me sane. NOTE: That's not including battle chips - which I save to 1 to 2 M.
  • Exactly - restore the phone to factory. Have him sign into the phone using HIS itunes account. Then download and log in to MCOC. Settings > General > Reset
  • @XxLoganTDCxX Not sure I would go as far as to say "They know what they are doing" ;-) But would agree that their art team is fantastic and I love seeing what they come up with (but, please, stop spamming unstoppable/unblockable). I have often thought that a "summer rerun" schedule would be fun. 2-3 months of revamps (and…
  • @hiddenblizzard Yes - Ch 2. I could have made that more clear. Ch 1 can be done with whoever.
  • ^^^ Oh and practice the first line 10 or so times. Don't try to "get through" the first couple. When you go for it - go for it....boost to the max and roll.
  • AA is not a good option for that particular fight. You may be confusing Rogue with BW.
  • Thanks - I have no problem with being challenged and getting better! For example, I've recently worked a lot on shallow evades and light intercepts and I'm cool with that. (I secretly) wish I could take my skills now back to when I started circa 2015. I'd be invincible! Great example off the top of my head was the Chloe…
  • @CapWW2 Just for the record - I'm with you. There are many with you that are pulling away from the game for these very reasons. I also hate Quake. Haha. To be clear - I love a challenge...but hate ridiculousness that relies on one or two champs, else you are rag-dolled.