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  • What I’ve found works if you want to use the mr fantastic pre fight to completely shut down power combining that with CAIW synergy and punisher synergy will allow you to wait for the first few seconds of the fight then throw a heavy or 2 full combo sp2 then just spam sp1s and you’ll be around 20-30 or so charges until the…
  • You are 100% correct I missed that lol, but that is with class advantage and it’s barely 16k
  • These screen shots are from the same video at the end with max boosts so an attack value 50% higher then what punisher 2099 was at
  • That’s 12k with class advantage. I don’t think you know how stealth suit spideys mediums work. First medium first hit does 75% damage second hit does 25% damage and then on the second medium it’s split 50/50
  • Lmao that’s because of the node he literally says it increases Crit damage. Don’t get me wrong ghost can hit hard but in a regular fight you need good heavy rng for furies if you want to hit mediums like that.
  • No idea if you’re joking but karate mike has videos of 6* r3 stealth spidey and ghost and neither hit 16k mediums within the first 30 seconds, stealth suit never actually does, and cull obsidian with how his ramp up works definitely won’t in the first fight and colossus maybe if you get lucky on armor up rng and finally…
  • 👍🏼
  • Doom or BWCV are the best and there are arguments for both. Doom is just insane with what he does and BWCV is really good at basically everything.
  • Everyone on here is ignoring the fact that lagacy said 16k medium crits within the first 30 seconds of the first fight. But please continue to go off lol Also OP said for fun he’s gonna name 5 but lags said name 5 champs lol
  • I would say it makes him less useful for matches with extra power gain, but he’s still insanely useful for any fight without extra power gain, because your opponent not throwing specials is always a huge plus. Just look at the gameplay posted by OP CGR never even gets a bar of power. Who needs to learn how to dodge every…
  • 100% think he is worth it. I have my 5* at rank 5 and his ability to shut down defensive power gain makes him good for so many matchups, I saw a video here in the forums of a guy taking down cavalier CGR in one shot with his P2099 and CGR never even got a bar of power, and his damage is solid once in overcharge and kind of…
    dans R3 punisher 2099 Commentaire de RetlawIV octobre 2020
  • It’s because he reduces it by 90%, so since the opponent has an increase of 200% it reduces it to 110%
  • Him being duped allows him to get to overdrive faster and gives him access to an emergency power lock/power drain when the opponent hits sp3 which is nice but not necessary.
  • I think I voted the right thing, because generally speaking I look for champs who I can just throw on a team and I know they can deal with almost all fights. The champs I use the most for that reason are OR, Warlock, Quake, BWCV and most recently I was playing around with punisher 2099 and I just ranked him up because he…
  • I took my 5* to r5 and I have 0 regrets. Being able to play aggressive and not having to worry about the opponent throwing a special is so nice and the fact that they usually can’t gain a bar of power before the fight ends, is so huge. The only other champ I know that can do that is quake and it’s such an underrated piece…
  • Mr Fantastics pre fight ability does work because knocking down the opponent with sp1 also refreshes the debuff
  • These are all of my pulls, so far. I think the dual class crystals are a great addition, I just think people don’t understand how probability works. If you are looking for 1 champs in most of the dual class crystals you have around a 2% chance of pulling them and if you open 50 of them then your chance of pulling that 1…
  • You don't understand probability. You have a 1/49 chance of pulling him, which is roughly 2% in every crystal, which means even if you open 100 crystals the probability of pulling him at least 1 is 86.7%
  • This is from lagacys video his r3 says it does only 4099 per rupture which equals around 360 damage per tick, so there has to be something else at play that you are missing. It probably has to do with the number of ruptures removed.
  • BWCV is way better with suicides, and so is warlock I have both BWCV 5* 5/65, and Warlock 6* 2/35, also he has ghost who is way better with suicides, so is OR and so is Ægon, so I’d say yeah also Hyperion if you just throw sp3s you’ll be fine.
  • Omega Red, BWCV and Quake
  • Everyone on here saying he sucks is trolling, he’s arguably the best skill champs depending on the content you are doing. He’s definitely worth ranking up
  • Preface I run suicides, so 1.)BWCV 2.)Doom 3.)Sorcerer Supreme 4.)Symbiote Supreme 5.)Longshot
  • Just wait for magneto buff it’ll probably make the fight dumb easy
  • Dr voodoo and magik both have niche uses. Magik hits weaker than any other mystic if there are no buffs, and dr voodoo does no damage against poison immune. I literally posted earlier about how BWCV sp2 in curse of hellfire can hit for almost 80k and it works in all matchups no nullifying necessary and no immunities can…
  • Man thing is the best option for the mysterio acid wash fight does that make him better than BWCV? No obviously it doesn’t and people who have every champ and everything in the game beaten are in such a small minority it’s not even funny. People who have everything covered with the “best” options all the time literally…
  • You can go back through this thread and read what I’ve said. I’ve referenced other threads and YouTube videos. Lagacy in his mystic tier list even said that he like a lot of other people have been underrating her and during seatins stream of variant 5 he was just kind of shitting on BWCV the whole time
  • Being the best option for certain nodes means nothing. The champs that are the “better” options for one of those nodes generally isn’t the “best” option for the others. That’s why if you pull a champ that is a good option for a lot of content that’s huge and I say a good option, because she is a good option (If she can get…
  • That’s very true. Let me know how it goes using her in AOL, because I thought she could work, but I’m not quite at that point yet I’m still working on act 6.
  • I will say that having used her a ton now she also just ignores so many BS nodes in act 6. Freezer burn ez, acid wash ez, biohazard ez, fun and interactive degen ez, icarus ez, like she just has answers for so much bs this game has to offer and then death immunity and regen literally save potions and units.