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  • Top team definitely already doesn't include mastery or boosts and can be used for prestige until your top 5 have syn as that counts. TBH I don't understand why kabam can't make it easily accessible to us. They are already using and generating that data and it dictates rewards you can obtain in aq and even used it for…
    dans Prestige Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • @ezmoney I never said I was Tom Brady it was an example. Sorry people have real life's and you don't. But it's good to see your priorities in game. The team should eat the point loss due to your not available to play that weekend. Your true game play is 29 should suffer for me. Sound like a real team player mate.
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • So have we. But on the flip side also ate some point loss because someone was gone for the weekend. Only 9 attackers which is manageable buy short a d hurts.
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • Correct on that for sure but if we are fixing the system why not make it better. If back up got nothing once an alliance hit (going by my scenario) 27 are you joining for reduced rewards? Backup is just as important as 1st string mate. Why not change the game to make it more life friendly for all players. Your not gonna be…
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • But @Dropfaith that is the system now. As long as I'm in your alliance with 5 Wars left I get full rewards.
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • Also @Dropfaith how is that scenario any different to I join your alliance 5 Wars before end. I still didn't work as hard as you but I get my full rewards.
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • I say a bench all should get it. If they were there the required time. What other game do backups get nothing. Does let's say Tom Brady back up get nothing? If he has to fill in for him does he magically get more now? Easiest solution to the problem make each bg 9 people. Whole alliance gets rewarded but you got 3 spots to…
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • @Dropfaith that 1 guy does not. But if there was a back up system where he is doing more than 1 than yes he does.
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • @ezmoney so my alliance should carry me for a war? Go back to that sport idea. Let's say one of your guys are out should your team only be allowed to have 9 out of 10 players on the field
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • I don't pilot @ezmoney I have no need to. Alright not work. Let's say your on the local whatever sports team, you make the grand finals, do you not deserve the ring because you broke your leg and not able to play last game? Even though whole season your were the teams MVP plus MVP of the post season? All I see is blind…
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • You haven't broken it down @Dropfaith I'll break it down for you. Use aw as a job, so I did 2 months of work but got sick for 2 days I get 0 pay for 2 months of work. That breaks it down. @ezmoney your right life choices and I chose my family but please tell me how 2 months of work is worth absolutely nothing for 1 missed…
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • You're right @phillgreen I should. Why would I want my high end account to get my rewards for a season I was a high contributer towards. Might as well get nothing because I want a holiday for a single weekend.
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • I am assuming the people for it are school kids with nothing to do. Put it in another perspective. You work hard all season but are going away camping for the weekend. 2 days no reception and let's say you are the alliances best player. Would you be happy to be booted for those 2 days. Because now you get now aw season…
    dans Covering / piloting Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • TBH it's a stupid stat. I have Wars where i did 9 kills 20 defender kills highest explore but not get it to someone with 8 kills 3 defender kills and less exploring because defence rating is higher. Since rating doesn't matter why is it counted so high for mvp. MVP and the gold list (forgot what it is called on top of my…
  • I beg to differ you can't @Dropfaith my last war I did 44% I do path 2.
  • I used ronan with no dramas.
  • I'm of 2 minds of this. Take the best guy/gal in your alliance. They are going away for let's say 2 days. That's a whole war without them are you gonna boot them taking that war (acceptable really) they did say 20k in complete that day before they went so take those rewards, take their sa rewards, aq rank rewards for 2…
  • @Scorpionul2004 doesn't matter what phone you got no suicides your not doing it. The days of the 7 doing it are getting close to the end.
  • It is easily doable and has been done numerous times it the game since it came out. Full suicides arena boosts and refresh top champs. People dropping odens for him. He is rare elusive and only way to get him. Your competition has either time or money or both and only 200 people in the world get him. I hate hearing the…
    dans 4* OG Deadpool Arena Commentaire de Wil6541 juin 2018
  • She hulk begs to differ with your sg. At least sg has some nice damage with those armour breaks. Blade is best if you have his side kicks. But if syn doesn't matter Stark is best.
  • I agree with you mate. Simply because it would lower energy required to finish. Australia gets hit hard with energy we have to finish 8hrs before aq ends cause map opens at 5am no go to sleep and finish lane in the morning bit hey 30 min timers or less energy hurts other timezones so thanks for that kabam. Nothing I want…
  • Learn to evade his sp1 or hope to push him to sp2 and all those champs will destroy him.
  • @Carina I would be worried if I was your bf. I did 339 and had to move my work truck during it. That trying to play walking to truck and backing it up added time and I think it knocked me out of race.
  • @Maat1985 while in theory that is all good but in the real world all it truly does is stop both sides from exploring. How great does that truly sound? Harder work for less rewards because your not 100% map. The system now both sides get 100% explore rewards and the winner died less. How do you get any fairer than that. I…
  • Man that's a hard choice. I would probably rank blade because he doesn't need duped to be great void does and how long till you dupe that 6* void.
  • @GroundedWisdom the length has everything to do with it. If they corrected that statement the same day, or a week heck even 1 month I would accept it, but that amount of time it is just a Nerf nothing more and it's being covered up. Real reason that isn't kabam stance is the kettle of fish it opens. They admit they changed…
  • @GroundedWisdom I wouldn't say no one psylocke sp3 does. Also a mod clearly answered that question stating as intended. An aa specific ticket is warranted because of the length of time between that response and supposed correction. In saying that even if they gave me one I wouldn't use it but I can't speak for everyone as…
  • You intercept for the safeguard but doesn't stop the timer.
  • I use og cap alot. He is my new champ learning guy. High block prof I can just stand around blocking to learn timings