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Threat Level 4 rewards cap out at Thronebreaker
Threat Level 3 caps out at Cavalier
Threat Level 2 caps out at Uncollected
And Threat Level 1 has rewards for Proven

Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • +1 for Galactus
    +1 for Skaar
  • Samuel030sSamuel030s Posts: 124
    edited June 2020
    Suresh548 said:

    I would like to know why KABAM is bringing animals to to the contest instead of good champions, like Quicksilver, Valkyrie and Apocalypse and so many are there. They are pretty good characters compare to june month champions

    I believe it’s been confirmed that this year the developers have specifically been focusing on more obscure/lesser known Marvel characters to bring to the Contest.
  • JetenyoJetenyo Posts: 125
    I don't know if they have been brought up before but I would like to see:

    Red Goblin - Cosmic with Bleed/Incin abilities. Styling pulling Green Goblin for Incin attacks and Carnage for the bleeds.

    Morbius - I suspect he is coming out this year considering the movie was planned to release and got pushed back. Still want to mention him though.

    Superior Spider-Man - Tech Spider-Man with less evasion than others (maybe a single charge of evade on Sp 1) and Bleed on Heavy attacks.

    Spider-Man Noir (not the MCU Stealth Suit version) - He could be a Mystic, minor evasion ability. Throw in a Tommy Gun special similar to Fixit's.

    I do not want do advocate a million Spider-Men but with the many versions and variations it's hard not to overlook the options available. I just don't want to see the same evasion gimmick popping up over and over.
  • srwghostsrwghost Posts: 46
    outlaw (british punisher) was all over the comics but i don't see him in the game...?
  • My character wishlist
    Queen of angels
    Gregory gideon
    Larry Rambow
    Puppet master
    Samurai destroyer
    The eliminator
    The collective
    Aldes yancey
    The general
    Clay surfer
    Ghost of el condor

  • What about prowler?
    Abilities:Bleed, Critical Bleed, Disorient, Stun
  • JgjennoJgjenno Posts: 5
    edited June 2020
    I would love to see Sandman, Lizard, Quicksilver, Jubilation Lee, Jessica Jones, Absorbing Man, Black Cat, Chameleon (possibly turns into a random skill champ during gameplay) and Multiple Man in the game.

    Finally I would love a Stan Lee Boss fight (for training), where it would cost no energy, no resources to vs him, and he would be unbeatable, as in literally unbeatable and purely for practicing moves and gameplay. He would be able use multiple buffs such as unblockable and unstoppable so players can practice against such scenarios. I think that would also be a good homage to him, as he would be immortal, in a game sense and from a marvel comics perspective.
  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    I think it would be pretty good to make Maestro a playable character. He could be obtained through a special arena or new mode (these should be permanent). Here are some ability ideas which could make him worth grinding for (these wouldn't affect the Maestro in either Labyrinth or act 4).
    All stats based on maxed 5 star.

    Signature ability:
    Once Maestro has assembled the Iso-sphere fully, he gains the following abilities:
    Medium attacks have a 10% (up to 25%) chance to be unblockable.
    All power burn effects are 30% (up to 50%) more effective.
    Medium attacks have a 75% (up to 100%) chance to crit.
    Ending a successful combo has a 40% (up to 55%) chance to nullify one buff.

    Immunity to poison effects and ability accuracy modification.

    Persistent charges:
    Every time Maestro wins a fight, he gains 1 persistent charge, up to 4. Each persistent charge grants +15% additional potency for all his debuffs. Once he gains all 4, he assembles the iso-sphere, granting +35% attack.

    Maestro has a permanent armour up effect, granting +812.3 armour rating. While this is active, the suit built by Tony stark grants additional abilities. If this effect is removed, it will reactivate in 25 seconds.
    -The enemy's evade ability accuracy is reduced by 50%.
    -Medium attacks power burn the opponent for 3% of their maximum power.
    -Deal 7.5% additional energy damage with each attack.

    Combo attacks:
    For every 5 hits on the combo meter (up to 100), gain an additional:
    -17.2 critical rating
    -175.7 attack rating.

    Heavy attacks:
    Enervate the opponent for 3.5 seconds. This duration will be increased by 0.5 seconds for each persistent charge.

    Special attacks:
    Activating a special attack has a 45% chance to grant a regeneration buff, recovering 3% (plus 0.75% for each persistent charge) of max health over 5 seconds.

    Special one:
    Power burn 10% of max power with each beam attack, this effect triggers through block.

    Special two:
    Each hit inflicts bleed, dealing 1844.7 damage over 8 seconds. These bleeds have a 10% chance to be critical for each persistent charge.

    Special three:
    Nullify one buff for each persistent charge.
    Inflict three random damaging debuffs.

  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    Jgjenno said:

    I would love to see Sandman, Lizard, Quicksilver, Jubilation Lee, Jessica Jones, Absorbing Man, Black Cat, Chameleon (possibly turns into a random skill champ during gameplay) and Multiple Man in the game.

    Finally I would love a Stan Lee Boss fight (for training), where it would cost no energy, no resources to vs him, and he would be unbeatable, as in literally unbeatable and purely for practicing moves and gameplay. He would be able use multiple buffs such as unblockable and unstoppable so players can practice against such scenarios. I think that would also be a good homage to him, as he would be immortal, in a game sense and from a marvel comics perspective.

    I like that idea. Although it could be better to have a node selector and give him different character's abilities.
  • TheDAGETheDAGE Posts: 3
    Hybrid (Cosmic)
    Bleed And Coldsnap Immune.
    When inflicted with any of these debuffs creates a passive cruelty that increases critical damage by +500 and a Unleash Charge. Also Hybrid’s damage increases every 30 seconds with a fury buff that increases attack by 20% and lasts until the end of the fight.
    Unleash Charges:
    When Hybrid gets 3 Unleash Charges he activates a passive unblockable and fury buff that lasts 6 seconds and increases attack by 50%.
    Hybrid’s ability to create snares and bladed weapons grant him a 50% bleed chance on medium attacks and a 75% chance on special attacks.
    Awakened Ability: Klyntar Disguise
    Hybrid reaches out to his full Klyntar Abilities and gets a 30%-50% chance to get a 5 second invisible after activating specials that gives the opponents a 50% chance to miss on all attacks.
    Special Attacks:

    Special 1:
    Grants Hybrid armor up buffs the same amount of his Unleash Charges that lasts 12 seconds and increases armor rating by 500 per stack.
    Special 2:
    Grants 2 presicion buffs that increases critical rating by 10% per stack for 10 seconds. If you selected Lasher as your host you gain +3 seconds and 1 more stack of presicion.
    Special 3:
    If Hybrid ends the fight using a Special 3 he gains a Unleash charge. If he ends the fight using a Special 3 while the host being Phage he also gains starts the next fight with 1 bar of power.
    Hybrid Hosts:
    Every one of them has a different effect on Hybrid. You can only use one per fight.
    Hybrid starts the fight with 2 Unleash Charges.
    Effect on Special 2 and Critical Hits also hits a energy damage of 50% of the Critical Hits damage.
    Effect on Special 3 and puts on a bleed debuff on Special 2 dealing 33% of Hybrid’s base Attack.
  • Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 403 ★★
    There are few Champs I want to see added:
    Sandman (science since got his powers from a bomb test)
    Cannonball (Mutant)
    Chameleon (skill)
    Firelord (Cosmic)
    Air Walker (Cosmic)
    US Agent (either skill or science)
    Falcon America ( probably still tech)
    Baron Zemo (tech)
    Ikarus (Cosmic)
    Black Knight (mystic)

  • _Reef_Reef Posts: 264
    See alot of companies showing solidarity in lue of recent events, just saying, if yall thought to make a gesture, Ironheart and Spiderverse Miles would be a great addition to the game. Strike force already got her and Miles on MCOC is awful. Thanks for the consideration
  • Dominic518Dominic518 Posts: 67
    My list:
    Elektra Natchois (Netflix)
    Karolina Dean
    Nico Minoru
    Tyron Johnson (płaszcz)
    Tandy Bowen (sztylet)
    Lincoln Campbell
  • GreenmeepGreenmeep Posts: 22
    i want spiderman [ infinity war] Tech

    Galactus cosmic

    Sandman science

    Lizard science

  • ArbabrkhanArbabrkhan Posts: 3
    Guys u all should surely add these champions:
    1) Captain America(endgame, with Mjolnir and shield which he used vs thanos)
    2) Iron spider suit
    3) Fat thor( with Mjolnir and strombreaker)
    4) Professor Hulk.
  • DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 37
    Craven The Hunter
    Class Skill

    Signature Ability
    Craven can trap the opponent, if the opponent is up against the wall they cannot evade and the opponent will be more likely to use their first special. If an opponent is trapped and uses their first special they gain a Critical Break which causes the opponent to take X% of the damage that they dealt onto Craven.

    Craven starts with a 10% chance for any incoming attack to Grave him, if an attack is Grazed Craven will take half of the original damage and gains 10% of a bar of power. If Caven is suffering any non-passive debuff he can Graze the damage of the debuff.

    Craven starts the fight with a medkit that can only be used once per (quest or fight depending on vote), If Craven Grazes 5 times in one battle he will recover all health lost from being Grazed.

    Craven's first Spear attack is unblockable, this will recharge after Craven uses a special attack.

    Spear Attacks
    (The attacks in which Craven uses his spear are as follows: First and last light attack combo, medium attack, last hit of first special, and first and second hit in second special.)

    Whenever Craven hits the opponent with his spear there is a 100% chance of inflicting a bleed dealing X damage over 5 seconds. When a bleed is added to the opponent, refresh all bleeds on the opponent.

    If Craven has an armor break, armor shater, or heal block on him then he cannot refresh bleeds.

    Upper Hand
    If Craven is fighting an animal like character, or I Craven has more health then the opponent (unless they have a class advantage) Craven gains a buff called the upper hand, this increases the chances of Craven to deal critical damage by X%, and causes a 25% chance for any incoming attack to Graze Craven.

    Will Craven has the upper hand; he is stun immune, If the opponent tries to stun him a stun with half of the time will be placed on the opponent instead. Whenever the opponent is stunned and Craven has the Upper Hand Craven will deal X% more damage.

    Full Sense
    If the opponent has 7 or more bleeds on them Craven will not miss and if an incoming attack would be critical Craven will evad unless he is blocking.

    Will an opponent bleed their ability acurise is cut by X%.

    Will Full Sense is active Cravens specials will ignore unstoppable and indestructible.

    If Craven ends the fight with Full Sense active, at the start of the next fight Craven will start with Full Sense, but it will only last 12 seconds and cannot be extended.

    Special 1
    Craven pulls out a vibranium dagger and charges at the opponent, after contact Craven pushes the opponent back while cutting into them, after which he leaps into the air twirling with his spear and rams into the opponent.

    If all parts of this attack hit the opponent then Craven will increase his chance of Grazing by 5%.

    Special 2
    Craven throws his spear at the opponent after which he runs to retrieve it. When he does he cuts the opponent down with it, he leads back and aims a sniper at the opponent and shoots three times once at the opponent's chest and twice at their head.

    If Craven has Full Sense active every hit in this attack will be critical but removes all of the bleeds on the opponent.

    Special 3
    Craven loads a gun in front of the opponent as they run at him once they hit him they realize that it is a hologram, from behind Craven shoots the opponent in the back. Craven continues to fight by usings his daggers he stares into the opponent multiple times before jumping away leaving a bomb behind blowing the opponent away.

    If the Medkit has been used it will be refilled, if not Craven gains a furry that deals damage based on the amount of bleeds on the opponent.
  • NakedfaceeaterNakedfaceeater Posts: 2
    Would love to see you add demogoblin and his pet doppelgänger . I know you would put the right spin on these champsions . And on the bright side of things , you would be one of the first games to add these characters.. I have played a LOT of marvel games ,and can’t remember if I ever saw them out side of the 90s tv Spider-Man cartoon.

  • My character wishlist
    Majeston zelia
    The flame
    Uthana Thoth
    Alfredo morelli
    American samurai
    Ana kravinoff
    Melter (Colchiss)

  • I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but wouldn’t it be interesting to add Silver Samurai. I reckon he would be an extremely fun person to play with.
  • BOSSx100BOSSx100 Posts: 2
    You need professor x
    In his yellow hover wheelchair
    He is obviously not a fighter and would be weak attacker
    But his psychic abilities make him a “decent”
    Special one is armor up
    Special 2 is power drain.
    Special 3 does decent damage and leaves
    Brain concussion.
    He keeps a power gain like Hyperion from psychic energy. This makes his attack some what better because he can use his specials some. Because his normal attack light and medium is weakest in game.
    For special 3 scene reference old cartoon vs saber tooth (use Disney plus to warch)
    Special 3 should do decent damage compared to other specials.
    Professer x
    Lowest attack points. Medium defence
    With some auto block from psychic abilities.
    Although a lower level mutant tier in fame he gets most utility by being a synergy to other mutNts.
    For each mutant on the team
    Each mutant gains an indefinite armor up buff. 5 mutant quest with Xavier equals 5 armor ups on all mutants. Called psychic battle tactics.
    Also Xavier gives all mutants a permanent
    Power gain buff. Called Psychic energy.
    Overall a weak character in comparison to other mutants but his synergy is so good that people want him with their other mutants in quests even though he would lose in fights. He makes other mutants so much stronger.
    He would easily be defeated by mystics who nullify power gain buffs because he needs his special to do any real damage.
    Light and medium attacks is him turning his hover wheel chair into people that does little damage. Mainly a special 3 player but mainly a great mutant synergy why he makes the cut on a mutant team

    Special one is shield with power gain makes up and gives some utility with auto block which is boosted by as many mutants on his team.

    Special 2 is concussion but low damage output

    Special 3 concussion with decent damage output.

    As said before not a good fighter himself but he is best for increasing abilities of all mutant champs by 30 percent buff debuff duration and potency.
  • DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 37

    Would love to see you add demogoblin and his pet doppelgänger . I know you would put the right spin on these champsions . And on the bright side of things , you would be one of the first games to add these characters.. I have played a LOT of marvel games ,and can’t remember if I ever saw them out side of the 90s tv Spider-Man cartoon.


    I Love this Idea The demogoblin is super cool and I think that doppelgänger is a really under rated character even though he is the most amazing spider clone.
  • KTM_726KTM_726 Posts: 8
    edited June 2020
    KTM_726 said:

    Jessica Jones
    Cloak and Dagger
    Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
    Iron heart

    -Firestar (Angelica "Angel"
    Jones: Spider-Man and his
    amazing friends version)
    -Beta Ray Bill
    -Colleen Wing (Netflix' Iron
    fist version)
    -Misty Knight
    -Red She-Hulk
    -White Tiger
    -Patriot ( Rayshaun Lucas)
    -Ghost rider (Robbie Reyes)
    -American Chavez
    -Maria Hill
    -Peggy Carter
    -Phil Coulson
    -Agent Melinda May
    -Spider-girl (Anya Corazon)


    Gabriel Shepherd was the last of the proto-mutants, the offshoot of humanity in which the X-Gene first evolved. Shepherd was a Proto-Mutant who claimed to be "omnipotent." Pixie stated he was an Omega Level.
    Class - mutant
    Signature ability: proto-mutant intensity

    Superhuman Strength: Gabriel possesses great physical strength, limits which have yet to be fully explored, he was capable of ripping a hole out of the X-Men's Blackbird to avoid capture and of intercepting and hurling Colossus out of the same, while he still possessed Juggernaut level strength and powers.[1]

    Superhuman Durability: Gabriel's body is far tougher and more resistant to physical injury than the body of a human. He can withstand high caliber naval gun fire, falls from tremendous heights, exposure to near absolute temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy beams and great impact forces.[2]

    Flight: Gabriel has the ability to levitate himself and fly through the air at tremendous speeds,[4] fast enough to make his movements virtually undetectable by any kind of sensor or tracking device.[2]

    Immortality or Slowed Aging: Gabriel is virtually immortal, or his aging process is greatly ****. He has been in hiding for over 600 years since his people were wiped out.[1]

    Chronokinesis: He can create temporal pockets out to at least 500 meters, which place anyone and everything, excepting those he wishes not to be affected, in it to be rendered into a stasis-like condition.[5]

    Electro-Magnekinesis: Gabriel has the ability to control any energy within the electromagnetic spectrum, causing shockwaves, bending light, heat absorption, and a mastery of all forms of metal.[2][5]

    Telepathy: Gabriel possesses potent mental powers allowing him to affect, intrude, and manipulate the minds of other sentient beings. He can also read minds,[1] as well as communicate mentally with others over vast distances.[2]

    Psi-Shield: He possesses powerful mental shields, easily able to keep others including Psylocke at bay.[1] He can presumably extend them to the minds of others, as he prevented the X-Men from locating Pixie's mind when he was with her.[2]

    Superhumanly Acute Senses: Gabriel exhibited the ability to eavesdrop on a conversation between Pixie and Domino from the passenger area of a plane in flight while they were in the cockpit beyond closed doors.[1] This also implies he is capable of focusing at least his hearing to exclude ambient sounds in his environment (like airplane engines) to focus his awareness. Whether his other senses are similarly heightened remains to be seen.[5]

    Matter Manipulation: Gabriel possesses the ability to mentally control, transform, and manipulate matter, energy, and reality at a quantum level. It is likely that many of his other apparent powers are a byproduct of this one.

     Healing: Gabriel has demonstrated the ability to instantly heal himself and others from any physical injury. Gabriel is even capable of resurrecting himself and others from the dead.

    Psionic-Energy Ascendance: Gabriel has the ability to transform his body into an energy state and reconstitute it at will.

    Disease Immunity: Gabriel was seemingly immune to the plague as were all Proto-Mutants. It is unknown if he has Memories-storing DNA, as he was never killed and cloned like his fellow Proto-Mutants

    Friends: Iron man (infinity war), Mister Fantastic, Namor.
    Family: Proteus ,Elixir,Legion .
    Rivals: Omega red, Sabertooth, Ronin.
    Enemies: Dormammu, Terrax, Magneto.
    Challenge: Ronin, Black widow (Deadly origins), Hulk (Ragnarok).

    Class: Tech
    Signature ability: prototype sentinel

    Powers and Abilities
    Nimrod is a highly advanced robot, and as such all his powers are functions of his inbuilt systems. The full range of his powers are unknown, as he is able to reconfigure systems to defeat known opponents. The materials Nimrod is constructed of are highly resistant to damage even by superhuman beings. He can alter his size and appearance to that of a human, which is used as a cover identity.

    Damage to Nimrod's armor and systems can be automatically repaired to an unknown extent. He has direct control over all parts of his structure, perhaps to the molecular level. An extension of this power is the rearrangement of internal parts to better use his functions and weapons.

    Mutant and superhuman sensors and detectors contained within Nimrod's arms and head allow him to locate and analyze beings' extraordinary powers, and determine modifications that need to be made to his own abilities. He is capable of countering most powers that are used against him on separate occasions, continually learning how to defeat opponents that escape him.

    The weapons and defenses Nimrod contains have a wide range of applications. He can project concussive, plasma and disintegrating blasts, manipulate magnetic energy to levitate iron and steel, and generate force-fields about himself.
    He can teleport, which can be used even when he has suffered severe damage.

    Friends: Iron man (infinity war), Mister Fantastic, Namor, sentinel, Silver surfer.
    Rivals: Omega red, Vulcun.
    Enemies: Sabertooth ,Wolverine, Magneto.
    Nemesis: Magneto (Marvel now), Wolverine X-23.

    Class: Mutant
    Signature ability: Majestic leadership

    Princess-Majestrix Lilandra Neramani was a member of the royal family of the Shi'ar Empire, which was governed by the extraterrestrial Shi'ar race and controlled all known inhabited planets in the galaxy in which the Shi'ar dwelled. Lilandra was born on the world called the Aerie, the planet on which the Shi'ar race originated. The Empire was ruled from an artificial planet called Chandilar, the Imperial Throneworld.
    Superhuman Strength: As a Shi'ar, Lilandra possesses enough strength to lift 1 ton in Earth-like gravity.
    Superhuman Stamina: As a Shi'ar, Lilandra possesses 20 times greater stamina than a human.
    Telepathy: Lilandra possesses limited telepathic abilities (especially with Professor Charles Xavier, but it is unclear if this was intrinsic or due to her affiliation and psychic bond with Prof. Xavier's telepathy) whose extent has yet to be clearly defined.
    Leadership & Political Aptitude: Lilandra is an experienced leader and politician. She was highly trained in warfare tactics and sword fighting and had exceptional abilities in diplomacy, mediating, and governing.
    Markswomen: She is adept at handling Shi'ar energy weapons. She was trained in the use of most Shi'ar weaponry.
    Hand-to-hand Combatant: She was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.
    Aviation: She is also an expert aircraft flier (of at least Shi'ar ships) because she was once a Grand Admiral of the Shi'ar Imperial Fleet.

    Friends: Silver surfer, Namor.
    Enemies: Mephisto, Morningstar.
    Rivals: Omega red, Nightcrawler, Human torch, Warlock.
    Nemesis: Sabertooth, Mister Sinister
    Teammates: Darkhawk, Nightside.

    Class: Mystic
    Signature ability: Dark power

    Nightside is a member of an unidentified alien race whose members possess the ability to tap into the other-dimensional realm of the Darkforce, an energy source of pure darkness. Nightside can utilize this energy for a variety of purposes, including enshrouding her opponents in a cloak of darkness, displace projectile attacks against her person by opening small apertures into the Darkforce dimension, and cause beings and objects to be engulfed by the Darkforce, thus plunging them into the nightmarish void that is the Darkforce realm.
    Strength level:
    Normal female member of her race with regular exercise.
    Paraphernalia Equipment:Anti-grav flight belt.
    Flight using anti-grav, Shi'ar starships.

    Friends: Emma Frost, Lilandra, Black Widow (Deadly origins).
    Enemies: Sentinel, Nimrod.
    Challenge: Sorcerer Supreme, Storm (X-pyramid)
    Romance: Omegawave
    Nemesis: Sabertooth,Vulcun, Proteus.

    Class: Mystic
    Signature ability: Hellfire princess

    Satana is a succubus, a particular type of demon blessed with great beauty and magical powers. Satana's soul was formerly bonded to an arch-demon and agent of destruction know as the "Basilisk." It was a very powerful demon, considered one of the deadliest, and she could release him from inside her and then return it to her.

    Life-Force Absorption: As a succubus, she feeds on the souls of people. Her kiss kills her victims, causing them to shrivel and release the soul in a butterfly-like form. Satana would then capture the butterfly to feed on it. When she takes people's souls, she gains power from them and it increases her magical powers. Apparently, it does not work on psionic vampires.
    Superhuman Strength: Satana is much stronger than an ordinary human, though the upper limits of her strength are unknown.
    Superhuman Durability: Satana is more resistant to damage than an ordinary human, though the upper limits of her durability are unknown.
    Flight: Satana is able to levitate herself in order to fly.
    Astral Projection: Satana can release her astral form from her body, instantaneously and at will.
    Hellfire Manipulation: Satana possesses the ability to generate, control, and project hellfire (also known as soulfire) at will. Hellfire is an ethereal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body.
    Mind Control: Satana is able to enter and control the minds of others.
    Magic: Satana has shown that she possesses potent mystical power.

    Friends: Invisible woman, Phoenix, Elektra.
    Enemies : Gamora, Nebula, Psylocke.
    Romance: Namor.
    Rivals : Omega red, Emma frost.
    Nemesis: Hyperion, Doctor Doom, Warlock.
    edited June 2020
    Daytripper - mystic
    Wiccan - mystic
    Sister Grimm - mystic
    Skurge the executioner - cosmic
    Brunnhilde the valkeyrie - cosmic
    Amora the enchantress - mystic
    Lorelei - mystic
    Sif - cosmic
    Fandral - cosmic
    Hogun - cosmic
    Voltstagg - cosmic
    Hermod - cosmic
    Balder - cosmic
    Pixie - mutant
    Selene (Black Queen) - mystic
    Talisman - mystic
    Witchfire - mystic
    Satana - mystic
    Apocalypse - mutant
    Spider slayer - tech
    Seeker - tech
    Mockingbird - skill
    Controller - tech
    Crimson dynamo - tech
    Firepower - tech
    Titanium man - tech
    Detroit steel - tech
    Black knight - science
    Forge - mutant
    Maverick - mutant
    Quicksilver - mutant
    Rescue - tech
    Machine man - tech
    Anti man - cosmic
    Alpha ray - science
    Red shift  - cosmic
    Air walker - mystic
    Black widow 2099 - skill
    Captain america 2099 - science
    Iron man 2099 - tech
    War machine 2099 - tech
    Spiderman 2099 - science
    Savage steel - Tech
    Fantomex - mutant
    Warpath - mutant
    Dreadknight - mutant
    Scorpion - science
    Gorgon - mutant
    Lizard - science
    Stingray - science
    Blackheart - mystic
    Vengeance - mystic
    Scalphunter - skill
    Gladiator - cosmic
    Genis vell - mystic
    Phyla vell - cosmic
    Holocaust - tech
    Radioactive man - science
    Absorbing man - science
    Silver samurai - mutant
    Blackout - mutant
    Warstar - tech
    Wonder man - skill
    Speed demon - mutant
    Doctor spectrum - science
    Power princess - mystic
    Nighthawk - skill
    Captain britain - mutant
    Grey gargoyle - mystic
    Iron cross - tech
    Living laser - cosmic
    Blizzard - tech
    Supernaut - tech
    Neutron - cosmic
    Grimreaper - mystic
    Doctor Samson - science
    Arclight - mutant
    Lilandra - mutant
    A-bomb - science
    Spinerette - science
    Madame masque - tech
    Sunstreak - science
    Iron man (omega skin) - tech
    Iron man (endgame) - tech
    War machine (endgame) - tech
    Thor (infinity war) - cosmic
    Spiderman (infinity war ) - tech
    Captain America (endgame) - science
    Black panther (warrior king) - skill
    Crimson commando - mutant
    Master man - skill
    Warrior woman - skill
    Spitfire - mystic
    U-man - mystic
    Mauler - tech
    Bloodlust - science
    Knockout - science
    Mindblast - tech
    Snake whip - skill
    Viper - mutant
    Lancelot - tech
    Merlin - tech
    Galahad  - tech
    Gawain - tech
    Percival - tech
    Devastator - science
    Monkey king - mystic
    Saber - science
    Vector - mystic
    Weather witch - mystic
    Bullseye- skill
    Bonebreaker - tech
    Black axe - skill
    Black lotus - skill
    Black mamba - science
    Blindspot - skill
    Lancer - mystic
    Threkker - mystic
    Grizzly - science
    Onslaught  - mutant
    Sharp - mutant
    Lord ogun - mutant
    Proteus - mutant
    Elixir - mutant
    Vulcun - mutant
    Exodus  - mutant
    Legion  - mutant
    Mister M  - mutant
    Cerebra - mutant
    Aurora  - mutant
    Lady penance - mutant
    Amazon  - mutant
    Icarus  - mutant
    Cannonball - mutant
    Northstar - mutant
    Unus - mutant
    Vanisher  - mutant
    Rictor  - mutant
    Marco Delgado - mutant
    Dana moonstar - mutant
    Leech  - mutant
    Thornn - mutant
    Skids  -  mutant
    Feral  - mutant
    Marrow  - mutant
    Force - tech
    Shockwave - tech
    Lady lotus - skill
    Baron blood - mystic
    Maelstrom - mutant
    Grasshopper - tech
    Destroyer - skill
    Venus - mystic
    Beetle - tech
    Nighthawk - tech
    Captain universe - cosmic
    Ex-Nihlo - mystic
    Living Tribunal - cosmic
    Eternity - cosmic
    Beyonder- cosmic
    Cyttorak - cosmic
    Molecule man - science
    Adam warlock - mystic
    Ares - skill
    Hercules - cosmic
    Poseidon  - mystic
    Avalanche  - mutant
    Warstrike - skill
    Sluggo - mutant
    Assassin-8 - tech
    Daken - mutant
    Scourge  - skill
    Deathstorm - mutant
    Powderkeg - mutant
    Depthcharge  - mutant
    Shatterstar - mutant
    Doctor Nemesis  - mutant
    Hammerhead - tech
    Roit - cosmic
    Anti venom - mutant
    Polaris - mutant
    Red mistress (Madelyne Pryor) - mystic
    Misty Knight - skill
    Colleen Wing - skill
  • SmasherM86SmasherM86 Posts: 50
    Many players around the world would love to see new versions of Thanos, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man based on Avengers End Game movie, Please add them Kabam as you did with infinity war...
  • T1M3_M4ST3RT1M3_M4ST3R Posts: 2
    Kabam should add Cadaverous as a tech champion to MCOC.

    Immunities-Bleed & Poison

    Tags: #Villain, #Metal, #Robot, #Spider-Verse


    *Techno-bleed is not prevented from activating by regular organisms or robots.
    *At the start of the match, a single stack of techno-bleed, dealing 1 damage, is inflicted upon the opponent.
    *Whenever Cadaverous uses a special 1 attack, the amount of damage per tic that all techno-bleed stacks deal is doubled.
    *Whenever Cadaverous uses a special 2 attack, the amount of stacks of techno-bleed is doubled.

    *Only accessible through the “Techno-foes” synergy.
    *Considered a buff.
    *Whenever a champion with a “Techno-Virus” buff active inflicts their opponent with a critical hit, a single stack of Techno-bleed, dealing 1/4 of the damage of the critical hit’s damage per tic and lasting 3 seconds.

    -Light, Medium, and Heavy Attacks:
    *Light and Medium attacks deal no damage.
    *Heavy attacks deal twice as much damage as the current damage of techno-bleed.
    *Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks can still be considered critical, despite the fact that they do not deal any damage.

    -Special 3:
    *Whenever Cadaverous uses a special 3 attack, one stack of techno-bleed is removed off of the opponent and Cadaverous instead receives a stack of regeneration, lasting 3.5 seconds. The amount of regeneration given is equal to the amount of damage a single stack of techno-bleed is currently dealing onto the opponent.

    -Signature ability (Techno-regen):
    *Level 1-Cadaverous has an increased amount of regeneration when launching a special 3 attack, healing him for 5 seconds.
    *Level 99-Cadaverous has an increased amount of regeneration when launching a special 3 attack, healing him for 7.5 seconds.
    *Level 200-Cadaverous has an increased amount of regeneration when launching a special 3 attack, healing him for 10 seconds.


    *Sinister Symbiotes (available with 3, 4, 5, and 6 star versions of Cadaverous):
    ~Spider-Man (Symbiote), Venom, Carnage, Venompool, Symbiote Supreme, Venom the Duck): Receive a stack of regeneration equal to 1/3 of the champion’s current power index for every 50 hits on your combo meter.
    ~Cadaverous: Receive a non-passive physical resistance buff for every 30 hits on your combo meter, lasting as long as the regeneration Cadaverous receives when launching a special 3 attack.

    *Techno-foes (available with 5 and 6 star versions of Cadaverous):
    ~Cadaverous, Spider-Man (Classic), Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced), Spider-Man (Stealth Suit): Receive a single stack of Techno-Virus whenever launching a special 3 attack, lasting 15 seconds.

    *Cadaverous’ Army (available with 4, 5, and 6 star versions of Cadaverous):
    ~Cadaverous, Warlock, Guillotine 2099, Darkhawk, Sentinel, Vision (Classic), Vision (Age of Ultron), Ultron, Ultron (Classic), Nebula: Receive a passives evade for every 50 hits on your combo meter.

    *Techno-plague (available with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 star versions of Cadaverous:
    ~Cadaverous: no additional abilities or effects
    ~Everyone else on the attacker’s team: Receive a passive armor, increasing block proficiency by 200, for every 50 hits on your combo meter.

    -Thank you to everyone who read and/or liked this comment. Kabam please consider adding this champion as another option for long-term fights, as I feel that he seems very balanced when it comes to most game modes currently in Marvel Contest of Champions.
  • GurgismashGurgismash Posts: 45
    So they sent me here from the meme thread cuz my jokes went over their heads... : D

    Deadpool: Greensuit. He has a special bellybutton ring that gives him the power to be a light in a dark place...also his CGI would have to be intentionally bad and he has to be really lame...like worse than Diablo.

    Deadpool: Thunder Mouse: So it's a small deadpool in a yellow suit with ears and a tail and lightning powers.
  • My wishlist
    Genesis (tyler dayspring)
    Kevin brashear
    Ebon seeker
    The hand
    Big Ben donovan
    Brass bishop
    Griever at the end of all things
    Maris morlak
    Lord quietus

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