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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Character Idea: Spider-Man (2099)
    Class: Science
    • 15% for Cruelty to activate while attacking
    • 30% for Evade to activate while being attacked
    • 10% for Fury to activate while being attacked
    • Poison Immunity
    Signature Ability
    • Clawed Fingers: Spider-Man (2099) has claws protruding from his fingers that have an X% chance to cause Bleed for X seconds or has an X% chance to cause Poison for X seconds.
    Special 1: Spider-Strike
    • Spider-Man (2099) shows foes that he’s not playing around. Spider-Man (2099) extends his claws and dashes forward, slicing through the opponent. Always causes Bleed for X seconds and an X% chance to cause Weakness for X seconds
    Special 2: Half Spider
    • Spider-Man (2099) shows off the powers he has gained. Spider-Man (2099) shoots multiple webs at the opponent and when they are tied up he will jump forward and digs both his finger and toe talons into the opponent before jumping back. Has an X% chance to cause Bleed and Weakness for X seconds
    Special 3: Once Bitten
    • Spider-Man (2099) gets a little hungry, Spider-Man (2099) fire webs at the opponent and ties them up, he will then pull up his mask to reveal his mouth, showing off his fangs, he will then jump forward and bite down onto their throat before kicking off of them. Always causes Poison for X seconds also has an X% chance to cause Bleed, Weakness and Stun for X seconds.
    Victory Pose: Spider-Man (2099) flips backward and strikes a spider pose
    Friends (Level 1) with Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Gwen & Spider-Man (Classic)

  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 1,125 ★★★
    Nightmare- Champion Preview Idea

    Class: Mystic

    Passive Abilities: Dream State, Energy Absorption, Damage Reflection, Immune to Bleed, Poison and Incinerate.

    Passive #1:

    Dream State

    When the Opponent is not engaging in battle, Nightmare inflicts a Dream State Debuff for every 0.30 Seconds they are Stationary. These Debuffs reduce the Ability Accuracy of the Opponent's Attack by 5% per Debuff.

    Throwing a Heavy Attack whilst inflicting 5 Debuffs will trigger a Degeneration Debuff which Drains 280.50 over 4 Seconds.

    Energy Absorption:

    Energy Attacks fuel Nightmare's Strength so for every 1 Energy Attack received, gain Health equal to that Attack back.

    Damage Reflection:

    Nightmare can use dreams to his advantage by inducing a Fear State where 100% of all Damage Received from his Opponent is reflected back as Direct Damage.


    Special Attack 1: Fear Me!

    Nightmare uses Dreams to trick the Opponent to fall asleep and while doing so, opens a Dimensional Portal for them to fall through.

    Armor Shatter (2 Seconds)
    Concussion (3 Seconds)

    Fury (5 Seconds)

    Special Attack 2: I've put a Spell on you.

    Nightmare attacks his Enemy by charging at them and engaging them in hand to hand combat. The Enemy gets worn out and Nightmare headbutts them.

    Stun (3 Seconds)
    Concussion (3 Seconds)

    Cruelty (3 Seconds)
    Precision (3 Seconds)
  • iROnMax1218iROnMax1218 Posts: 18
    1.power Of Efir :
    When Melekith lost 50%Of his heals he activates POWER OF Efir. What is it
    Damege Of his attacks be higher on 40%(Damege Of special attacks not make higher), make degenerations on 10 seconds, and hang weakening on opppnents.
    He has 5%chanse to evade
    3.Miss :
    He has 5%chanse to call on opponent miss
    4.Imunne to shock and frost bite
    Invokes on opppnent Bleed on 4 seconds, and hang passive cruelty on him on 6 seconds
    Invokes on opppnent stun on 2 seconds, hang weakening on opppnents on 7 seconds, hang passive accuracy on him on 6 seconds, and hang heal block on 5 seconds
    Make Melekith demage on 12% higher, and hang passive Fury on 6 seconds
    Special attack 3 make Melekith demage on 12%+6%(18%) higher
    Opponent (tror, Thor Ragnarok)
    +2%to chanse to evade
    Hunter on Reality Stone
    (Corvus, Proxima, Ebony, Cull)
    +2% to chanse to miss.
    Thank you for attention!
    I hope Kabam Will see that and add my champion, Goodbye!
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    predicted champions either Mr.fantastic and DR.Doom or Adam Warlock,hob Goblin and supergiant.
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Goliath (or any giant character)

    I want this dude to dwarf Sentinel as Sentinel dwarfs normal characters, lol.
    If this seems too ridiculous, maybe limit it to his boss node in his event quest,
    wherein he grows in stages (where there's a cut scene in between the growth spurts).
    I figure maybe different percentages of his life total dictate how large he becomes.
    100%-70% hp: normal size
    69%-30%: Sentinel size
    1%-29%: (desperation mode) GIANT SIZE

    Or maybe each execution of sp3 makes him grow (thereby eliminating the need for a cut scene)

    At giant size i suppose a totally different animation set is needed, like him stomping on his
    now ant-sized adversaries.
    Or crouching down and swatting at his foes like flies.

  • Kicker44Kicker44 Posts: 1
    How about Thor (infinity war) with storm breaker, Thor (endgame) with storm breaker, long hair and beard and Captain America (endgame) with shield and mjolnir
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    After the fantastic 3 members of the fantastic 4 try to find read they find 4 mysterious figures emerge it's Mister Negative Hobgoblin Doctor Doom and supergiant with the cabal they try to steel the powers of mr.fantastic and Captain Marvel's powers can the band stop them or will they be toast
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Grey Gargoyle

    On contact:
    Grey Gargoyle applies a "stone stack" on his victim. The more stacks there are, the more messed up the victim's controls get (i.e. failed parries, delayed inputs, and the normal 5-hit combo degrades into a 1-hit combo as the victim gradually turns to stone.)

    When stacks reach a certain number, the opponent is completely turned to stone and automatically loses no matter how many hit-points he has remaining.

    The stone stacks have a drawback: they actually increase the victim's armor and physical resistance, but this doesn't matter because of Grey Gargoyle's unique win condition.
  • Spectre110Spectre110 Posts: 1
    edited August 2019
    Can we get Zarathos (The Spirit of Vengeance) one day. I’ve recently got intrigued by this character and it would be incredible to see him translated to MCOC!!!
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    When the 3 members of the fantastic try to free mr.fantastic and Captain Marvel from their chambers they find Adam Warlock
    Captain America(Infinity War) nick fury and talos trying to free there Allie Captain Marvel from the cabal but they could be facing a much greater danger with the cabal stealing powers their power stealing chambers read more about this in the last comment that this comment is connected to
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    edited August 2019
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    Also i don't know how to make votes
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    Soooooooo if someone could do this it would a huge favor, also the name I'm thinking of for the quest is Dr.Dooms Day and the boss could be the one who obsorbes the powers of the champions Mr.fantastic and Captain Marvel rendering them weak and the Beginner to Normal title could be (Libreia Skrull's) and the strong Heroic to Master to Uncollected title could be (Ender of the Cabal) note: the 2nd title does not mean that the Cabal will end and there's no guarantee that the Kabam people will go with my idea but I hope they do they might change a few things if they do but that's just opportunity if they choose this I'd appreciate it if they didn't change to everything and I hope mr.fantastic gets added next
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    Mabey Ægon should have an Arch nemesis œzuan an (Organic-techno-Nano-Black ISO-8-virus-infection-Bound-Subject) or (O.T.N.B8.V.I.B.S) For short and he has Armor made from the tech and metal used make frome warlocks robot species wich gives him the ability to transform but his special Attacks are different from Warlocks because he has additional powers he can make Purple energy weapons and blasts because he has been eating the Tech and Basic ISO-8 since the beginning of the Battlerealm before there was even a contest of champions before the Maestro he used his Cosmic abilities and Crazy Tech to create the ISO-spell and edit the ISO-8's genetic code to create class ISO-8 during the 4th contest he Summoned an unknown number of versions of himself to compete in the contest he is more powerful than the Maestro his power is like a thousand Maestro's and he has a version of the ego stone from Dimension 20-Z a dimension were Captain Marvel and Ultron and Thanos and Heimdall all got into a fight hero against villain and they all blowup morang and with it the soul stone with a cosmic blast and all died and with morang gone it left a hole to the ultravese of that dimension leaving an opportunity for œzuan to take the ego stone and make it back to the battle realm right on time for the first contest of champions he is native to the heart of infinity and went to a dimension were Maestro had fallen to be in jail for the rest of his life when he was 10 years old he is currently 300 billion years-old and when the Collector brought Warlock into the contest he Grabed Warlock by the taking him sixteen light years away from the Battlerealm and flew back smashing him right in the same spot where Warlock was standing and he was smashed to pieces so œzuan could use the metal that was compatible with his armor to create a belt capable harnessing the energy of Tech so he can never get tired and gives him super speed and electricity he is a Tech Champion and no one knows wich one is the real him exept Ægon and the people of the contest and this comment might beway to long
  • There's two characters who I think would be great for Contest of champions, the Spiderman villain Shocker and the Captain America villain Master Man,

    Master Man can have a temporary status boost as his special ability given his powers only last a short time,

    And Shocker can use long range attacks for his special attacks in nature with his vibroshock gloves. Thank you and I hope you consider these two for the game! I'd love to play as them.
  • Banshe his hit can just be a normal hit His block his cross pose and 1 s Is him gliding to enemy 2 s Can be him swoop upercut and his final s Can be hil swooping up geting the enimey in the air the him screaming pushing emin down
  • LusîferLusîfer Posts: 4
    Hydro man .......a villan from spiderman 90s cartoon who fell in love with marry jane .....
  • LusîferLusîfer Posts: 4
    Michel morbious .....shocker .......black cat also
  • LusîferLusîfer Posts: 4
    Btw i have worst 5 star roster kindely give some good to me like corvus glave....i am playing from 3 years atleast i deserve better
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    Here's an example of the Battlerealm

  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    OK here's the right Example for the Battlerealm

  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    Huh i thought the example would be bigger
  • Normax_XNormax_X Posts: 517 ★★★
    Tbh ik its not a character on the wishlist, rather a revamp for captain marvel (MCU)'s profile picture and posture, don't touch her abilities but as they first said "Movie Version" it has to at least look a bit like Brie Larson, so just like change her profile pic or at least her posture on her info page it looks really wack
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Would be nice to have some of Hyperion's pals in the contest....

  • mr negative shocker vulture classic Spiderman noir riot spider ham silk Spiderman UK banshee pyro apocalypse
    Spiderman 2099 quicksilver Loki film thor with eye
    patch film Doctor Strange film star lord
    red she hulk dovos scorpion whiplash ironmonger stingray film gommora film drax kraglin taser face ego Crystal Julbilee Jean gray dark Phoenix
    edited August 2019
    praowler skulls Mr. fantastic Dr. doom angel Wong Zola Yellow jacket classic nova Jessica Jones school girl toad blob Adam warlock falcon classic eternal's zemo teen groot avalanche
  • Black cat
  • like if u agree
  • oh i forgot nightmare
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