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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • DafulegendDafulegend Posts: 3
    The Destroyer
    - Universal Class
    - Armor up for a certain time per certain time
    - Armor up after successfully blocking or dodging a special
  • BboyTurokBboyTurok Posts: 12
    edited August 2019

    The Wrecking Crew deserves some recognition. The synergies with all four of them together will be complete insanity. The wrecking crew should be a mix class of Mystic and Skill.

  • rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 266
    I came up with many ideas for Emma Frost before it was announced that she would be added to the game (https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/49998/new-damage-type-mind-damage#latest). I was glad to see some of them were used (I guess it could have been coincidence, but I am pretty sure it wasn't *all* coincidence; and I am not asking for any credit in any form). After waiting for Kitty Pryde to be added, I have come up with some ideas.

    Admittedly, Kitty's ability is pretty hard to make work in this game, not least of all since in the comics she has an enormous advantage over what in the game would be Tech Champs. But since she is without doubt a Mutant, there have to be some limitations. With that said, here are my ideas:

    Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat (Mutant)


    Romance: Spider-Man (Classic), Cyclops(?), Wolverine?

    Enemies: Deadpool(?)

    PASSIVE ABILITIES: Kitty Pryde can fly, and so she is Immune to Quake’s earthquake abilities while airborne

    PHASE: When Kitty’s Dash attack is intercepted or her Block is penetrated, she has a flat 8% chance to phase, letting the attack pass through her harmlessly.

    NOTE: For multi-hit Heavy attacks, only a single hit passes through per activation, and Kitty will not be “stunned” if there is another strike coming, allowing her to block or evade it.


    When Kitty is attacked in a certain manner (see below), she has a chance to phase, shorting out all circuits and removing related buffs on the opponent. This is calculated seperately from the 8% chance when intercepted or Block-broken. The 8% is decreased to 4% against Tech Champs.

    NOTE: Short Circuit is only triggered by objects with circuitry, obviously. However, this makes it a bit tricky. For example, although not a Tech Champ, Winter Soldier can trigger Short Circuit with his cybernetic arm. This will cancel the effects of his Signature Ability, Cybernetic Arm Enhancement.

    NOTE: Projectiles and beams will not trigger Short circuit, though Green Goblin’s pumpkins and Rocket’s grenades can, and will pass through Kitty without detonating.

    Special Attack 3: Kitty Pryde summons her pet dragon Lockheed to attack and distract the opponent, while Kitty phases through them to strike from behind. This attack has a 100% chance to short out all circuitry and remove related buffs on the opponent.
  • rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 266
    I have an idea so cruel for Mystique I wouldn't be surprised if Kabam used it: In Alliance Wars, Mystique shows up as a different Champion unless you have that Utility Mastery with the binoculars. Only once you start the fight do you realize it's her.
  • Razor_360Razor_360 Posts: 27
    Mr fantastic -science
    Silver surfer-cosmic
    Galactus-cosmic(maybe as a boss)
    Black cat-skill
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Captain Universe

    Those who read the comics will know that "Captain Universe" is not actually a person, but a force or entity called the Unipower that bestows itself upon certain individuals (sort of like the Phoenix Force).

    once you acquire Captain Universe, he isn't technically a playable champ, but rather one character in your roster is chosen at random to become Captain Universe. His skin will subsequently change to reflect this transformation (Here's Cosmic Spidey for an example:)

    and Juggernaut:

    This character will remain as Captain Universe for a certain amount of time (a day perhaps?) then the next day, another random champ becomes Capt. Universe. Stats will be significantly boosted and maybe ability accuracy improved. Since the Unipower seems to attach itself only to benevolent beings, maybe it only has a small chance to bestow its power upon villains.

  • Marrow (Mutant)
  • TeamMRATeamMRA Posts: 14
    I want to see
    Black Cat
    Silver Surfer
    Agent Carter
    Silver Sable
    Riot Toxin or Knull

  • I would like to see Tyrone Cash and Blue Marvel in the contest. There are many powerful characters of color in the contest but not truly OP like Domino or OG Thor.
  • JohnHSJohnHS Posts: 509 ★★★

    I would like to see Tyrone Cash and Blue Marvel in the contest. There are many powerful characters of color in the contest but not truly OP like Domino or OG Thor.

    Many powerful characters of color, but none OP? Three words: Blade Nick Fury
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about starved venom??

  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about superior carnage?
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132

    whenever the enemy is Unstoppable, he too becomes Unstoppable.
    when Ares is hit by an Unblockable attack, he gains a permanent Fury passive that stacks.
    +90% armor and Physical resistance vs Unblockable attacks.
    (rationale: the God of War ought to have utility against Aspect of War)
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about the spider?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about red goblin?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about spiderman India?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about zombie venom?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about toxin(Eddie brock)?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about web slinger?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about ghost spider?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about cyber scarlet spider?
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about spiderman 2099
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    How about stan lee?
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,295 ★★★★
    How about Stan Lee!
  • Spider man 2099, Scarlett spidey, MCU witch
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