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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • and sandman
  • mystique And surge roan film mockingbird speed hulking and wiccan
  • hobgoblin
  • ancient one kaecilius tombstone
  • WardenZeroWardenZero Posts: 722 ★★★
    @RREEEEEEREEEEEEEE my dude make one post or edit them 😅
  • @RREEEEEEREEEEEEEE my dude make one post or edit them 😅

    lol i see what u mean

  • AceWilderAceWilder Posts: 1
    Jubile, kitty pryde, gambit with the death horseman ability, and legion
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Hope Summers

    Arguably one of the best power duplicators in Marvel.

    Has all the passive abilities of each living teammate.
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 1,279 ★★★★
    edited August 2019
    SKAAR and CAIERA would be an awesome addition since we already have Gladiator Hulk . he could use some awesome synergies
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132

    If Immortus is the defender: if he manages to hit the player at least once, when his hp is reduced to 0, he will "travel back in time" and restart the fight, but with him gaining an additional ability that counters the enemy (ex. if the enemy does lots of bleed damage, Immortus is now bleed immune. it could be imagined that he brought some tech to counter the enemy.) But if the attacker is a time-traveler as well (ex. Kang, Cable, Bishop, Dr Doom, etc.), Immortus's ability won't trigger, or will have a lower chance of triggering.
  • elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 74
    Kalantak said:

    SKAAR and CAIERA would be an awesome addition since we already have Gladiator Hulk . he could use some awesome synergies


    I'd also like to see, eventually, HIRO-KALA, NO-NAME, ELLOE, and the RED KING.

    Among desired future champs, Summoners have ranked these characters, respectively, #461 (Skaar), #150 (Caiera the Oldstrong), #373 (Hiro-Kala), #456 (No-Name (Brood)), #318 (Elloe Kaifi), and #181 (Red King).

    You can vote for all six of them on the community's Champ Wishlist poll here.
  • elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 74
    Dan99 said:

    Hope Summers . . . Immortus

    I just added these to the community wishlist poll. Somehow neither of them were on there yet.

    (They may be at the bottom of the list because I just added them. Soon they'll migrate to the middle because they start with the same amount of up- and downvotes.)

  • Anti Venom
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    American Eagle

    Arabian Knight

  • DrBairagiDrBairagi Posts: 23
    Mr Fantastic
    I know he is coming for sure. But please give him a nice synergy with Thing and Invisible women.
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Shadow King

    Starts out in his human form, then when his hp is reduced to 50% or below, both fighters are transported to the astral plane and Shadow King is now in his astral form. (Would be cool if the environment itself changed too.) During this phase, his enemy suffers from reverse controls.

    And maybe a pre-fight ability that grants Shadow-King a huge benefit at the cost of playing with reverse controls (would be fun for players who enjoy challenging gameplay) This means that versus some telepaths who reverse his controls, reversed reversed controls means normal controls.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Upcoming MCU Character Potentials:
    Black Widow: Black Widow (MCU) and Taskmaster (MCU). I don't think they will add either of these.
    Dr Strange 2: New Dr Strange? SW? and Nightmare
    Eternals: Who knows
    Volume 3: Adam Warlock
    That's about it for now. I really don't know who they'll add.
  • Thor Infinito Guerra
    Thor Beta Raio Bill
    Charles Francis Xavier
    Jean Grey
    O Destruidor
    Prata Surfista
    gatinho orgulho
    Jubilation Lee
  • gmail_on_com4gmail_on_com4 Posts: 47
    I've collected a lot of images ideas for the contest of champions please take a look at the champion title images:

  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    Alpha Flight

    Serpent Society

  • lqd1lqd1 Posts: 54
    War Machine (Endgame)

  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    Shuri has to be playable. She appeared in the infinity chaos event quest (only her textboxes were shown) so she really is in the game. Here is my idea for how Shuri should be like for the Contest.
    My Champion Idea: Shuri
    Class: Tech
    Vibranium Equipment:
    - Shuri’s clothing is made of vibranium fabrics, granting her 50% bleed resistance and +(x) critical resistance.
    - Shuri’s technological genius combined with the powerful properties of vibranium makes her immune to ability accuracy reduction.
    Vibranium Gauntlets:
    - Shuri’s vibranium gauntlet hits cannot trigger any of the opponent’s damage back abilities.
    - Shuri’s third and fifth light hits, first medium hits, and the first hit of her heavy attacks are sonic blasts. Sonic blasts ignore auto-block and armor. Sonic blasts removes one armor buff from the opponent and deals (x) energy damage per armor up buff removed.
    Kimoyo Beads:
    - Shuri can access a variety of Vibranium technologies with her Kimoyo Beads.
    - Wound Stabilizer: If Shuri is inflicted with a damage over time debuff, she purifies the debuff after 1 second and heals +(x) health immediately.
    - Talon Jet Summon: Shuri calls on the Royal Talon Fighter to aid her during special attacks. Shuri’s special attacks inflict a Vibranium Barrage passive on the opponent, dealing (x) energy damage over 10 seconds. While they have this passive, opponent’s block proficiency and armor is reduced by 90%.
    - Long-Distance Communicator: Shuri communicates with the scientists in her lab and tells them to give her a Vibranium Shield passive that reduces damage done to her by 40%. Her lab scientists warn her of incoming attacks, granting her an (x)% chance to auto-block. This can trigger parry.
    - Technology Control: Shuri can utilize her Remote Access Kimoyo Beads to shut down enemy technologies. Hold Block for 2 seconds to activate the bead. Its activation shocks the opponent for (x) seconds and paralyzes (stun with (x)% reduced healing and power gain) robot champions for (x) seconds.
    - Shuri starts the fight in a random mode. Initiating a heavy attack switches to the next mode. (Mode will change whether it hits or not)
    Special 1:
    (This attack is just a short range barrage of sonic blasts, similar to bishop’s special 2 beam)
    - This attack is a sonic blast and it removes all armor buffs on the opponent.
    - After this attack, opponents cannot gain armor up buffs for (x) seconds. If the opponent would gain an armor up buff, they would take (x) direct damage.
    Special 2:
    (This attack starts with one small sonic blast, then Shuri throws a remote access bead that stick to the opponent, then she blasts the opponent twice with her gauntlets.)
    - Every hit from this attack except for the second one are sonic blasts.
    - The second hit attaches a Remote Access Kimoyo Bead on the opponent (max stacks: 1). Tech Champions with the Kimoyo bead have 100% reduced ability accuracy and cannot heal. Robots will also be stunned for (x) seconds once a bead is attached to them. Remote Access Kimoyo Beads can be removed by knocking down Shuri.
    Special 3:
    (Shuri blasts them with sonic blasts, then she summons the Royal Talon Flyer to blast her opponent down with a barrage of laser beams.
    - This attack deals 100% more damage if Shuri’s Kimoyo Beads are set on Talon Jet Summon
    - While the opponent is distracted, Shuri takes this opportunity to upgrade her Kimoyo Beads.
    - Wound Stabilizer: After shrugging off a debuff, Shuri gains Debuff immunity for 4 seconds. (cooldown:5 seconds)
    - Talon Jet Summon: Vibranium Barrage lasts twice as long
    - Technology Control: Activating the Remote Access Kimoyo Beads power drains 30% of the opponent’s max power. This becomes 60% against robot champions
    - Long-Distance Communicator: Whenever Shuri gets stunned or her attacks get evaded, she has a 100% chance to auto-block all attacks for 1 second
    Signature Ability: Wakandan Genius
    - Using her genius-level intellect, Shuri plans in advance for her next battle. Before a fight, Shuri can pick which mode she starts in. Additionally, Shuri gains a benefit depending on which mode she starts with.
    - Wound Stabilizer: Whenever Shuri purifies a debuff, she gains (x)% power
    - Talon Jet Summon: When Shuri is stunned, the opponent is inflicted with Vibranium Barrage for the duration of the stun
    - Technology Control: Shuri special attacks have true accuracy against opponents with a Remote Access Kimoyo Bead.
    - Long-Distance Communicator: Shuri’s critical rating increases by (x)% per hit on the combo meter (max:100 hits)
    Young Geniuses with Spiderman (Stark-Enhanced)
    - All Teammates: Special Attacks deal (x)% increased damage per hit on the combo meter (max: 80 hits)
    - Shuri: Whenever Shuri switches modes she does perfect blocks for 3 seconds
    - Spiderman: Spiderman has 2% increased power gain per poise charge
    Wakandan Royalty with Black Panther and Black Panther (Civil War)
    - All Teammates: Critical Rating and Critical Damage is increased by (x)% per hit on the combo meter (max 80 hits)
    - Shuri: Every 10 hits Shuri taunts her opponent for 6 seconds
    - Black Panther: Gain 60% bleed resistance and +80% armor
    - Black Panther (Civil War): Gain Bleed Immunity and any debuff Black Panther would receive while in Reflective Armor will immediately be reflected back to the opponent
    Vibranium Enhancements with Winter Soldier
    - All Teammates: Physical Resistance and Energy Resistance are increased by (x)% per hit on the combo meter.
    - Shuri: Shuri’s sonic blasts reduces opponent’s ability accuracy by 80% for 2 seconds
    - Winter Soldier: All attacks deal true damage and every two hits he ignores enemy damage back abilities
    - Vision (Age of Ultron): When below 50% max power, Opponents are inflicted with falter for 1 second when Vision dashes forward. When above 50% max power, Vision can block unblockable attacks.
    Enemies with Killmonger and Corvus Glaive
    - All Teammates: Gain +(x) critical rating
  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 290 ★★
    White fox idea.


    White fox is immune to exhaustion.

    Heightened senses: White Fox has a 5% chance to evade medium attacks.

    Soul snatch: every 5 seconds, white fox passively deals 3% damage, regenerates 5% health, gains a power gain buff and decreases enemy ability accuracy by 2%.

    Claws: every critical hit has a 100% chance to cause bleed and a 50% chance to deal 35% energy damage.

    Physical resistance: every 3 hits on the enemy's combo metre grants white fox a permanent physical resistance buff.

    Fury: every 3 hits on her combo metre Grant's her a fury buff, each lasting 15 seconds.

    Reduced bleed duration: On white fox, bleed durations are cut by 60%.

    Persistent charge: For every fight won by White fox, the abilities from one of her nine tails is activated for the next fight (up to nine)

    1. When white fox hits into the enemy's block, she has a 35% chance to gain a regeneration buff, regenerating 15% health. This ability triggers a maximum of twice per fight.
    2. Every 15 seconds, gain a power gain buff, generating 20% of max power.
    3. Every heavy attack causes a permanent armour break debuff.
    4. The last hit of every combo has a 40% chance to stun the opponent for 5 seconds.
    5. Bleed abilities are enhanced by 25%
    6. White fox is immune to poison.
    7. White Fox's ability accuracy cannot be decreased.
    8. After a bleed debuff ends, White Fox gains precision and cruelty.
    9. White Fox's hits cant be evaded.

    100% chance to cause 3 bleed debuffs

    This attack cant be evaded and is unblockable.

    The enemy gets a concussion debuff, reducing ability accuracy by 40%
  • SettimoSettimo Posts: 35
    Since we’ve already seen Oblivion teased in-game I feel like this champion might be coming at some point anyway.

    Mr. Immortal

    Bio -
    Craig Hollis was born a Mutant who had evolved past death itself. When Craig’s mother died, the cosmic entity Deathurge, a servant of Oblivion, came to whisk her away to the afterlife. Before departing with him, Craig’s mother asked that Deathurge look after Craig in her absence, to which he agreed. Deathurge, or “D’urge” as Craig called him, kept his word and befriended Craig as a young boy, however he would often coax Craig into dangerous and life-threatening situations in an attempt to activate Craig’s latent Mutant ability of retroactive immortality and help Craig realize his destiny.
    Over the years, as he watched D’urge take more and more of his loved ones away to the afterlife, Craig eventually attempted to take his own life, and in doing so found that he could not die.
    Realizing that his powers had great potential in the field of super-heroics, Craig fashioned a costume, dubbing himself Mr. Immortal, and founded the Great Lakes Avengers! With his team of very unlikely heroes, Mr. Immortal has helped save the universe on a number of occasions.

    Class -

    Tags -
    #Hero, #GreatLakesAvengers, #Defensive:Guard, #Offensive:Burst, #Size:M

    Signature Ability - “Homo-Supreme” -
    Mr. Immortal is the only known person to be classified as homo-supreme, the final stage in human/mutant evolution which grants supremacy over death. D’urge claims that it is Craig’s destiny, as the only true immortal, to discover the secret that will be revealed at the end of the universe.
    Every death that Mr. Immortal endures brings him closer to comprehending that secret, and grants him a Passive Bonus based upon what class he is fighting when he dies and is resurrected for the first time in a fight.
    Mutant -
    Mr. Immortal gains a Passive Prowess Buff that increases Special Attack Damage by 5-30% (based on signature level) for the remainder of the fight.
    Tech -
    No Bonus.
    Cosmic -
    Mr. Immortal gains a Passive Critical Resistance Buff that decreases the damage he takes from Critical Hits by 10-40% (based on signature level) for the remainder of the fight.
    Mystic -
    Mr. Immortal gains a Passive Power Gain Buff that increases power generated from all sources by 5-30% (based on signature level) for the remainder of the fight.
    Skill -
    Mr. Immortal’s Combo Shield Buff has it’s cooldown reduced by 1-10 seconds (based on signature level) for the remainder of the fight.
    Science -
    Mr. Immortal gains a Passive Block Proficiency Buff that increases his Block Proficiency Rating by 10-40% (based on signature level) for the remainder of the fight.

    Abilities, Attacks & Animations -

    Unique Abilities - “Retroactive Immortality & Enraged Resurrection” -
    At the start of each fight, Mr. Immortal is granted a Passive Combo Shield Buff that lasts until Mr. Immortal would be knocked out.
    If Combo Shield is active upon Mr. Immortal’s death - he instantly Regenerates 2% of his Maximum Health Meter for every hit in his Combo Meter. This Regeneration effect is Passive and is Immune to the effects of Heal Reversal and Heal Block.
    Any combo over 50 hits grants a stack of Fury for each hit over 50 at the time of Mr. Immortal’s resurrection. Each stack of these active Fury Buffs raises Attack by 10% per stack for 10 seconds. There is no limit to how many Fury Buffs Mr. Immortal can have active.
    After his initial death and resurrection, the Combo Shield Buff enters a 30 second cooldown period before reactivating, during which time Mr. Immortal can truly be knocked out without regenerating from his injuries.
    After the 30 second cooldown period has expired, the Combo Shield Buff reactivates and Mr. Immortal can resurrect himself once again.

    Unique Weakness - “Weak Base Attack” -
    Mr. Immortal is not a brawler, and is often considered a joke amongst the rest of the super-hero community, even by Deadpool. His power is merely surviving. In order to deal damage to and defeat his opponents, Mr. Immortal relies heavily on the fits of rage he enters when being resurrected, being assisted by his friend - the cosmic entity Deathurge, as well as simply outlasting and wearing down his opponents, rather than utilizing raw strength.
    In the Contest of Champions this is represented with the lowest Base Attack Rating in the game.

    Basic Attacks & Animations -
    Basic & Heavy Attacks -
    Mr. Immortal, having been trained by Hawkeye, copies his Basic and Heavy Attacks exactly.

    Special 1 - “GLA Beatdown” -
    Mr. Immortal rushes towards his opponent and delivers a massive slap to their face which sends them reeling to the floor.
    If Combo Shield is on cooldown, this attack is guaranteed to be Critical.
    After the attack, Mr. Immortal takes a few steps back while holding and shaking out his hand - this animation works similarly to Deadpool’s dance following his Special 2 Attack, and can be ended prematurely by any action the Summoner takes or by being attacked by the opponent.
    If Mr. Immortal is allowed to finish his post-attack animation he gains a Physical Resistance Buff raising his Physical Resistance Rating by 30% for 5 seconds.

    Special 2 - “What I Do Best” -
    Mr. Immortal pulls out a grenade and slams it on the ground in front of him, exploding himself and the surrounding area.
    This attack is Unblockable.
    This attack has a 100% chance to inflict an Incinerate Debuff on the opponent, dealing 125% of Mr. Immortal’s Attack Rating as Energy Damage to the opponent over 3.5 seconds.
    Mr. Immortal is always knocked to the ground from this attack (as if he’d been hit by his opponent’s Special Attack), and inflicts Direct Damage to himself equal to 1% of his Maximum Health Meter.
    If Combo Shield is on cooldown, activating this attack causes Mr. Immortal to lose his current Combo Meter.

    Special 3 - “My Friend D’urge” -
    Mr. Immortal is knocked to the ground, but when his opponent walks up to finish him off, a strange pitch-black squirrel wearing a white cape and gloves but without any other features scurries onto Craig’s shoulder. Mr. Immortal’s opponent stops in their tracks to stare at this strange creature. The squirrel starts to float and transforms into the cosmic entity Deathurge, who opens a portal to the Darkforce Dimension behind Mr. Immortal’s opponent. Utilizing his skis, Deathurge flies into Mr. Immortal’s opponent and they both enter through the portal to Oblivion.
    This attack does True Damage, ignoring all of the opponent’s Armor and Resistances.
    This attack activates a Passive Soul Imprisonment Debuff on the opponent, reducing their chance to activate Buffs by 100% for 15 seconds.

    Synergies -

    “Deathless” - (Thanos & Annihilus & Deadpool [Classic] & Mr. Immortal)
    All Champions of this Synergy-
    If a Revive Potion is used on any of these champions, they are granted a Passive Fury Buff for the duration of their next fight, raising their Attack by 100%.
    {Mr. Immortal activates this Synergy with himself.}

    “Children of Death” - (Gamora & Mr. Immortal)
    Gamora & Mr. Immortal -
    Special 3 Attacks deal 25% more Damage to opponents, and ignore Damage Caps such as the effects of Safeguard, Refraction, and Plot Armor.

    “Meme Tier Heroes of the Contest” - (Howard the Duck & Kamala Khan & Deadpool [X-Force] & Iron Fist & Falcon & Spider-Man [Miles Morales] & Mr. Immortal)
    All Champions of this Synergy -
    #Villains of the Contest don’t consider these Heroes to be much of a threat to their nefarious schemes.
    Dashing forward with one of these heroes has a 70% chance to inflict #Villain opponents with Falter for the duration of the dash attack. Opponents suffering from Falter have a 100% chance to Miss when attacking.
    {No bonus while fighting other #Hero Champions.}

    “Great Lakes Avengers” - (Hawkeye & Mr. Immortal)
    Hawkeye -
    Special Attacks have a 30% chance to inflict a Disorient Debuff on the opponent for 5 seconds.
    Mr. Immortal -
    Extensive training with the seasoned Avenger Clint Barton allows Mr. Immortal to reactivate his Passive Combo Shield after 20 seconds rather than the normal 30 second cooldown period.

    “Please Don’t Kill Me Again” - (Deadpool [Classic] & Mr. Immortal)
    Deadpool [Classic] -
    If Deadpool incurs a Heal Block Debuff, he activates a Power Gain Buff with the same duration that increases power gained from all sources by 75%.
    Mr. Immortal -
    All Passive Abilities granted to Mr. Immortal through his Signature Ability are improved by 25%.
    {For example, when at Max Signature Level and Synergized with Deadpool, Mr. Immortal’s Prowess Buff would raise his Special Attack Damage by 37.5% after being resurrected while fighting a Mutant opponent.}

    “Mutant Misters” - (Mr. Sinister & Mr. Immortal)
    Mr. Sinister & Mr. Immortal -
    Nathaniel Essex and Craig Hollis gain a Class Advantage against other Mutant opponents.
  • Nova_NomenNova_Nomen Posts: 9
    I know people want Doom already, but I wanted to add a bit more regarding my favorite version of him, 'The House of M' story arc.

    Dr. Doom (House of M)
    Signature Ability
    After performing a Special Attack, Dr. Doom has a [x]% chance to activate the passive pre-fight abilities from the two unselected classes at 50% potency.
    Passive: Bleed Immune. 10% decrease in opponent power gain with a class advantage.
    Pre-Fight: Select 1 of three classes, each with a different additional passive effect: Cosmic (Default), Tech & Mystic.
    Fearsome Leader: Cosmic class Doom gains a fury buff every 3 seconds, lasting 12 seconds (Max of 4). After reaching four fury buffs, they are converted to a permanent fury passive and the timer starts over.
    Immortal Doom: Every 6 seconds. Tech class Doom gains permanent energy and physical resistance buffs that can only be removed via armor break.
    The Romani Sorcerer: Mystic class Doom has a passive power gain, that scales with amount of health lost.
    Heavy Attacks: Spell is cast, inflicting energy damage with a [x]% chance to power lock.
    Basic Attacks: His malleable metal arms become weapons, with a [x]% to inflict Bleed.

    Special 1: Unblockable if Dr. Doom has class Advantage. 100% chance to inflict a bleed inflicting damage based on Opponents Power Level.
    Special 2: Power Lock the Opponent for 8 seconds, and steal 10% of their current power.
    Special 3: 100% Chance to Inflict Bleed, if the opponent is already bleeding, convert the bleed to a deep wound, resetting it and increasing its duration and damage by 50%. If the opponent is power locked, reset the timer.

    Adding him could open the doors to bring in “The Fearsome Four” later on. And add synergies to make Magneto more of a relevant character.

  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 843 ★★★★
    Leaving She Hulk as is, pretty solid idea
  • Nova_NomenNova_Nomen Posts: 9
    Haven’t seen him mentioned, but I also haven’t gone through this entire thread (90+ pages… woah) but I frikkin’ love Beta Ray Bill, it’d be awesome to see him added while paying an homage to his Godhunter story and how he eventually loses his worthiness to wield Stormbreaker during his hunt for Galactus. Could lead into a play style like that of Corvus Glaive. Tried to workshop it below, but I’m not so great at this.

    Beta Ray Bill
    Class: Cosmic
    Signature Ability:
    Beta Ray Bill has proven himself worthy on countless occasions, he has a [x]% chance to regain lost stacks of worthiness after his attacks.
    Passive: Incinerate and other heat debuffs are 80% less effective.
    Godhunter - Beta Ray Bill starts the fight with 20 stacks of worthiness. While worthiness is active, critical hits are guaranteed on medium and heavy attacks. When worthiness is depleted, Beta Ray Bill cannot use Stormbreaker for attacks (cannot reach critical hits on medium or heavy attacks), and his power is reset to 0 and he is power locked. Parrying an attack has a 50% chance to add a stack of worthiness (max 30).
    Heavy Attacks: Consumes 2 stacks of worthiness, 80% chance to inflict a shock debuff, and 50% chance to inflict a concussion lasting 5 seconds once per fight.
    Basic Attacks: Light attacks have a 3% chance to inflict shock, if opponent is already shocked, then there is a 20% chance to rest the timer. Medium attacks consume 1 stack of worthiness and have a 25% chance to inflict shock. Combos ending with a medium attack have a 30% chance to provide a passive permanent fury buff.

    Special 1: Beta Ray Bill spins Stormbreaker with enough force to send his opponent to the other side of the arena. If opponent is already against the wall, this attack inflicts twice the damage.
    Special 2: Strikes the opponent backwards, then transports to them with Stormbreaker and delivers and energy blast with a 100% chance to armor break the opponent.
    Special 3: Consumes all fury buffs increasing their potency by 200% during this attack. Consumes a stack of worthiness for every fury buff consumed.

    A lot of good synergies with ol’ horse face here: Thor, Loki, Gulk, Ronan, Spider-man (Classic), the GotG etc.
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132

    Able to clone any champ in your roster, enabling the clone to tackle content while the original is locked in another game-mode (i.e. he can clone Sparky for AQ while the original Sparky is busy in AW) Incredibly useful for new players who usually have limited rosters. This is intended to be a "non-combat ability" (an ability you gain by just acquiring Jackal). Limitations to this may include a cooldown (maybe he can clone champs only once a week?) and/or a cost attached to it (gold/units/etc...) and the clone expires at the end of the quest.

  • DafulegendDafulegend Posts: 3
    Pls add The Destroyer,
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