War counted towards season??



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    DodgerDogDodgerDog Posts: 86
    This has to be resolved before matchmaking tomorrow or nothing matters any more
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    Brizzley_34Brizzley_34 Posts: 15
    Problem is.....not all alliances were affected. Especially in higher tiers. Kabam won’t cancel season because it didn’t affect them. Sad but true. Screw the little guys
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    SnurrisSnurris Posts: 429 ★★★
    Is ”rolling back time” to the exact standings, ranking etc as it was after war 4 not an option?
    Then give back every resource spent in war 5-6 and a descent compensation for the trouble.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,321 ★★★★★
    You can adjust anything in terms of the Points when the Season ends. Whatever way is reasonable to account for it. Honestly, I said I was going to wait and see what their solution is. I'm not going to keep beating the subject to death. You can adjust the Points to account for the War that messed up. What you can't do is map out an entire trajectory of what would have happened if the War didn't cause an issue. That much stands to reason because we don't get awarded based on plans and potential. We get awarded based on performance.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,321 ★★★★★
    It's obvious the Season is going forward, so I'm not going to keep beating the topic to death. We'll wait to see what their solution is.
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    Brizzley_34Brizzley_34 Posts: 15
    What if that war was on a winning streak? And u lost that one....but r still winning? How do u calculate that? The more wars that go on it’s harder to decipher. Hard to fix that
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    That in game message was the cause to a now bigger issue. Some Alliances took it verbatim thinking war #5 wouldn't count on the spot. As a result, tanked the war thinking it didn't matter. My Alliance played full steam in war 5 because we had a feeling war ratings would still be in play for a bit. You have to remember how large of an undertaking fixing the war ratings and removing the points across the board is for them.

    Once again, there's no perfect solution because the damage has been done and it's very difficult to rectify this in a way everyone impacted will be satisfied with. Ending the season isn't going to go over well for many. Pausing it to fix it doesn't seem viable or useful. It seems like we just need to press forward and roll with the punches. I do feel for the others that took it verbatim and got put in a worse position as a result. That's gotta blow.

    May I ask why your alliance decided to be safe and assume the ratings will be affected?

    I can see alliances thinking along the lines of "most alliances will probably not take that war seriously, so we will to get some safe victory rewards (6* shards etc.)", which is certainly something that makes sense to me, especially in higher tiers where participation and victory rewards are really nice.

    Did you go off the first statement saying ratings will be affected? Did the second statement saying ratings will not be affected but in fact manually adjusted [before the next war] throw you off?

    Just curious, because I start to feel like I as well as most others basically tanking war 5 were a bit naive so to speak.

    You're right that adjusting the ratings manually is probably not exactly an easy thing to do. I never really thought about how complex of an issue that would be for the staff, since their statement in my eyes appeared to be rather confident in what they can do.

    Would you recommend not taking official statements for granted? (That is not meant to be a swipe at kabam, just curious inbyour opinion regarding a general "better safe than sorry"-stance.)
    Remember the start of Season 11 @UmbertoDelRio ? War ratings were locked on war #1 for tiers 1-5. They didn't make the adjustment until after the end of war #3 going into war #4. I was going off past actions taken in a similar (although different in other ways) situation. When it comes to manually changing scores and war ratings for every Alliance that's participating in AW Season, I assume right from the get go it's gonna take time. I had a feeling it was too late to lock the ratings for war #5, so we felt it was in our best interests moving forward to play it like any other Season war. Turns out, we were right.

    For Alliances that haven't been engaged in AW Seasons since day 1, or even for the last 5 Seasons, I can see them being confused by the official in game post. However, for those of us that have been through past debacles, we should use our past experiences to help navigate the terrain in less than ideal situations. This one falls into that category without a doubt. Unforeseen issues throwing the proverbial wrench in it. This is also why I log data, and make notes on past Seasons so we don't forget what happened prior.

    That's why after talking with my Officers, laying all the maybes out on the table, we all agreed taking the 'better safe than sorry' choice. If we lucked out running into an Alliance that tanked, bonus. Less hassle. If not, fight tooth and nail to preserve our war rating in the short term to better serve the longterm. As it turned out, our opponents must've drawn the same conclusion as they also went at us full tilt boogie until they realized they hit a no win situation and threw in the towel leaving 2 Bosses up.

    I do hope that everyone has learned from this situation. Unfortunate, and unforeseen circumstances can happen at the drop of a hat here. So best to remember how things went down in less than ideal situations to make the best choices when they occur down the road. Kabam didn't do this with purpose. This is for sure bad for them too. When the community gets screwed by a bug in such a competitive game mode (AW), it results in a LOT of extra work on their side.

    I guess we'll see how it all pans out as we go. Once again, I do feel for those who took the in game message verbatim and are now dealing with the fallout of such a choice. My advice, when Season is live, ESPECIALLY when your Alliance is on the cusp between 2 tiers, fight every war like it will benefit the next one. Even in situations such as this one. Best wishes to everyone going forward in this Season.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,321 ★★★★★
    It was communicated consistently. One comment said they would change. The second said it would still change, but it wouldn't count because it was going to be manually adjusted later. Let's be honest here. Any Alliance that chooses to Tank anything while Season is running is taking a chance.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,321 ★★★★★
    edited March 2020
    Intellectual dishonesty is dramatic, and not at all what it is.
    No, later wasn't said. That part comes in with common sense. In all the time that we've spent playing this game, when has a manual adjustment been instantaneous or speedy, especially regarding large numbers affected? It takes time.
    I'm not the only one adding my own interpretation apparently.
    That's not intellectual dishonesty. That's applying our own understanding to what was read. For someone with that as their argument, you would think there would be less condemnation for my own view.
    How about you stick to the topic and discuss it with me, without making it personal?
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    Original thread still exists for reference, they just closed it to new replies because everyone started making this the primary thread instead. So keeping new stuff just to this thread.

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    Vassili24Vassili24 Posts: 109
    Any word on this yet? We were sitting top 15 in plat 2, now we are plat 3 and dropped to tier 3 from tier 2. Now each war from here out we are getting the wrong multiplier. Not sure how you fix this.
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    RektorRektor Posts: 678 ★★★
    New exciting issue

    Matchmaking started with an hour left on the enlistment timer. I’m guessing due to daylight savings.

    I’m already hearing a number of alliances just got locked out of matching this war because the timer said they had 1 hour left and were still making member changes before enlisting.
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