Void or BWCV to 5/65 or Rank 2

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I run suicides half the time. I have a mixed team that are either suicide friendly or not suicide friendly... Anyways I’m like 0-100 on the Doom crystal or the featured. I literally do a slow roll over him every time! So, based on my current roster (AW defensive mastery in screen shots) who do you think would be more helpful at this point to R2 or 5/65? I have Black Widow Claire Voyant (BWCV) as both a 5 & 6-star. I have 5* mystic awakening gem plus 180 sig stones (was saving for Doom.)... Also have a 3-4 mystic rank up gem). And Void is sig 115. Also, initial completion of 6.3 is done and today I’m at 6.4.2 (nothing 100%). By the way, Quake gives me a headache if I use her and I don’t like using Ghost. Thanks for any help!

Void or BWCV to 5/65 or Rank 2 30 votes

5/65 Void - Sig 115
ljballer22LordRaymond3sastom22piløts 4 votes
5/65 BWCV and awaken her to sig 180
TankRichardsonTravNation 2 votes
R2 BWCV - Not Awakened
buffajrallinashesForwardTerraTeddersQmonLilMaddogHTBrokenPeterQuillStarKillerVIICharlie_SceneChampioncriticRockypantherxmgj0630Thicco_ModeAstoundsNimorKing_Leo321Ganesh10aawesomesauce 23 votes
Other - Please Explain
Etjama 1 vote


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    R2 BWCV - Not Awakened
    After act 6 and ABYSS the oy answer is.BWCV no 1 mystic champion,10th powerfull champion in game and 6th prestige champion in game.
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    R2 BWCV - Not Awakened
    BWCV is not worth awakening unless u really need prestige
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    R2 BWCV - Not Awakened
    I have both at 5/65. BWCV provides infinitely more utility in my opinion. Definitely agree with @lowlevelplayer about her sig. I have her at sig 200, and her signature ability has only come into play one time for me in my time using her. Definitely worth r2 in my opinion though. Can't imagine you'd be disappointed.
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    Show guilly2099 some love.
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    Don't mean to piggy back, but do you guys think I should r5 Symbiote supreme or CV?
    Sym is currently r4 unawakened, I have basically no iso rn so he's at level 41
    CV is currently r1 unawakened
    I intent to r5 My Aegon, Hype, r2 my 6 star unduped Namor, and possibly my Omega from my act 6.4 completion rewards. Ty people
  • RonD9RonD9 Posts: 175
    I took 6* BWCV to rank 2
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