Which Mutant to R5? Archangel vs. Colossus!

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Hello fellow summoners,

which 5 * Mutant champ would you R5 in my case?

Archangel or Collosus?

I already have Domino at R5.

My other R5 are DH, Ghost, Hyp, Venom, SS, Aegon, Quake, Void.

Don't have 5* Emma Frost or OR.

Im cavalier, have done most variants, and one run through 6.2. would like to try one run through 6.4 soon.

Additional Quesions:

-I could lvl up each one of them pretty high. Which sig lvl would you recommendnfor each char?

Are there any other really good/necessary synergy do consider?

Thank for your help!



Which Mutant to R5? Archangel vs. Colossus! 34 votes

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None of both in options
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    He's the one less easily countered. AA is neutered against those immune to one or both of his debuffs. And Chromeboi is a defensive and offensive tank while AA isnt as much
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    I'd say get Colossus' Sig as high as you can, he's still great at just Sig 1 but the Higher his Sig the more likely it is to activate an Armor Up when he Tanks an Immunity and more likely for an Expiring Armor to Convert into a Permanent one which is where the Fun Really begins. Also no the OR and Emma Synergies are not Required, they are insane Boosts but he still Dominates without them.
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    Sunspot > Both of them
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