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    H3t3r said:

    Quality content where?? I don't see anything

    Are the rifts not quality content? Are Variants not quality content? Are Incursions not quality content?
    Rifts aren’t. The only reason why this time around they’re good is because of the chronometer. Variants are. Incursions are only good as a source of gold since the Incursion crystals are trash, out of the eight or so I have got, I have only gotten one good champion out them.
    Bad luck then.
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    Act 6 is a niche fest of requirements, Gates, BS node combinations, restrictions and Potion/Revive grabbing scams of fights with very little options to beat. Some fights were fun, like GM, but overall is still 90% trash when you actually take a look at the big picture.

    Act 7.1 so far is absolute trash and worse than Act 6. Definite let down of expectations and overall a massive disappointment to see that the future of the game is just more stacked opponents without creatively made Nodes and encounters. New Book, nothing changed.

    Didn't mention Abyss in my initial comment before Edit. Some fights in Abyss are trash. Like Collector. I've 100% Abyss. I've 100% Act 6. I'm doing Act 7 Beta. I can say that. Thank you. Nice snark though. Def wont get you banned sooner or later. ;)

    Hey no rules against snark, and I'm being civil. I agree that Act 7 is trash. Hell, I even had a whole slew of posts about it earlier. Also what happened to not replying? I liked it better then.
    Act 7 is still in Beta. It's not even released yet. I don't understand why all the reactions to it are here. The whole point of having a Beta is to gather feedback and make adjustments when necessary. I mean I understand it logically. Some well-known people react to it on YouTube and everyone else jumps on the band wagon, but it's worth noting that only feedback from those participating will be taken into account, and it's not even something that's in existence yet. I think that aspect of this conversation is just premature.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 27,524 ★★★★★

    @GroundedWisdom It's because people are frustrated, and maybe they should be. I guess we interpret general game feedback as anything that is going to be added to the game too. I agree that there are people who aren't in the Act 7 beta who really don't understand the problem with it, but for the people who are in the beta, like me, we just want to spread awareness on a broader spectrum.

    I didn't really mean to direct it at you. I just meant in the general sense, and I was replying to you because you seem to be civil. Lol.
    I understand the part about sharing concerns. That's fair. I just don't think that solidifying reactions to something that isn't set in motion is necessarily reasonable. It's still being worked on. I think that's one of the downsides to information going out too easily. If it was me, I'd have an NDA for the Beta.
    In terms of burnout, and this isn’t to say that the points made here aren't valid, that's bound to happen when people get to a certain point. Especially when you're talking about playing for 4-5 years or more. That happens. It isn't a sign the game is dying, as is being implied here. That's dramatic. Over time, you're going to have interests that wane, you're going to hit a wall, you're going to run out of steam. Some change focus. Some take a break. Some quit. Just the nature of the beast. Things go on.
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    Apparently, per the beta forum Kabam has listened to our feedback on Act 7 and is going to revisit it. They also said they’ve heard us on a host of other issues brought up in this thread but will have to take time to digest it all before commenting on those concerns

    I don't think it is appropriate to repost things directly from the Beta, but the impression I get from the Beta post is that Kabam is going to take a step back and reconsider their original plan to make quick iterations of story content that resorted to more brute force and special counter fights, and completely revisit Book 2 to target it to a slightly more nominal class of player (i.e. not just the absolute top tier players) and try to use more psychologically rewarding node combinations that are less punishing. They specifically said they were going to probably disappear for a while (with regard to Book 2), implying they really want to spend more time rethinking how the content works.

    Also, all of this is completely separate from the more general issues being brought up in this thread. The feedback in the beta was snowballing in this direction before this thread started, and I think the devs need to think about this thread completely separately from the Beta thread which is a much more specific targeted response to the beta tester complaints and comments.
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    Why can't we have more masteries that suits the content and the summoners lvl is also stuck at lvl 60 it can increase to lvl70
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    Holy cow I can't read everything in this post. I made it through about 12 pages before giving my two cents.
    I get where Seatin is coming from. The game has some problems that will drive people away. People talking about act 6 and 7....smh. I was selected for act 7 beta along with lots of other people but I never opened it. Figured it was more of the same and I wasn't going to be motivated anytime soon for it. Doing act 6 feels more like an obligation more than something fun to do. So I get where lots of people are coming from. I'm also happy for the people enjoying the game as it is but there's always room for improvement, that to me seems to point of the thread is improvement.
    I've been playing for several years, somewhere in the early updates like 5 plus or minus. So I've seen some odd things. Now some people will call bullsnot on my next statement. I don't think crystal RNG is true RNG. I'm pretty sure it's weighted towards certain champs depending on whatever Kabam feels like is best for profit. You're more likely to get useless champs than champs that will actually help. Out of 50 six stars my only dupes are trash champs I'll never use. No one in their right mind can argue that they aren't weighted. I realize the point of the game is to keep you coming back and chase more crystals but if out of 50 six stars you only use one or two then something is wrong. What's the point of chasing the next crystal when you already know it's going to be trash. I still really like the game but yes it has some problems that need to be addressed if Kabam still wants us to show up. Last thing. War is a mess, way to much effort for the rewards. I think the rewards are probably about right, maybe a little low, but for the most part fine. If the rewards are "fine" then the difficulty/effort is out of balance. The difficulty levels don't really change until tier 5 then they ramp up pretty quickly. Pretty much the same difficulty levels from tier 11 to 5. Lots of ways to spread out the war maps. Anyway just my 2cents. Good luck everyone. Happy hunting
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    DNA3000 said:

    I just don't think that solidifying reactions to something that isn't set in motion is necessarily reasonable.

    There's a well-studied psychological phenomenon where when someone reads words or listens to someone else, there's a part of their brain that is calculating the most likely words that will come next, like Google search autocomplete. Brains do this to help language comprehension. That's how you can understand someone speaking to you in a loud environment where you really aren't hearing every word clearly. When the words that come next aren't in your list of what's likely to come next, there's a jarring mental hiccough that happens.

    I mention this because it is rare for this to happen more than once in a single sentence, and it happened to me three times in this one sentence. Once catches my attention. Twice makes me think I've misread something. Three times makes me do the FAST test to see if I'm experiencing a stroke.
    I could rephrase it if you like. Lol.
    I'm familiar with the phenomenon. It's the reason we can read sentences that contain some letters in the right place, and others jumbled.
    I was trying to find a more gingerly approach to saying that it makes no sense that people are ready to quit over something that isn't even finished yet.
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    War-flow: I spent way to many units, to much money, time earning units and resources (like glory that could have went to rank up materials). Then all my stress was paid off with season rewards: 3rd Dupe of 5* Mordo & a shiner new 6*.., Beast. Anyone clearing the monthly EQ with Mordo and Beast? People got YouTube videos of their abyss runs with beast? So, content comes out horribly wrong, communtiy outraged, wait a season to fix, throws off the work to reward ratio, which drops even more in value because of horrible RNG that gives you a handful of bad champs that won’t work especially for niche end game content. I think a couple 5* nexus crystals & a 6* nexus should be minimum compensation for the flow screwup. Or a couple 3-4&4-5 5* rank ups and a 6* 1-2 rankup.

    1 Stop screwing people by manipulating RNG to keep a few good champs out of peoples reach.
    2. Improve champs so there’s a larger pool of good champs and people aren’t as disappointed with rewards and RNG
    3. Give us more V4 like content where we can use that deep pool of 3& 4 stars we liked to play but can’t use on most other content (no not the monthly 2-star run where I have to fight the same 4 fights 30+ times-boring)
    4. Stop making content that’s only bearable if you have 4 specific champs. If more champs were useful we wouldn’t dread popping Mordo’s and Beasts and would be happier with rewards.
    5. All crystals should be nexus crystals, at least if I get ****, I can pick my favorite ****. (0ne mans trash, another mans treasure)
    6. Give sig stones for duplicate champs with sig higher than 20, instead of taking them to sig 40. Hey I can’t use an iron patriot sig 40, but if I got 20 tech sig stones, I’d be slightly less disappointed. Or give a chance to sell duplicated 5 or 6* champs instead of increasing signature. i.e. if I pull a dup Miles Morales 6*, Give the option to take 20 Sig stones and 2500 6* shards to or 20 sig stones and some T5 or T2A shards, do something to try to dull the pain of bad champs from crystals

  • KaLydeKaLyde Posts: 14
    Also, Make rankups easier, maybe I wouldn’t be pissed about pulling lesser or mid grade champs, if I could rank them, but I gotta save that for the 4 or 5 champs that clear content, even if I really like playing silver surfer, I can’t rank him, cause i need Aegon for labyrinth and SS for this boss and Quake for this lane, and etc. Rank up gems are cool but 80-95% of outdated 2015s aren’t fun. Make Rank up gems for different years and higher levels. Keep your 100 6* shards On the monthly event, and show me a 2018& 2019 Rank Up gem 3-4 and 4-5. Then maybe I could rank up some mid grade champs I like to play with and wouldn’t be so disappointed. You could even do a mix of mid grade champs in rank-up gem crystals like mercs or fire champs or champs with blades like some of champion crystal deals. Rank up gem crystals can be more than class specific. Maybe drop or get rid of some of the layered rank up materials. Maybe I could use some T1A & T4B on some low/mid grade 5*s if I was lent saving for a 6*r2 & 5*r5 champs. No ones paying for T4B or T1A to rank that high of champs, so ur next t gonna loose money to let us use those resources on lower grade champs. Short story is people won’t be as disappointed with some mid grade champs if they could rank em up and use them, make resources more available or even specifically targeting champs and that aren’t top level niche busters and maybe more of the community would be less dissapointed by some of the champs.
  • KaLydeKaLyde Posts: 14
    so reworks are hard..., Not every champ needs reinvented. OG guilly is good champ, to bad her abilities go down the higher rated champ she fights- beef up block pro, damage and maybe beef up the heal and fix the soul ratio. Fixit joe is a great idea, update some stats and then have his buffs apply quicker, second buff last longer, and boost all the buffs, I think only 1 is complete **** and Might need replaced. Dormamu has good power control but takes so much damage, it shouldn’t be hard to bring stats up a little and beef up his Health block prof. A lot of champs could less drastic changes that would make them contenders and abate some “crystal disappointment”. These less dramatic changes to base numbers should take little time to build, test and rollout.
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