General Game Feedback [Merged Threads]



  • MSpawnMSpawn Posts: 100
    Anyone else find the new AW maps contrast a little too vibrant, making it really tough to look at? The light background is particularly disturbing. And I saw somewhere a “snow” themed one on the horizon? Maybe just me but when selecting to see linked nodes, you have to really hunt for the links. Seems kinda bad. :/
  • TheMightyJonTheMightyJon Posts: 52
    I think its good they are taking the feedback on board, something else tone deaf to what the community wants/ needs wouldn't go down well and I genuinely want them to get it right. I can't help but feel though that if they delay things much then July 4th could be a little muted for them, I know I don't want to spend until I see some definite announcements with time frames....
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