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  • BodhizenBodhizen Posts: 302 ★★
    Well... It's great that we have some information. Not early June as promised, but oh well...

    I'm still going to attempt to communicate how this game can be improved here, as opposed to being redirected somewhere else to only focus on positive changes somewhere else.

    Best wishes!
  • N1ghtwolfN1ghtwolf Posts: 33
    hi kabam i have been playing this game for almost 4 yrs now but not only me but i have many people/summoners getting worst six stars opening . i cant quote exact details or % of the people but as and when we come across six star openings usually all the popout that come out are vulnerable and it just seems like wasting so much efforts in questing and aw is worth nothing the latest opening being kamala khan today which everyone summoners considers to be there worst nightmare, moreover the vfx issues in specials of spiderman stark enhanced doc ock tentacle movement KG sp1 and medusa 1 have not been addressed into, no working has been done into the game for change in backgrounds also, after todays opening that i got i feel all efforts are going down the drain feel like quitting the game, as nothing new seems to be happening, usually most summoners are quoting that there so much head banging in AW for a month and the rewards that come are nothing as compared to what we get from questing, i personally feel its better to play AQ map 6and 5 and do monthly quest rather to get a bunch of peanuts at the end of the ssn in the form of rewards, just to safegaurd the game pls take initatives to improve the game /rgds have a nyc day
  • MSpawnMSpawn Posts: 92
    Anyone else find the new AW maps contrast a little too vibrant, making it really tough to look at? The light background is particularly disturbing. And I saw somewhere a “snow” themed one on the horizon? Maybe just me but when selecting to see linked nodes, you have to really hunt for the links. Seems kinda bad. :/
  • tafretafre Posts: 526 ★★★★
    Ambjony said:

    We were supposed to have an answer to all the feedback by early June.

    - We only have a roadmap of the roadmap.
    - 25%, quest part, is partially explained and people like it but releasin act 6 nerf or compensation is not specified and seem that will happen in several months.
    - Changes in AW highly criticized
    - 75% of the roadmap delayed again with no expected date.

    And it’s only the announcement. Let’s see how many delays are with the implementation. So sad.

    They also deleted the dates on that blog post. I am not opposed to them delaying the roadmaps if they are listening to the CCP but this also concerns me because they usually go with the announcements even if the CCP does not like it. Just my guess, it was most likely a horrible post that somebody told on twitter that (paraphrasing) "I cannot give info but I am glad they decided not to post this." We shall see eventually I guess.
  • TheMightyJonTheMightyJon Posts: 52
    I think its good they are taking the feedback on board, something else tone deaf to what the community wants/ needs wouldn't go down well and I genuinely want them to get it right. I can't help but feel though that if they delay things much then July 4th could be a little muted for them, I know I don't want to spend until I see some definite announcements with time frames....
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