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    I actually think it makes more sense to have diversity scoring be per group. How does the placement of a champ in group 1 affect anyone in group 2 or 3? It doesn't. By having diversity counted throughout the alliance as was initially intended essentially forces other groups to use horrible defenders to maximize diversity. Leaving it as per group gives more flexibility to each group while still giving insentive to not bring duplicate champs.


    @Kabam Miike do you mind telling us what your intentions were with all this? We're really curious. Even your quick fix sends a very clear yet confusing message, it's way more important to place a crappy yet unique 3* rank 1 defender than it is to achieve a kill of an opponent defender! That's hilariously sad. The lost PI points are insignificant compared to the amount of points gained by placing that crappy 3* champ. Although, as it's currently the case, there is hardly any node in the map difficult enough to matter anyway, except few instances within the mini boss cluster and the boss. Even difficult hi pi defenders are not so difficult to beat now.

    At this moment the war is about making sure the diversity is 100% and to have the strongest attack to achieve maximum exploration close to 100% and boss kills.

    Also, as mentioned above, what does one champ have to do in one group with the champs in the other groups?? Diversity across all groups???

    Do you think people will suddenly start ranking up useless champs like kamala to highest ranks and use them for wars? You want us to use more champs? This is forced, not natural. These champs have no use and the nodes in the map or rank don't make them any better. We had been placing only few selected champs because they had specific defensive abilities that made them difficult to beat, which means the opponents would struggle getting enough exploration and boss kills to beat us. Now exploration and boss kills are easy, diversity matters, kills don't matter and come automatically with exploration. Unless you can't fight, then you just buy few potions or have your friend finish the exploration for you thanks to the portals...

    Defensive champs are for defense and offensive champs are for offense. They all have their place. You're forcing us to place all of the 106 champs currently playable champs to defense no matter what tier and rank they are, because all the nodes are easy to beat and kills don't matter any more either.

    I can't even see how ANY of the current changes contribute to your revenue increase?!?!? I can't really accuse you of being greedy, because it doesn't force anyone to spend anything! You've just messed up wars. You should hire someone who thinks new concepts through first before coding them and releasing them. It took me few minutes today to crunch the numbers - hire me! I'll help you. Or just call me in, I'll gladly donate some of my time, probably worth it, so we can all continue to enjoy playing this game, not wasting our time talking sense into Kabam on the forums...
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    Well ... let's have a look into the future.
    The future when Kabam is able to fix the problem, that defender diversity is counted for each battlegroup and not the entire alliance.

    - There are 106 champions released yet (afaik). Maximum points will be 3 battlegroups with 100%, 150 defenders placed, 106 defender diversity, 150 attacker kills. The new map isn't that difficult as the last one. wars of top alliances will be decided by the defender rating. the alliance with the lower defender rating is likely unable to win the war unless the opponent makes a huge fault ... which you won't see in the top alliances world wide

    - For example if one alliance has a Deadpool and an Immortal Iron Fist it will be very hard for opponents without them to win the war. They will need 250 more points from defender rating to be able to win the war if both alliances explore 100%. It must be ages since our last alliance war with a difference of more than 100 points in defender rating.

    - Alliancers with newer players will have a problem because some champions were obtainable but aren't at the moment (f.e. Deadpool from Arena, Kang from gift crystal)

    - The cutoffs for the 3* featured hero arenas will be insanely high. Alliances will try to get the new heros as soon as possible to get those new 3* rank 1 level 1 heros into their defense

    - Thanos is a very rare champ. Imagine a war between two Top50 alliances ... one with Thanos (up to 106 diversity) one without (up to 105 diversity). In most cases it will be almost impossible to win the war for the alliance without Thanos. A complete charade.
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    @Kabam Miike You do realize the proposed change will reduce diversity for all the nodes that matter, right?

    Defender placed == Attacker kill; no penalty for placing duplicates; but extra points for each unique defender; uniqueness is global.

    There are 106 unique champs; say it rises to 110. We'll see 100-105 placed as trash on weak nodes for diversity points (and perhaps synergies), and the remaining 5-10 repeated as many times as possible on the strongest nodes available. We'll go back to having all Magik (or whatever's currently strongest) on the miniboss nodes because there's no penalty to doing that.

    If your goal was to bring diversity in a meaningful way, this seems designed to accomplish the opposite: it will help convince people that other than a handful of god-tier champs, everything else is trash only worthwhile for the diversity points (or perhaps synergies).

    There are interesting (if complicated) things you could do -- for example, bring back defender kills, but this time divide the kills by the number of that defending champs (so if there are 5 magiks placed, and in total they get 25 kills, you only get 5 kill points; but if you place 1 magik 1 yondu 1 og spider man 1 NC 1 hyperion and get a total of 15 kills, you'll get 15 kill points) -- this would encourage interesting / surprisingly placements which would get kills with unique champs. It'd be fun to be surprised occasionally.

    As things stand ... I'm astonished that you looked at the result from phase 1 and decided that diversity really should be global not per BG. We did that for one war, and it was infuriating and incredibly depressing: placing 2* red deadpool just for diversity? placing a 3* kingpin at tier 2? ....

    I like the idea of encouraging interesting placement of champs -- as a way to get to know different champ's strengths. The proposed approach (if you follow through on it) won't accomplish that, which is incredibly disappointing.
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    Diversity across the whole alliance requires spreadsheets to be made. This is a game, not a second job.

    Keep this BS mechanic away. I can live with diversity per BG but per alliance is just stupid.
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    Diversity across the whole alliance requires spreadsheets to be made. This is a game, not a second job.

    Keep this BS mechanic away. I can live with diversity per BG but per alliance is just stupid.

    Diversity across whole alliance means 1 thing. Whoever can buy new champs will win AW by default. Doesnt matter even if its a 3*. We are going to see lots of 3* and 2* versions of new champs. We dont even have to call it wars anymore. Just give us Auto-Fight feature @Kabam Miike
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    Make war fun again! Want to make it a challenge? Give us a map with just 50 nodes all with defenders on them. Give the alliance placing defence the option to place node boosts where they like so attack has to think rather than set paths (46 set boosts to choose from as mini boss and boss fixed). Get rid of portals. Bring back defender kills. Keep scoring simple (map exploration, defender kills, attacker kills and boss kills). Draws can be settled on items used.
  • I haven't contemplated quiting when WP was nerfed, nor when 12.0 was launched, nor each time I pulled a 5star IP (4 times now...)...

    .... but I am seriously consider quitting over this.

    Isn't there a single part of this game that DOESN'T feel like a complete chore anymore?

    Future Fight's new update (Age of Apocalypse) just launched and blew our minds away. Is it perfect? No, not by a longshot, but it is refreshing and interesting and it gives you a ton of things to do, utilizing the vast majority of the champs you've acquired and ranked up .

    And here, we get THIS? And the soul-crashing chore that is 5.3?
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    Where can I get a 5* golden symbiod ? Even a nice cosmic for the enhanced fury node ? At least these would provide a suprise
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    I understand this as been asked but some have been lost in several page threads. I'm looking at putting in the time for my alliance to get some diversity in our defense, but before I do it would be good to know for sure if it's per battle group or the whole alliance. There is a lot more work to do depending on the answer. If Mike or a mod would be so kind enough to give a straight answer it would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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    Currently, it's per BG. But Kabam has just stated that that is not correct, and it should be per whole alliance. They said they will "fix" it, but not specified when.
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    #BringBackDefenderKillPoints - Make AW Great Again!
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    I am being as absolutely sincere as possible here. When things went so wrong with the nerf back in Spring, Kabam said something to the effect of REALLY listening to us from now on.

    And the more feedback I read, the more I see that players just don't like WHOLE CHUNKS of this new AW format. But honestly, the fixes seemed to be geared more towards what Kabam thinks is best for us, rather than what we think is best for ourselves.

    And it seems the players and the developers have always worked better as a Synergy, one making the other better.
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    I understand this as been asked but some have been lost in several page threads. I'm looking at putting in the time for my alliance to get some diversity in our defense, but before I do it would be good to know for sure if it's per battle group or the whole alliance. There is a lot more work to do depending on the answer. If Mike or a mod would be so kind enough to give a straight answer it would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Alright seriously! I made a new thread specifically so this wouldn't get lost in a several page threads and what do you do combine it with a 10 page thread. This means you read it and thought oh let's just bury it in this long thread instead of answering it.
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    Take affirmative action out of AW. If you want us to diversify our defense, make more champs viable for defense. We shouldn't have to use unqualified defenders just to meet quotas. Why don't you make us diversify attackers as well?

    At least with BG only diversity you can try and make a decent group of 50 evaders, tanks, and other defensive geared champs. Asking us to use every champ in the game for max points makes no sense whatsoever. We'd still get diversity within our own BG, which is all that matters.

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    How about sending out an in game message to everyone about the changes?????

    Not everyone is on these forums
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    Well, my post was deleted, I thought it was actually quite constructive.
    Why not just close it down?
    Oh well, they still need to make changes but I actually think they are going in the right direction.

    1) Bring defender kills back same score as an attacker kill
    2) Diversity is good, maybe adjust value down to 100 points per node instead of 150
    3) Node difficulty needs to increase a little, I actually think boosting health nodes on champs is a good idea, you have to play perfect longer.
    4) Get rid of all the linked nodes except for the a few micro bosses to mini bosses and mini bosses to main boss, let people run free, and increase portal variety so you can switch all over the map through out the various stages.
    5) Let people see the map and score, just make everything visible on the map. And let us see each others score, it is a War match you should know where you stand vs. your opponent at all times.
  • Thank you all for the continued feedback. We'll be keeping it all in mind as we move forward, and will keep an eye on Alliance Wars as time goes on to ensure that the mode stays healthy and fresh. If further adjustments are needed, we'll be sure to move on them as quickly as we can.

    Because there are so many of these threads popping up (even though this one was a bunch merged), I'm going to close this down and ask everybody to return to posting in the Alliance Wars Discussion threads stickied at the top of the page.
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    Well here is my 2 cents from a member of a top 3 alliance in the game regarding the war changes. I really don't mind them but these changes were brought about by the community and the countless threads demanding change to AW. Let me explain how I have come to this conclusion.

    1) My RNG sucks I have useless champ good for nothing in the game. This was a common thread on these forums, guess what that R3 5* hulkbuster is no longer useless even if he does not get defender kills cause he grants more defender rating then a 3/4* version.
    2) I am sick of the top alliances making shell alliances. This was also another common thread on these forums, well they have lowered the difficulty of the nodes so people no longer have to create shell alliances because the fight to 100% the map no longer costs more units then the rewards are worth (an equal work/reward ratio) and you can actually complete maps in the tier you should be in.
    3) the big alliances are fixing matchmaking to avoid each other. Another common complaint that is posted here quite often. Guess what with defender kills being removed, the map difficulty toned done to an equal reward/work ratio alliances no longer care about possibly missing a third war to avoid matchmaking each other. As an example MMX lost to A-H just recently (last night) so this new system can work in the under dogs favor if your smart.

    So in conclusion you guys complain Kabam doesn't listen but in matter of fact this current abomination we now have called war is because they listened and tried to address all the whiney self entitled children who frequent these forums. As the old saying goes "be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it".
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