Back Issues #5: Blood and Venom



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    i just randomly checked out the attack values LOL ... kudos to anyone who does completion and exploration. entering fights already at a huge disadvantage is crazy. some disadvantage sure but they still haven't found the sweet spot of what's an appropriate attack value, block damage etc

    a rule of thumb is that it's excessive when the values you have set for your summoners to obtain is double, triple sometimes even five times less that of the enemies you expect them to go up against. this is why compensation for Act 6 must be VALUE.

    this is from someone who has completed the content. i mean it's crazy the amount of skill involved yet sometimes getting comparable rewards is like pulling teeth.

    and yes ... power gain is always such a cheap, lack of design ideas node.

    and they haven't fixed the heavy to reset disperal charges yet. you may or may not get a reset after a heavy. not like it affects the fight though smh (sarcasm)
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    It’s pacify mastery or the global being activated that messes up with the resetting of Flux Dispersal (since people tend to stun then heavy).
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    @Kabam Miike I can't use the generic r3-4 gem on carnage, it won't let me select it, only the non-year restricted cosmic r3-4 gem. Is there a workaround?
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    I would say this is the best V so far.


    - super good rewards in general

    - for completion you gain 4-5 gem crystal, 5k 6* shards, 2-3 gen gems and a lot of gold (which is only 6 paths)

    - in most chap are more than a few easy paths

    - cheese is back on the menu, boys:
    in chap 2 with mystics that dont nulli
    buffs (Dr Voodo, Magik etc)

    - there are a few tricky fights but aside from that Mephisto with extra powergain nothing felt like **** (Maybe I just dont have a good enough counter or played bad, I even struggled with Claire)

    - they said the difficulty would increase (I think its the easiest V they made) / you can say "its only easy for you bc you have the perfect counter like doom, claire, magik, venom etc" and you are right but every V has champs that do very good.

    I had the key champs for every Varriant and if you look at it from the point that you have the best counters V5 is imo the easiest by far.

    There are maybe 4-5 hard lanes and non super annoying fight. Some chapters have 4 fights before the boss.

    - you use the least champion from every V

    - you cant bring strong synergies like Nick or Heimdal

    - Mystic class has the lowest champs (and a lot of champs that arent out for long = lower chance everyone has them)

    - V5 is suicide unfriendly (even tho I did it with "half suicides"/ Double Egde) I used Claire for that Void then and Magik is nice with Double Egde

    All in all:

    No extreme **** like V4 last chapter 3.2, V3 with that Rouge, very long lanes, a lot of hard matchups and some hard bosses, V2 with those ambushes, long lanes + some very tricky nodes and bosses (no need to talk about V1) + a lot better rewards!

    Best V so far in my opinion ( ofc thats only the case if you have the champs for it 🤷🏻‍♂️)
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    Just make another one... 😜

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    Finished exploring the this variant the other day. Overall it was really, really great. None of the fights I felt like they were just punishing. Everything in them was fun to do. Solid rewards for the effort. Got the tech t5cc I needed to take my 6* Guardian to r3 so very happy.
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    Only completion so far, exploration will wait until I pull or rank a few ideal champs.

    It was good fun, and I got to use a couple of champs I rarely do, Carnage and Guillotine which is always nice.
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    Overall this variant was solid. Couple of niche matchups but there are ways around them or really just straight through them if you bring someone able to bulldoze it.

    Overall like that the global buffs are useful but not required(as someone who has no ranked spider verse champs).

    Overall this seems like a fair look at what the later parts of cavalier difficulty could look like(maybe without the niche match ups).

    Those that think it too hard you probably aren’t ready. Also those comparing to past variants this one is supposed to be harder(kabam flat out said it). Rewards bump means harder content. It’s still easier the variant 1 was at release and likely still is easier than variant 1.

    More content like this please. Overall this month feels great because I’ve spent my time clearing events like this and on heralds verses auto fighting the lower levels of event quest for scraps.
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    Just starting to explore chapter 1 and looking at the nodes I noticed the above. 100 responsibility instead of 3??.
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    4 stars kick azz!
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    Why can't we use Sinister 6. They're technically Spider Verse aren't they?
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    Bomeister said:

    Why can't we use Sinister 6. They're technically Spider Verse aren't they?

    Because it says spiderverse heroes. Sinister six are not heroes.
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    Attack values are way too high, a single missed parry equals death. The fights are fine, nodes are fine, but these attack values are 17k+ which you've already admitted is excessive. The number of fights is lower meaning you can just restart the path over and over until you don't make a single mistake but it's just not fun when a single mistake = death. This was the same issue with the middle to end of Act 6, insane attack values that punish everything except intercepts.
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    Sinister Six tagged champs are looking at V5 and feeling worse about themselves right now
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 2,639 ★★★★★

    Sinister Six tagged champs are looking at V5 and feeling worse about themselves right now

    I'm sure their time to shine in a future variant will come.
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    I fully explored this and V1 the other day to take advantage of the gold boost.

    It was mostly a great experience. Worst path for me was the Power Shield/Burden of Might path with Nick Fury, but I’ve gone through worse. Rest of it didn’t feel as much like a money grab.

    I also felt like the global “boosts” for each chapter were mostly worthless and I’m honestly not even entirely sure if they were working properly since I couldn’t tell any difference at all from chapter to chapter. My R5 sig 200 Venom seemed to perform the same whether he had the boost or not.

    It also seemed like a lot of the nodes used in chapters were set up to purposely counteract abilities for the champs that were supposed to be used for that chapter.

    Overall, it was good (not great) content for great rewards.

    V1, on the other hand ... PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN.

    It was the longest, most arduous and burdensome content I’ve ever completed on this game, and the rewards already feel very outdated.

    The only reason I did it was to say that I did and I don’t feel it was worth it.

    Pure torture.
  • Great
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    I've done a few test runs and find it more than I can handle without a ton of items. Also don't have the champs for. I'll concentrate on act 6 and monthly/side events for a bit instead.

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