Bans for Exploiting Bugs [MERGED THREADS]



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    IKON said:

    If no employees are at a store, does it become OK to take the products?

    Not a good analogy because a store would still press charges even if you stole 1, or 2 things. Kabam's not banning anyone for doing 1 or 2 extra, so try again.
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    Read TOS, and running it 6 times deserves a ban for sure
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    Unio77 said:



    I'd say that nearly everyone has exploited some game mechanic in their MCOC lifetime. Does everyone get punished? No.
  • They banned the allys to with that desition....all of those that talk in favor of kabam they have a 45 lvl account...we pay a lot of money to lose the season cause KABAMS ban is faster than aegons bug to be fixed....this is disrespect to the allys that be punished without reason....
  • Take the items AWAY PROBLEM SOLVED
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    Lmao said:

    Keniutek said:

    168hrs for 10, 12, 15 AG's or few k units is nothing.
    Still... LOL :P

    Actually Kabam is removing all the extra items so...
    What about the people that used some? I know people that got 5 or 6 awakening gems and used then knowing Kabam screwed up. Will they roll back the champs as well?
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    If u see the chest when it states one time rewards dont go again simple and u wouldnt of gotten a ban
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