Bans for Exploiting Bugs [MERGED THREADS]



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    you are also losing the shards.
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    Yes, it seemed like a great way to get shards before it was fixed. What actually went through my mind was: I better grind as many of these as I can if I want to stay a top level player.
  • I have no skin in the game here but the analogy of taking items from an unmanned store is wrong. In many of these cases, it would be more like buying a package of many items, and after getting home, realizing there’s more than you expected. Or some may just think it’s the correct amount.
    This could apply to anyone who ran it a few extra times and didn’t run it 10-20 times

    IKON said:

    If no employees are at a store, does it become OK to take the products?

    Not a good analogy because a store would still press charges even if you stole 1, or 2 things. Kabam's not banning anyone for doing 1 or 2 extra, so try again.
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    It says that this is against the terms of service in the most unexpected place possible: The terms of service
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    Read TOS, fair is fair
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    Keniutek said:

    168hrs for 10, 12, 15 AG's or few k units is nothing.
    Still... LOL :P

    Actually Kabam is removing all the extra items so...
    What about the people that used some? I know people that got 5 or 6 awakening gems and used then knowing Kabam screwed up. Will they roll back the champs as well?
    YEp, and they can also add negative items like the negative units before.
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    I'd say that nearly everyone has exploited some game mechanic in their MCOC lifetime. Does everyone get punished? No.
    @Notsavage19 I was speaking about this situation but yeah what you said is also true
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