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New Arena Structure Feedback



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    TrapshawTrapshaw Posts: 23
    I ranked up about 60-70 3 Star Champs for the 3 Star Arena. Why 3 Stars? Because they need the resources you dont need for 5 Stars. They feel pretty useless in the new System.

    4 Stars are the Champs you need at least (for the low tier arena) - and bringing 4 Stars to max level need the same resources than 5 Stars - i think thats bad for mid-tier Player. I had a small motivation to grind the lower difficulties every month to rank up my 3 Stars... i think this motivation is lost. i wont upgrade 4 stars and waste resources i can invest in 5 Stars.
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    GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★
    It was already shared in here, but I really want to you see it.


    I don`t agree 100% with Mike. But I do agree with the basic structure of how he wants to set it up. Would be a great change.
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    _knoxy1_knoxy1 Posts: 6
    It really isn’t great. Not at all fair for pre-uncollected players and not at all fair for uncollected+ players with small rosters. I am cav and I have nowhere near a large enough roster to grind out the same amount of milestones as before (I never did all of them, maybe 4 or 5 on each?). Even if I were to do 4 or 5 on each now, I’d still receive fewer units because the 15 units on 3rd milestone+ has been removed (a huge misstep imo) AND it would take me so much more time (time that I don’t have).

    Don’t get me wrong, allowing people to get 6*s from arena is a great idea, and obviously the 6*s are going to be difficult to get (i.e., this new structure is pretty good for 6* features/basic), I just don’t understand why the 4* basic/featured had to be removed? I would be perfectly happy with these changes if the original 4* arenas (with unchanged milestones, apart from gmc shards, they’re a nice addition) were added back for ALL players (both pre- and post-uncollected). I would imagine these thoughts are reflected by many.
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    anirbanchangderanirbanchangder Posts: 2
    make the arenas like incursions...the number of 6 stars will determine how much you need to put up for the same ammount of units....the ammount of units will be the same for a simple cav player and a massive whale thronebreaker player but let's just divide the unit based milestones like incursion zones.
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    MAERvelGODMAERvelGOD Posts: 322 ★★★
    Kruxify said:

    my roster of 89 capped 3 stars just became useless. I used to use them to grind those low units, some extra gold, and a guaranteed 3 star champ each week.

    I have roughly 35-40 capped 2*s & 95 capped 3*s that I specifically put my resources into for the exact same purpose of grinding for Milestones in the 1*/2* & 2*/3* Arenas for some units, battlechips and the new Featured 3* Champ for 640K

    And now, those MAXED out 2s & 3s are completely worthless, AND, for 6.25M, I'll NEVER see another new Featured 3* Champ and that's the worst part for me, because I'm a Champion Collector and every 2 weeks, I've never missed getting the new Champion as a 3* for every Arena for the last 2 years, and now that's all SHOT
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    DemonicStalkerDemonicStalker Posts: 306 ★★
    I have 180 5* and 114 6*

    Here's my 2 cents:

    1) Always takes me 4 hrs (out of 72 hrs) to hit 12m milestone and another 4 hrs of arena to reach 25m and hit 1-5% bracket (if im not lazy). Now that the milestone is 16.5m, it will take me 5 hrs to hit milestone of 1 arena..and another 5 hrs for the other. Players who don't have my size of roster will only earn half (1 arena rewards). How is that better?

    2) If i were to hit milestones of both arenas, which reward bracket will i be in? If i choose to focus on 1 arena, i will definitely hit the higher ranked rewards, but i will lose on free units and battlechips from milestones from the other arena. so it's a question of rank rewards vs bc+units. How is that better?

    3) milestone rewards.. grandmaster shards? no pun intended, r u guys serious?! I once suggested rotate level 2 revives and level 4 health pots each milestone ..players will b way happier than getting gm shards..

    4) rank rewards.
    1% - 5%: 5k 5* and 1k 6*
    6% - 10%: 3k 5* and 500 6*
    11% - 30%: 1k 5* and 250 6*

    For those outside the top 500.. probably with 5* and 6* rosters larger than mine, grinding out just for 1k 6*... 1 month of drlling not even 1 6* basic crystal...how is that better?

    Here's my suggestion:
    1% - 5%: 5k 5* and 2k 6*
    6% - 10%: 4k 5* and 1.4k 6*
    11% - 30%: 3k 5* and 800 6*
    31% - 60%: 2k 5* and 250 6*
    61% - 100%: 1k 5* and 500 gm shards

    Just make the grind worth the time.

    5) Reduce the refresh timer for both 5* and 6* by 2 to 2.5 hours.

    6) For both arenas, 1st to final milestone, 20 units each milestone..
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    TeamTony616TeamTony616 Posts: 41
    edited May 2021
    I was quite excited for the change when announced but the change live is really not an improvement to the arena system. Before we had multiple different arenas where you didn't need to grind all the milestones to get a decent number of units. People could do so with 4*s 5*s or 6* if they so chose.

    While the rewards are buffed, dispersing the units the way they are now means that you need to hit pretty much all milestones (33 million points between two arenas now). People who used the arena for units have to spend 3 to 4 times more time grinding to get these units.

    I saw the rewards breakdown and didn't even attempt it because I don't have that kind of time - which in turn affects my progression because I am a (mostly) free to play player and that is the main way I get my units. By fusing all the arenas into 2, you have given an advantage to people with big 6* rosters, who already had an advantage to begin with, as for everyone else it will take a ridiculous amount of time to get the units they were there for. That means most people, who already found arena quite taxing, will simply not engage with that content - and, again, lose their main way of getting units.
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    OhDear2015OhDear2015 Posts: 19
    edited May 2021
    WOW, literally we need to grind twice as much for gaining the same units as before!

    It is pretty like the buff of Black Panther. Sounding sick but annoying at 2nd glance.

    Please update the arena (and BP). Really just a tiny tuning is needed for both!

    And while typing my very first comment into the forum -> give as well Clint finally the respect he deserves.
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    aarushr12aarushr12 Posts: 10

    Greetings Summoners!

    Today, we kick off the brand new Arena System that reduces the number of Arenas and introduces 6-Star Featured Champions, as well as 5 and 6-Star Basic Heroes.

    If you remember when we tried to eliminate deathmatches in the Arena, it's not always possible for us to predict how a change to Arenas will affect Summoners, so we're setting up this thread for your feedback and to report any issues!

    These new Arenas may alter the Arena experience, and while some change and alteration of behaviour is to be expected, if there is anything you feel is too different or difficult, we'd like to know.

    Please do not use this thread to discuss potential Arena Cutoffs. While we want to hear opinions on those as well, this thread is about the actual experience of playing in the new Arenas.

    Also, please note that the "Infinite Streak" method is not being altered, but since there is no actual concrete method to achieve that, it will continue to change as more Summoners obtain more of the new highest Rank of Champions.

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    aarushr12aarushr12 Posts: 10
    I am totally disappointed. What you thinking kabam. Developers are not thinking about majority players in this game.
    Majority of players in this game are F2P and their basic source of units is arena and you guys cut it off.
    I have only 20 around 6* so tell me how could be i grind this arena and collect units for quest completion.
    Please increase units quantity and decrease the milestones scores.
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    Mahlas13Mahlas13 Posts: 10

    Kavya30 said:

    16.5M for one is too much and I am a milestone grinder. I will not be able to grind for 33M. Just can’t. As an FTP, guess my hopes for July 4th are in the trash

    I'm Curious: Prior to these Changes, how many Milestones across all of the Arenas did you used to complete? If you don't remember that, do you remember how many Units approx you'd earn from Milestones per Arena run?

    Our goal is to keep the effort roughly the same, but of course, with reducing the number of Arenas, that's going to be difficult. With the change of the rarities allowed in each Arena, the points are definitely going to be different, but we want to keep the effort roughly the same.

    If that's not the case, we want to know! We won't know that on the first day or possibly even the first run, but please keep the feedback coming.
    For my arena rutin. İ haven't used
    2* 35 series
    3* 35 series
    4* 40 series
    4*f 40 series
    5* 60 series
    It's totally 210 series for whole milestones. The amount of credits are same 535.
    In New arena system I csbt reach whole milestones with 210 serials. In addition this system need to played like so many times in a time like morning afternoon and evening. Old system doesn't need to. Except 5* arena. Well can endure the other arena less or sometimes we want and it can be end.

    You need to solve the problem of 2 same arena requirements. Most of players don't haven't enough 6* roster to grind arena and reach whole milestones.

    I offer you to not allow to 6* heroes basic 6* arena and lover the max milestones.
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    padamsatishpadamsatish Posts: 7
    I'm near to my Cavalier. So please just revert what u have done to nerf arenas. I'm unable to collect good amount of units now.
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    chowdhurychowdhury Posts: 1
    I am a new uncollected player. So, I don't have many 5* champs. Also I don't have any 6* champs. Previously I can able to grind the 3* featured, 4* basic, 4* featured and some initial milestones of 5* featured. But now I can only grind summoner advancement arena and few initial milestones of 6* arenas. So, as a ftp player I can grind very little amount of units from these arenas compared to previous one. I am very disappointed with this change.
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    Levvyzz_OPLevvyzz_OP Posts: 14
    Whoa, 4
    jamslam said:

    I wouldn't mind doing the extra milestones on that 1-4* arena if the total units was the same as what I would have gotten from doing 2*, 3* and 4* basic arenas previously

    Exactly, but also for the same amount of time...
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    LorddrewLorddrew Posts: 297 ★★
    Wiredawg1 said:

    This is NOT a quality of life improvement at all. A lot more work and time in arenas for 5 more units? Not sure how you think this improves our arena experience. It’s going to discourage people from doing arena

    Arena is the only pain of this game, some current content need units for revives or flashes to finish. I don’t enjoy arena at all.

    This update don’t benefit the major player base who actually need the unit to progress in the game or have a chance with new cavalier.

    Please make the max milestone lower let’s say 6m?
    Or double the units. I don’t know this doesn’t feel rewarding at all. The game doesn’t make sense anymore for the time invested, what are your audience the top 5% who can actually clear this? Who don’t even grind for new content?

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    Shahid_SaleemiShahid_Saleemi Posts: 15
    More time consuming and less rewards. Please Undo it to previous arena system. Not every player able to spend lots of money on Units. Some like me just buys special deals because of financial issues
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    Fb2killnewFb2killnew Posts: 43
    IMO, it's become more hectic than previous arena structure, it took me only 2 days to collect all milestones from 4* basic, 4* featured, 5* featured. playing 2 times a day 3 hours max and done. easy game easy life.
    now it's impossible for some players having limited roster and grind more out of it, can't run parallel, needs to
    re-arrange arena system.
    further-more i'm planning my first abyss path in upcoming months. it has become more stressful than previous one!
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    ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,805 ★★★★★
    I like the change in general, but Arena has been my main way of generating units (especially since I've moved to run Cav difficulty each month, which doesn't have any units in it). I like the setup of a basic and featured arena where you can chase after 5 and 6*s, but I've never had the roster to do that so I've always just grinded the milestones for the units. In the old system, I had a bunch of different arenas where I could use a bunch of different champs which allowed me to grind out a fair amount of the milestone rewards.

    With two arenas requiring 6* champs (sure, you *can* use 4 or 5*s but that'll take an ungodly amount of time), I suddenly only have the roster to focus on one. I haven't done the math precisely, but it feels like I'm putting in way more effort for way fewer units. Add in how you're immediately stumbling upon opponents with 6r3s - which was okay in the 6* arena before, but is more difficult now when you have to use your lower-level champs alongside your 6*s - and I found it quite difficult to even get a decent win streak going.

    One change that could potentially be good would be to tweak the milestone rewards a little. If we have 16 milestones with units spread out over all of them now, maybe spread those units out over the initial 10 and then have 6 milestones more oriented toward grind-ready endgame players. Fewer units, but maybe a Cav crystal and some resources spread out over those last milestones? I don't know, it would just be nice to be able to have the same access to the previous amounts of units that arena offered me, which I don't feel is the case right now (after, admittedly, only a brief period of testing).
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    The new Arena System is not good. Only Players with extremely much 6 Star Champs can reach all Milestones. Rank rewards are impossible for uncollected or kavalier Players. Please go to the old System back KABAM 🙌
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    BenavideZZBenavideZZ Posts: 11
    The arena structure ie not bad but the issue is that now r3 5stars face deathmathes and the amaunt of battle chips seem a lot lower then previously for the lower milestones the same goes for units
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    Sburton670Sburton670 Posts: 53
    I'm not impressed with new arenas. I have grinded the arenas for 5 years and how I see it is I have to put in the time into arenas for units to progress in game or be rich witch I'm not..dont feel like putting in the time no more for less units witch means i wont be online as much now
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    GreenemeaneyGreenemeaney Posts: 11
    The recent arena update has destroyed the hopes and dreams of new uncollected players. Most of my roster consists of maxed 3*'s and low level 4*'s. Totally not worth the grind. Way too time-consuming. The milestones are too ridiculous for me to even want to play arena. I love that we can now get grandmaster shards, but the game has been ruined for me. Just another update that focuses on getting people to pay money.
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    Spider_MagzSpider_Magz Posts: 1
    edited May 2021
    I feel like I'm the only player who's gonna say this, but.. I'm UC, and my roster isn't that developed, there are so many champs that I don't have as a 4* or higher, others I don't have at all, so I sometimes enjoyed using my 3* champs to go for the 3* featured champ.

    On one hand, it kept things a bit fresh for me and I got to use champs I can't use in other content, on the other, I get to add another new champ to my roster, even as a 3*, at least I get to try them out a little, and maybe even use them all to do the infinite streak for the 4* basic.

    I also have the same concerns others have regarding the milestones, hopefully Kabam is listening and will actually improve things this time.
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    MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 576 ★★
    Classic Kabam, implement a feature and then request feedback instead of asking the players first that we may change the arenas and here are the options. What do you think it the best and any issues with it. Such a waste of time and money.
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