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New Arena Structure Feedback



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    JoebitoJoebito Posts: 2

    Joebito said:

    So I tried the new arena today and got Falcon 3* and 4* as milestones. My 3* was already at 99 sig so I could not tell how much sig I could have gotten.

    However, the 4* sig level went up just 1 measly point. Yes that is right, 1 point. 2.25 million points for a 1 sig 4* increase. That is so lame, very disappointing really. Getting 4* shards takes much less effort and gives out 20 sig points for dupes. I have absolutely no more interest in this lame change of the arena.

    And 6.25 million points for a featured 3* when it was 640k. What are you thinking?

    Kabam, you messed this up big time and you know it.
    You are pandering to the top 100 players and not listening to the mid and low tier players. Your fanbase will start to dwindle because of this, as so many players grind the arenas.

    Dude, the basic arena always gave a basic hero which only adds one sig level. That was in the announcement and that's the way it's always worked.
    True, one of my team members told me that. I do not grind unless for new champions I do not have. Never grinded to increase sig, that was my first. First time I get a 4* grinding in Arenas and was surprised by the 1 sig level. Will never grind for sig anymore.
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    MSLMSL Posts: 20
    This new arena structure gonna waste so much of our time may be reduce basic arena to half but keep same total rewards
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    Yo_the_dewilYo_the_dewil Posts: 6
    Introducing 4 stars in the milestones is great but the amount of units is less. Earlier for 1.5 m we used to get 130 units but now for 4 million only 55 units? Nah
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    KruxifyKruxify Posts: 16
    2_Wheeler said:

    At a glance, the milestones are way too high, A standard cavalier player probably has around 40 6 stars

    Yes, the milestones are too high. No, the standard cav player does not have around 40 6 stars. I'm about to be Thronebreaker and I have 11. I'd say the average cav, and not thronebreaker player has between 5 and 10
    Don’t forget not everyone is Cavalier.
    I got cav in February and have a total of 6.
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    Garry1001Garry1001 Posts: 1
    The change is very bad...
    We need to point 35M to reach all milestone....
    How we can complete both arena 16.5M with the same team or same Point score
    It is unfair to us
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    Jkb13006Jkb13006 Posts: 1
    edited May 2021
    I am not a fan of it because am barely uncollected and I have only 1 6* for arena points and so that makes me have no chance at getting the rank rewards, I would be lucky to even get the 4* champion from the milestones. I would suggest making the 6* arena for cav and thronebreakers and making a seperate one for uncollected with lower reward milestones.
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    TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★

    I've never seen the community so unanimous against these changes. You know it's that bad.

    It was the same when hood underwent changes, and they fixed a bug in it.
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    MrInsanityMrInsanity Posts: 1,539 ★★★★

    I've never seen the community so unanimous against these changes. You know it's that bad.

    It was the same when hood underwent changes, and they fixed a bug in it.
    Even with the hood buff, there were some people saying they liked the new Hood better
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    MightyDanzMightyDanz Posts: 2
    I believe that milestones should change in the featured and basic arenas as you gain more 5*/6* champs similar to how you unlock incursion crystals but instead of unlocking new crystals the milestone point amounts are raised. I have no problems with the rank rewards though you all did a great job on that in my opinion.
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    TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    edited May 2021
    I hope the intern who will have to collate all the responses on this thread has the stomach to do it.
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    ruthlessrellikruthlessrellik Posts: 24
    I agree with a lot of the comments about the milestones. It's very difficult to achieve those numbers for a lot of players.

    I want to add though that these arenas are nearly impossible to compete in with death matches involved both working up to the infinite streak and beyond them. You've gotta have 30 champs ranked up to rank as a 5 star or leveled up 6 stars at rank 1. Then after that you can only use champs with a pi higher than 6k. That limits so many rosters for lower ranked players. It's really disappointing.
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    Darksniper240Darksniper240 Posts: 222 ★★★
    It's pretty ridiculous to go from being able to infinite streak the bottom 3 arenas for an easy 270 units plus tons of battle chips, to being able to streak the new summoner trials for 140 units and kamikaze (because I just hit cav and have 5 R4's and 2 R5's) my way through one of the 6 star arenas and hopefully be able to get another 65 units if I'm lucky. So 205 units and even less battle chips for even more grinding.

    Take it from the perspective of a developing uncollected/cav and seeing that they can take their 4 stars into these arenas. They will come to realize two things pretty quickly...1) That using 4 stars in this arena is pointless as it would take some 50 rounds just to hit the ranked rewards....2) That anything less than a max 4 star gets you a death squad. This last one makes you feel super crappy and pretty much drove me to quitting the arena I was working on tonight.

    But hey, Subnautica Below Zero comes out tomorrow so thanks for giving me a break to go play that while you guys work out this "more rewarding and freeflowing" experience you have given us (wordage straight from the dev diary).
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    Super_Bolbol33Super_Bolbol33 Posts: 1
    The new arena milestone are way too much for a mid tier player like myself with only few 6* at rank one. There is no difference between the basic and featured arena aside from the champs. Which leave a mid tier player to only choose one of them to play, with very little rewards, due to the fact that I could only achieve a few milestones. Which makes arena even more boring and less rewarding. I like the feeling of achieving a lot of milestones. A solution would be a change to the basic arena with less milestones and thus less rewards (such as no 6* camps and only 6* shards), to cater to mid tier players/grinders.
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    TheBroskySlayTheBroskySlay Posts: 21
    I was nervous that while it was said “there will be more units, just packed into less arena”, what really would be meant was “you’re going to have to have more of the top tier champions and grind even longer to the same amount of units”.

    Unfortunately, this severely hurts the vast majority of players.

    I’m free to play, I’m the one breaker, I have completed most content, I earn about 2-3 6* per month. But even I won’t be able to get close to the same amount of resources from arena that I used to get.

    I would recommend compressing the majority of prizes to the lower milestones. And for the heavy grinders out some extra Battle chips, gold, and Crystal shards perhaps down further.
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    Lestat2499Lestat2499 Posts: 274 ★★★
    Honestly this change has not improved the QOL for players. It has done the opposite. It has also now discouraged some of the newer players as they cannot compete. I’m not sure how this is any type of improvement. And I used to spend lots of time in the 6* arena putting up 22 or 23 mill. Can’t see myself doing that anymore.
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    PulliPulli Posts: 116
    My feedback;

    People grind in the arenas for different reasons, which pretty much just comes down to wanting the top champ, or just grinding for the milestones.

    That being said I think the two following things should be implemented;

    More arena choices.

    Seeing that there are now over 200 playable characters in the game, we need more choices to be able to get certain characters that we want as either three four five and six stars. If there are more choices available, then I think we would see more people in the arena, grinding for any specific champ that they want or need. (Especially if it's a good champ) this is just something that I want to see happen in the game because I find it very motivating to get into the arena because we now have a better chance at getting a champion that we are grinding for. You might think that there will be some complications from this but this is where the second step comes in.

    Link arena rewards

    With the new system, it is much harder to get all the milestones which were easier to get in the previous arena style. If we can combine the arena milestones across all arenas then people wouldn't have to think about doing all arenas to get all milestones. (Since the unit load from last arena style is pretty much the same as the new arena style.)

    What I mean from this change is keeping the milestones that are currently in place for the six star arenas as of this moment, but increasing the unit loads so that they are the same as the current arena style. (Capping at 540 units)

    This way nobody can get more than 540 units.

    The way that this would work is let's say there are five arenas. (All featuring six stars for the top 100 spots, as we have it right now). The milestones are the same across all five arenas, but let's say you are in one arena and claim the milestone rewards, they are also "claimed" in the other arenas. (Except the three and four stars in those arenas which the person would have to go into that arena to get)

    Where the first milestone would give let's say 15 units, that exact milestone is checked in all of the other arenas, but you only get 15 units. This way you would have no one going into other arenas in order to get more units, they would be capped.

    When the new arenas came out I was really hoping that we would have more choices. (Character wise) and I was a little disappointed by the outcome, but I understand the direction you came in for a milestone/rewards perspective.

    I just hope that we can have more character selections to choose from in the arena while you Kabam, make sure that everyone can get the exact rewards that they grind for, no matter which arena they're in.

    I hope this makes sense, and I think it would be a really good way to handle the arenas.
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    Bkay69Bkay69 Posts: 4
    my biggest gripe with the new arena is that I play for units and shards to make my account stronger and try to push towards becoming uncolleted but with the unit's and shard's being reduced it makes it harder for me to progress and get iso-8 also it invalidates every thing under 4 star
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    Lestat2499Lestat2499 Posts: 274 ★★★
    I wonder who on the development team actually thought this would make things better for players. They can’t actually play the game. Right. They must just be looking at dots on a screen to think this is an improvement.
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    TatteshwarTatteshwar Posts: 199 ★★★
    Kruxify said:

    Hey everybody, thank you all for your feedback. We're hearing a lot about the Milestones (which is great), but if you have any other feedback, like on matches/deathmatches etc., please make sure to share that too.

    Additionally, please keep your feedback constructive. If you do or don't like something, tell us why. I've cleaned up a lot of posts that tell us how they feel, but not what the reason is. Actionable feedback is always best, and to get to that, we need to understand the concern itself.

    Thank you all for all the thoughts and feedback so far. Keep it coming!

    You've completely taken away the viability of 3 star rosters for getting units and gold from arenas. You also completely stripped 4 star basics from the lower tier players. Over the last year, you could easily get the 4 star basic champ, using 4 stars, at about 1.6-1.8 million points. Now, you need a good 6 star roster to do that.

    On top of that, your comments about how there are now more units packed into less arenas just shows how you only care about the top 10% of players. Most of us will never see those points because we simply don't have the rosters. You've taken away content from the vast majority of the player base.

    Oh, also, you threatened us in game last week in our mail. Let's not forget that. That was about the most tasteless thing I've seen in a while.
    I was taking this comment extremely hard and hard aggreeing with everything until the last paragraph 😂😂😂😂🤭😂😂
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    Mase1127Mase1127 Posts: 60 ★★
    edited May 2021

    Hey everybody, thank you all for your feedback. We're hearing a lot about the Milestones (which is great), but if you have any other feedback, like on matches/deathmatches etc., please make sure to share that too.

    Additionally, please keep your feedback constructive. If you do or don't like something, tell us why. I've cleaned up a lot of posts that tell us how they feel, but not what the reason is. Actionable feedback is always best, and to get to that, we need to understand the concern itself.

    Thank you all for all the thoughts and feedback so far. Keep it coming!

    Not what the reason is? Nearly every post is talking about that. It is mind boggling that Kabam didn’t do basic math on the rewards of the old arena system and use that data to balance the new ones. Arena grinders mainly do it for units and battle chips because so few can actually get the top champ rank rewards. The reason is that the rewards are a massive step BACK.

    I’m not going to break it down again for you. Maybe watch Rich’s video and educate yourselves.

    Additionally, why do 6* arena grinders need GM shards? The players with rosters to slam all these milestones are doing it with large 6*’rosters...... again, tone deaf.

    Functionally, they seem to be working well in terms of match ups and champs throwing specials early in the streak etc.

    I ran through a full cycle of my 75 6* champs with little issue. Just got rewarded less than before for it.

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    Rahul88Rahul88 Posts: 5
    I am a caviliar player and I does not have big roster of 5* and 6*.I am also not arena grinder but I complete first two milestone for unit.but new arena's milestone are to high for me it take 12-15 round for first milestone. I am f2p player so arena is main option to collect unit but now I can't collect unit from new arena.😰
    Hope kabam understand this
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    MrPotatoeheadMrPotatoehead Posts: 9
    This change to arenas will not make me grind more. But less. Like Sunday-arena-and-that’s-it-kind-of-less.

    Why not just remove arenas all together and force payers to pay cash up-front. That would be a more respectable than this ”update”.

    Arenas works. AW doesn’t.
    But arenas is where you overhaul things. Why? Peopl spend more units on wars i guess.

    Kabam - try to create fun things. I like fun. I will spend for fun. That’s how i work. Instead you implement these blatanly greedy changes, effectively showing FTP players the door. Cause **** em.
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    JSCOYJSCOY Posts: 4
    Without a huge roster, grinding this arena is impossible. You have to scale the milestone properly. Units are the most valuable currency which we get from arena. So try to revamp the milestones in such a manner that a player with low roster also can achieve it. A good amount of rewards are not there anymore for progressing players.
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    SaichanderSaichander Posts: 10
    New arena sucks takes more to grind and has less units it's a total fail hope changes will come
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    jamslamjamslam Posts: 9
    Here's what I was doing:

    2* arena all milestones 2x a week: 130 units
    3* arena all milestones 2x a week: 130 units
    4* basic all milestones 2x a week: 270 units

    530 units a week + battlechips, under the new format I am going to get 140 units 2x a week, so I am losing out on about 250 units a week and my 2/3* which I invested resources into are now essentially useless. Without a consistent way to get units it will significantly hinder my progress in this game as I haven't had much luck pulling great 5* champs and units gives me the ability to take the champs I do have knowing I will probably die a few times and can revive my way through the content on the really hard fights.

    It's unbelievable and I am sure it has a lot of players weighing up whether or not they want to keep playing this game.
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    KruxifyKruxify Posts: 16
    my roster of 89 capped 3 stars just became useless. I used to use them to grind those low units, some extra gold, and a guaranteed 3 star champ each week.
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