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New Arena Structure Feedback



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    BossyBumblebeeBossyBumblebee Posts: 17
    Thank you for giving me a reason to stop grinding and play less. My family loves seeing my face. But seriously, please just take away the death matches. Just dont let the difficulty increase. I have to face 6r3 with 4 stars. Thats unfair.
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    Silent_ChampionSilent_Champion Posts: 3
    Yeah... Highly unimpressed by the new arena structure. As has been said already, more times than I care to count, the new featured & basic arenas are unreasonable for anyone without a developed 6* roster. That's thronebreaker content, maybe late cavalier, not uncollected. And the new summoner trials? Oof. New players will look at the arena once and never come back.
    Potential fix, without just returning to the old structure?
    Start by merging the basic and featured arenas. Stagger the milestone 3&4* champions, bring the final milestone down to 10 million, and double the units per milestone. Then, split the summoner trials. Nix 1*s from the 3v3 arenas altogether, maybe even make them the only ones that can be used in 1v1 quickmatches. New players (say, up to act 3 completion - whichever title that is) can use 2&3*s to get 2* crystals and premium shards from milestones, top ranked being 3* crystals. Upon completing act 3, unlock a mid-tier arena using 3&4*s to get premium shards and ultimate crystals, with 4* crystals in top ranked rewards.

    Oh, and nexus crystals at least for the ranked is a great idea.
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    WolterAWolterA Posts: 1
    The amount of units is way to low Per milestone and this change is going to screw over free to play players big time.

    Also 2* and 3* champs are now more or less useless for Arena...sucks to have been leveling those up specifically for arena now
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    BossyBumblebeeBossyBumblebee Posts: 17
    I have like 12 six stars, so yeah this new arena is a bad think for me.
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    KaituKaitu Posts: 3
    edited May 2021
    I like the new structure but honestly this is not a quality of life changes at all, this will take more and more time than before to grind.
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    RC51RC51 Posts: 199
    edited May 2021
    My results of my first pass in the Shang-Chi arena:

    Used all of my 6⭐️ once (63).
    First few rounds to get to the 3x multiplier, I used 4r1's.
    First three 3x multiplier rounds, used a team of three 6r3 twice and a team of 6r2 once.
    Fourth 3x multiplier round, used 1x 6r2 + 2x 6r1.
    Win streaks 10, 11, and 12, used my 9-lowest PI 6r1's.
    Streaks 13 and on, used all 6r1's, starting at highest PI teams, to lowest PI teams.
    Haven't gotten any death matches yet.

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    Brandino34Brandino34 Posts: 8
    Here is my unbiased opinion. I haven't read this thread yet, also I haven't ran a full 3 days of arenas to give me a true feel for what I have been used to the last few years. This opinion is just based on looking at the reward structure and it's hard to get a good grasp on things just by reading a chart, I'm more of a hands on type of person.
    That being said based on what im seeing im gonna get far less rewards for the amount of time I spend and my roster. I am thronebreaker and I have 23 6 stars. These arena seem to base the rewards off somebody having a stacked roster. I think new players, players who dont spend a lot of money, and people who dont do war are affected negatively by the "improved arena" personally i want more new players to join the game and continue playing and this doesn't help that. I dont spent a ton of money on the game but it's a big slap in the face to see this is how my money is being spent. I would rather the money be spent on fancy vacations lol.
    So my feeling is this is geared more at the big spenders and us little guys are feeling the negative side effects. My opinion may change in 2 days after the arena has ended but first glance is negative feelings. I would much rather have units than a grandmaster crystal. 2 years ago a grandmaster crystal would be cool. Unless you plan on tripling the rate we acquire 6 stars its gonna be 2 years before I can complete a successful arena grind.
    Also one thing I want to say is I understand you cant make everyone happy. Just because it doesnt benefit me, if more people are benefited positively this is a good change. I'm just one person in a huge player base. I fully understand that you have to do what's best for everybody, not just what's best for me.
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    GentleGrizzlyGentleGrizzly Posts: 27
    Before it would take me 2 runs of my 5* R3 and up and all of my 6*s to get the max milestones in the 5* featured arena. Then run my 5*s in the 5* basic arena 3 or 4 times. While it’s still possible for me to reach all the milestones, it will take almost all 3 days of playing every refresh. While I don’t mind that, I couldn’t imagine those with a lesser roster. See the problem they are having the lack of 6*s. The fact that we need 16.5m for both arenas and both take 6,5,4*s is a problem because you have to choose which to use your 6*s in then it makes it unlikely to complete the other arena. I don’t know how you guys could fix this, but a few recommendations would be lowering the star levels for the arenas. Maybe 1,2,3 for summoner trials, 3,4,5 for basic, and 4,5,6 for featured. Of course this would require adjusting the milestones. Even if you make it easier for small roster summoners, I’m not sure how it would effect larger roster players because they are going to get the milestones regardless if it’s changed or not. I’m not sure how long it would take or if you all at kabam will even consider the criticism from everyone here. But I hope you all there read all these comments and try to understand what players with less rosters are going though. I hope we can find a quick fix that suits even players with lesser rosters.
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    KruxifyKruxify Posts: 16
    Just 3 months ago this was suggested as a new arena overhaul idea. It was completely different, bold, and probably would tick some people off, but it was at least well thought out. Instead we get hot garbage.

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    WolvSDWolvSD Posts: 42
    Easiest solution is to increase the multiplier: scores will increase enough that no one will complain about the milestones, battlechip increase, a little gold increase.

    Also it’s about time to update/upgrade the arena crystal boost. ASAP
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    Sid14Sid14 Posts: 1
    I get that arenas are changing but I still feel no one should have to put up 6.25 million points to acquire a 3* rarity of the newly released champion. Let's say if this month Shang chi wasn't available to everyone for free via the game inbox, then for someone to even acquire the 3* version of the champ, I'd have to grind a significant number to get to the 6.25 million milestone. Pls atleast try to address and change this
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    AlexBossuAlexBossu Posts: 146
    You should have an arena to be easily grinded with 3*, one with 4*, one with 5* and one with 6*, so all the roaster to be useful. As a rarely grinder of arenas, I can say this milestones are astronimical, as I grind for units.
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    Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,398 ★★★★
    You need to lower the cost of starting each fight from 250 back to the 100 it used to be for 4* arena. You are eating into the gold we can get from just the fights themselves.
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    Santa_PsycheSanta_Psyche Posts: 150
    I became cavalier just a day ago and my roster isn't diverse enough to use it in the arena . I liked the previous arena better because the milestones then were doable but now looks like I'll just be able to do the top 3 milestones . Well not gonna dwell on this much, I've simply decided to not waste my time on arena as of now.
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    QuenshiroQuenshiro Posts: 2
    edited May 2021
    Alright to put it simply, I don’t like new arena at all. Man, I was so excited. The grind has gotten way more difficult and more longer. The milestones are way too big. 1.5 million for a 3*?! Damn.
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    iuliy87iuliy87 Posts: 2
    2 thing to impruve. 1 remove the help button because creates lag. 2 incrace the battle shards because even if you do all millestone in bouth arena 6* you only get 1 and 1/2 cristalls Arena thronebreaker..
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    ChovnerChovner Posts: 1,192 ★★★★★
    This format forces everyone to spend considerable more time in the arena for units and BC, which was the main source for the average players to progress and buy crystals in the game. The move to this new arena format screams of wanting to push everyone to spend money to buy units from the store and eliminate a lot of the free to play aspect.
    If there's one thing people don't like doing in the game is grinding away constantly in the arena, and all this change does is make it more necessary.
    Change it back to the old format and find a way to include the 6* champ as a high milestone, or increase the point multiplier to 5x for all 3 arenas
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    JJJmJJJJJJmJJJ Posts: 131
    Well, often, in the past months, Kabam talked about "Quality of Life" and this is a good thing. But is obliouslt that in this particular case, you haven't though about summoners life, because with this arena's structure, gamers have to spent most of their life grinding arena to get some units. I thing that the solution could be easy, keeping old structure and creating only arena with only 4, 5 and 6s.
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    ZumsicZumsic Posts: 15
    New arena system is AWFUL!! Simply put, more grind for less units...TERRIBLE! I guess like everything else in the game lately, you are trying to make people spend money for units...but you will only succedd in making people leave
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