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New Arena Structure Feedback



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    JEBBJEBB Posts: 1
    I am stuck on masocism quest, and i could really use a falcon, which i would be going for in the basic 4* arena. I think its stupid not to have any champion arenas for those who are not yet uncollected. There should be a version available for those who are not uncollected that does not need have 6* or 5* but at least 4*
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    Hawk_Hawk_ Posts: 28
    Slap in the face to FTP players and low spenders!!

    I dunno where to begin TBH, I am an end gamer with every piece of content at 100%, 2.5mil account rating, over 80 odd 6*, 160 odd 5*, 11 6* R3 champs and 45 5/65. This is no flex by any means, pls read ahead.
    I am an arena grinder and these milestones are difficult even for someone with my account size and the time you need to invest to get them. I rely on arena for units as well as I spend 3-4 times a year on big days but I don’t understand how much time does Kabam expect us to invest in the game with these new milestones?!?!
    Earlier I could use the extent of my roster and grind out all arena easily but now with the huge dependency on 6* for points I have to atleast do 4-5 rounds which means I have to grind all 3 days at regular times to not miss the refresh. This is a huge quality of life problem. Pls if you cannot make life easier and increase rewards for your players then atleast don’t make them worse.
    You will have a huge amount of players quitting the game if you don’t make serious changes to arena and improve them keeping quality of life in mind.
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    Tralannan11Tralannan11 Posts: 2
    To say that i am disappointed would be understatement. This is huge step back and kick in the face by kabam towards everyone who works hard in arena to make units.
    Shameful and i hope they see the negative impact and change something
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    Lord_D3vastatingLord_D3vastating Posts: 17
    You just made the 5* and 3* obsolete, and if someone doesn't have enough 6* champions, you have to choose which arena are you gonna play. Result of that is less units as before, so, step back? In my opinion best solution would be this arena structure:
    Summoner Trials - increase units in milestones from 7 to 10
    add 5* basic arena with 6 million final milestone with structure of 4* featured arena before (with 0,5mil jumps after 4mil. milestone) and 4* basic as final milestone
    and maybe reduce cooldown 6* to 8 hours so players who don't have 100+ 6* champs have chance to finish at least all milestones in both 6* arenas
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    Hrishikesh713Hrishikesh713 Posts: 712 ★★★
    Please guys this arena grind really sucks.... please make it less painful and enjoyable...!!!
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    LIS1LIS1 Posts: 18
    edited May 2021
    Because of my work time schedule, Before I was able to grab much more units with doing just initial milestones in all areas in one sitting of 30 minutes each day, but now I m not able to grab even close to that amount anymore as milestones have so huge gap between them regardless its 4* or 5*/6* arena. Milestone gap is huge for free to play players to get it done. Not everyone is Brian who spend life in this game.
    So please change this mode back to what it was or give more milestones inbetween to grab more units with few rounds of arena as before.
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    PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 2,365 ★★★★★
    I started the grind today because I was too tired to start the grind immediately after the arena reset. Here are my thoughts on the death matches. I have been doing the exact same thing what I did before and I have not seen any death matches.
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    GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★
    edited May 2021
    Switch units between trials and basic.
    Lower basic milestone to 6 or 8 m. (rank rewards could be lowered accordingly, maybe even halved)

    Players with lower rosters can do the basic for 200 units.
    When they get more 5 and 6 stars they can do the basic with it, and work up to 340.
    People with larger rosters can do the trials and featured for 400 units, and if they have time left they add the basic in for 540.

    Small change, great positive impact to a lot of players.
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    YrholkarYrholkar Posts: 4
    Everyone knows its bad. I am just sad i dont know what should i write here bcz I know you guys doesn't care. I see that myself.👏
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    XdrebelXdrebel Posts: 7
    U GUYZ SHOULD HAVE INCREASE NUMBER OF UNITS FOR THRONEBREAKER PLAYER IN MILESTONE MEANS. CURRENTLY u r giving 200 units from single feature arena instead u should have given 400 units from single or atleast 300
    And the number of battlechips is also very less it should have 5000 per milestone and also instead of grandmaster shards u could have givem is cavalier shards for thronebreaker players
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    Still_LearningStill_Learning Posts: 6
    Great job guys!
    In one move you’ve made 1-3 star champs and 5-star champs irrelevant and discouraged all new players from picking up the game. Kudos! Very we done.
    Here’s a suggestion, if you are going to make the six star champ the ONLY champ of value, start offering 6-star shards in the FOUR star arena as milestone rewards.
    At least give new players a glimmer of hope of catching up in the game without going bankrupt.
    Now, just go away
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    WolverDominatorWolverDominator Posts: 132
    edited May 2021

    I’m happy with it. Can get 3* & 4* versions and of new heroes in 24h/36h. Fine with me. Nice gm shards too.
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    YoyoboyYoyoboy Posts: 4
    The 6* basic arenas have stupid milestones. The units are the same as last structure but the chances of getting those units cause the milestones are insane.
    Kabam this game is not for only whales please consider the regular summoner who has 10 or maybe 20 6* champs. How do you expect us to collect units now.
    You're killing F2P and promoting whale culture even more.
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    Shahid_SaleemiShahid_Saleemi Posts: 15
    With this arena structure I think I need to find another game to play and say bye bye to MCOC. Playing around 4 years now and everything was fine till yesterday. This arena change isn't acceptable. We can't continue playing with it. Please change it
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    luka777777luka777777 Posts: 39

    Enemies seem to parry on a lot of hits.. idk if it's intentional.
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    RoyalRose1510RoyalRose1510 Posts: 20
    This arena change is worst kabam.

    My rating is 1million and i m still struggling to reach 16m in one arena in 3days.

    This is pure **** kabam
    Before 2 arena was 4m and 12m and now u made single arena of 16m.

    Are u out of ur mind kabam
    what u want that player just grind all day in front of ur game and forget everything.

    First better decide kabam that u want to attract more players or want to loose your players.

    This step is in direction of loosing players.
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    ESFESF Posts: 1,944 ★★★★★
    Hello! Glad to see this kind of feedback forum; while skimming through I can see that some people really dislike it, I think it’s great that players are being listened to who actually play the game.

    First off, I am NOT a hardcore Arena grinder. So people don’t have to take my head off for my opinion. I hope that Kabam finds solutions to your concerns, for those of you who hit the Arenas hard. I have said it before: I have a ton of respect for people who get in there and grind Arena, because the point of a game is to find what you do well and play it.

    Again: Whatever final solution and compromises might result from this forum, by all means, I will be happy for the grinders. I am not one of you, so hopefully you will get what you want, in large part.

    That being said: Personally, I did like the format of the two 6-star Arenas, just from poking around and doing some light grinding. That’s just me being honest, as someone who only occasionally might mess around, looking for milestones. I did understand what Kabam was trying to do, and I do hope 6-star Arenas do stick around.

    Again, though to be clear: I am totally casual about Arena. While I don’t mind this format, if the hardcores have better ideas, I totally defer to those who put in the time in this mode and hope that all stakeholders find a good place to be
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    The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,783 ★★★★★
    TheRager said:

    Feedback? U want feed back? Go admit urselves, all employees in mental asylum ASAP. That's the feedback.

    First u have an insane milestones.
    Then u have designed without a brain by clubbing everyone together that is u have allowed deathmatches. How is a 5/65 going to compete with a 6/45?? Jerks!
    I have a small roster of 6* u have insane cool down time how am I going to hit the milestones u Morons??
    And u decided to introduce this new garbage of ur brainy inventions to rob players , specially free to play players like me of grinding quick units by shifting the goal posts just way before 4th of July. what other adjectives should I use to call u out leeches! U deliberately robbed us. Ur all dacoiits. Worse than Satan are ur schemes.

    Calm down. You're gonna get banned due to this. There's no need to insult the devs. The change clearly benefitted the endgame whales and players with huge rosters so it's not like the change is horrible across the board. It's just that the change wasn't good for the main target audience of arena.
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    Rocco_gsrRocco_gsr Posts: 1
    Totally unfair for FTP and little spenders...i mean 33m really...!!
    Did you guys grinded a single run or just launched
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    My 5* champs are useless,due to your new arena, please bring old arena back or limit 1 arena where the max you can use is 5*s, also lower the limit of arena milestones like before, these changes are awful for average arena grinder whose main intention is to grind some units.
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    Ripster85Ripster85 Posts: 16
    Lesser premium hero cristal shards, witch means lesser iso, lesser battle chips and lesser units.. Really Kabam???
    From beginners to Uncollected players are screwed!
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    GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★
    I agree to get 6* champs out of the basic arena and adjust the milestones accordingly.
    Structure it the same way the sunday arena's are structured. They are actually quite balanced.
    2* will lose out on value. But 3* with boosts could still make an impact in the trials arena.
    Lower the milestones to at most 8m. Since it would take roughly 80 rounds of 6* for the current version. And 80 rounds of r4+ 5* champs gets you roughly 8m.
    Please consider this.
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    AtulitAtulit Posts: 11
    Please reduce basic 6 star arena milestones.
    It is taking so much time to just get units especially if we are not running sucides mastery.
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    GandharvaGandharva Posts: 1
    edited May 2021
    Hello, Kabam Miike
    These new arena changes are not bad. Offering Grandmaster shards is a good way to expand someone's roster. But also these milestones are not easy to get for a newly uncollected player or even a cavalier player just because they don't have a lot of champs, also the time is gonna increase by a lot just to get the milestones. Yesterday I spent 3 hrs grinding the featured arena I was able to get 2 mil points in 3 resets with the champs that I have. If it wasn't for the reset I would have been able to do that in approximately 2.5 hrs. But an uncollected player might not be able to do this.
    So, My request to you is bring back the old arenas with a slight change
    1. The collected arenas should be same as it was before.
    2. Players who are uncollected and cavalier should have the old arenas. But instead of giving Premium shards they should get Grandmaster shards in 4 and 5 star featured arenas and a bit more increase in the rank rewards than the collected arenas.
    3. The 6 star arenas should be given to thronebreaker players as they have a lot more champs I suppose.
    4. This way the rank rewards cutoff for uncollected and cavalier players will go down and they would be able to enjoy the arenas have a chance at getting the featured champ.
    Thank You, I hope this was helpful. Please leave a comment about what you guys think about this.
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    Zeroj2kZeroj2k Posts: 146
    I used to run 3* and 4* arena and was time efficient for me to gain units to help with content

    i ranked up champs on this basis and now the new arena's are too time consuming and make my 2 + 3*'s irrelevant
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    Misterjefe_1Misterjefe_1 Posts: 1
    Awful change, hurts progression, too many death matches, 6 star arena should be cavalier and up.... with an additional 5star arena that doesn’t allow 6star usage for uncollected to grind for a 5star and milestones. Unless there is changes will likely quit this game instead of wasting time to tread water and not be able to rank up/build roster to progress through content.
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    CioperCioper Posts: 19
    The biggest issue with new arena system is not being able to reach all milestones by newer players, that don't have excessive ammount of 6-star characters. Why do we prefer using 6-stars in arena? Only because they give way much points. So I'd suggest to just increase points you get from using 4-star and 5-star characters. IMO it still should not be the same for every star character - I like the idea that higher stars get more points - but the difference in those points is currently too big. Reducing this point difference would also require to increase cooldown for reusing 4-star and 5-star characters to balance it out.
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    MrddrMrddr Posts: 108
    You nerfed the arena for lower tier players and buffed for endgame players. Not fair. Normally we get around 150 units from 4 star arena. Now we get 25 units for 1.5m points. Not fair.
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    Zeroj2kZeroj2k Posts: 146
    Mrddr said:

    You nerfed the arena for lower tier players and buffed for endgame players. Not fair. Normally we get around 150 units from 4 star arena. Now we get 25 units for 1.5m points. Not fair.

    But the Whales are happy and spending that's all that seems to matter
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