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As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
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AQ Map (various) Difficulty [Merged Thread]



  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,964 ★★★★★
    My day 2 this week vs day 5 last week. Elsa on lane F had 16100 attack after the global dropped.

  • Naz_786Naz_786 Posts: 150
    Map 5 2nd mini is nasty af
  • Jaymix79Jaymix79 Posts: 232 ★★★
    Act 7.2 R3 6*. Day 2 of map 6 R5 6*. Attack value of 3K more. What?!?!?!
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,748 ★★★★★
    Shinyuu said:

    @Kabam Miike

    It’s obvious you either have a bug/bugs and are remaining silent because you know AQ is coming down… but only after we exhaust the freebie revives/potions we get each week or you knew exactly what you are doing and it involves the before mention tactic.

    Either way, being silent is a great way to see many jump ship altogether.

    It's Sunday. Miike doesn't work on Sundays. Y'all need to come back to reality. Yes map 6 is way over tuned right now but nothing can be looked into until tomorrow. You think Miike just sits on the forums 24/7 looking for tags?
    Your dreaming if you think someone isn't monitoring these forums daily to make sure nothing gets posted that needs to be removed immediately. I don't care what day it is if it's a day that ends in y people have had a post/comment removed. Also if you put out new content are you going to disappear when who's to say when the new season started the whole game crashed? Someone is always watching what gets posted on the forums to either know there's an issue with the game or something they don't like got posted and they have to remove it before too many people see it. I bet if it was a bug that was giving everyone 6 star shards over and over by doing content again they'd be put the game in maintenance so fast you wouldn't even get to finish 1 path with the bug.
    I didn't say no one was monitoring them. I said Miike isn't. Tagging Miike 100 times isn't going to do any good.
  • I_tell_no_tales_1I_tell_no_tales_1 Posts: 1,155 ★★★★

    How the hell is Ebony degen and kill a full health 5/65 5* Human Torch from 1 stupid degen 🤬🤬🤬

    There’s no indication why the degen even active

    Probably your buff got nullified
    Did he use 2sp 1s
    Or hit you with heavy??
  • Fit2btiedFit2btied Posts: 12
    My alliance runs split maps based our current player base and whether or not we have AW. Day 2 PI values on Map 6 were significantly higher than normal. This can’t be right. I hope that Kabam recognizes this and makes the appropriate adjustments. In truth I feel that we should have been given a week off and compensated with the usual resources. Clearly the new map system was not ready to be released.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 441
    @Ercarret I am the same. We run map 6 and I am my BGs mini boss killer in section 1. Facing a rank 4 Six star Ebony Maw nearly destroyed my CapIW rank 5 sig 200 on day 1 just from Block Damage. Totally crazy!
  • QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 795 ★★★★
    Ouch, 85k PI Thanos on day 2 with 450k HPs. Good thing we don't have to solo him.
  • Jmille85Jmille85 Posts: 101
    At this point everyone in my alliance is frustrated… We run map 5 and 6 and prior to this week always finished 100% in all 3 BGs. However since the map changes our map 6 people are dealing with 30-60k defenders on day 2 (which is higher then the old map on day 5), and miniboss Ebony Maw that degens all your health with 1 degen… Map 5 also has all 6* defenders and everyone is also stuck at the second mini boss Human Torch because of Buffet where he just keeps healing back up because he was also made bleed immune and not everyone has Warlock… Way to take one of the last fun parts of the game and ruining it… If these changes (especially the difficulty of the defenders) were not intended then it probably was not wise to release this kind of update before the weekend when no one from Kabam is around to address it…

    Please shut down AQ and fix this…
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★


    I see you mate. Unfortunately your post was moved to suggestions section.
  • Just_grindingJust_grinding Posts: 115
    Agreed. It was always a grind and somewhat boring, but now they made map 5 which was fun become exhausting. Worse attack values, and the human torch mini sucks, and has few counters (not warlock, you need incinerate immune, so Rulk, void, and caiw with a skill champ. Ie very limited options).
  • Just_grindingJust_grinding Posts: 115
    At least the global worked better before with the minis. Now now one of the champs for the global nodes are effective counters to the minis.
  • Yagami9999Yagami9999 Posts: 137

    How the hell is Ebony degen and kill a full health 5/65 5* Human Torch from 1 stupid degen 🤬🤬🤬

    There’s no indication why the degen even active

    Probably your buff got nullified
    Did he use 2sp 1s
    Or hit you with heavy??
    He’s like on 18k attack lol
    1x SP1 from the other end of the screen but degen die like a dead guy
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