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Thoughts on this month's Cav EQ?

Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 1,620 ★★★★
I think they've tried to make it too complicate and hard, and a sneaky way of making us rank up champs that don't matter.

Thoughts on this month's Cav EQ? 538 votes

Love it
Maverick75BizaaroKossukoseKingnaes16wegnerkAnArChYhungryhungrybbqMarvsbdGarlorockykostonMadhanHiphopjoke1004RickGrimes_King73WarmachibeNEXTONVoltolosPulliRockyshockyColinwhitworth69JhonST33 43 votes
danielmathLeNoirFaineantSatsuiNoHadouRaganatorHort4buffajrDrenlinSchapenkopSpeedbumpMachoNachoTerraSoldierjr24Kirat2003pbeadleVuDahKing_SternyNojokejaymDeadshotqcThunderstruck77T_O_Double27 82 votes
Hate it
Madman_marvinBigPoppaCBONEMavRCK_DeeparviRawInstinctTillinatorCarmel1TAIN61mostlyharmlessnLightburn22SuperSleightMpd1RyanGolfTreoAce_03nelly22XHans_GruberXRonnieb54TendersquadJaded 361 votes
Haven't done Cav EQ in months and probably won't for a while
Spity68the_eradicatorCaptain_007_Nick_Caine_32Fredhorst23Eaunzo76CassyLucky7LucianoyuwIamTryingMyBestDRTOMreyay2234PrathapGeo10megCr7ms7rs7Mars___Sman74Snake_EyesMorpheus_123Deadpool87 52 votes


  • CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    Love it
    A lot of fun
  • yuwyuw Posts: 315 ★★
    Haven't done Cav EQ in months and probably won't for a while
    i am still waiting for event quest solo event to start exploring the first two chapter, but I also have 40 revives saved up so probably wont matter
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    Haven't done Cav EQ in months and probably won't for a while
    It has felt too long and with nothing fixed and decided yet, I haven't touched it for months. Will not do for few more until they arrive at a stable form of quest.
  • lihuahualihuahua Posts: 14
    Hate it
    Is it because no time to develop a new hero to sell? Increase the difficulty and hero ranges to make players pay for units or resources?
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 6,459 ★★★★★
    I mean, I hate it. But not any more than I did the last Cav EQ.
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,498 ★★★★★
    edited December 2021
    I haven't 100%'ed it yet but I can say that I started enjoying it a lot more after deciding to just ignore most nodes. I don't have any mercenaries ranked up, so why bother? I tried to bring underleveled champions into the early quests and either got completely clapped or got through it by the skin of my teeth.

    That said, I won't vote because, while I dislike some things about the changes and am not overall positive to this month's EQ, I still don't "hate" it. That's too strong a word.

    However, I'm also coming at this from a Thronebreaker perspective. I absolutely sympathize with Cavalier players. It's not easy to just have these champions ranked up, especially with no notice whatsoever. I don't have a strong roster in most of these tags and am even lacking decent champions in most of the combined tags. It really feels like Kabam overestimated how many good Guardians of the Galaxy, Thunderbolts and Fantastic Four champs there are in the game, as well as how many mid-tier players have those specific champions ranked up.
  • Indifferent
    I would enjoy it if the tags weren't so restrictive. If they covered a larger portion of champs, that would be better. As for 1.1 the crossfight was meaningless for my captain Marvel Movie 6* r3 and the enemy would be dead within 1 special
  • PseudouberPseudouber Posts: 745 ★★★
    Hate it
    All of the stuff everyone is mentioning. Its just not fun. The node timers are way too short so you constantly dealing with that every combo instead of being able to play the champ normal for a little bit before dealing with it. The champs I just got and ranked up from Black Friday are barely being utilized so it seemed like a waste of money. I guess I could just ignore the tags but then the whole node stuff is even less fun.
  • Icy1985Icy1985 Posts: 5
    Hate it
    So frustrating with the current state of the game, my decision failed several times
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