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An Update to Balancing in MCOC!



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    psp742psp742 Posts: 2,455 ★★★★
    So in current champion pool.. if kabam finds an existing champion with higher damage potential and survivability..

    will kabam nerf/balance the champion to make them not as OP?

    I hope not..

    Let's not do a update 12.0, where some champions were adjusted and nerfed beyond recognizable state.. Dr Strange, Scarlett Witch og, Thor og.

    If you watch Karate Mike's take on champions, it does not rate each one vs another champion..

    he rates it based on: [seems better overall]
    Damage - short / medium / long
    Utility - general / support / unique or synergy
    Viability - AW / AQ / solo or long content / defender
    Dependence - playability / synergy / mastery.

    Sorry KarateMike.. just pointing out the beauty of your champion rating.
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    Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 2,638 ★★★★★
    Do they mean no major reworks? Or just tune ups?
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    AMS94AMS94 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★★

    Kevo9513 said:

    Kevo9513 said:

    We should not be testing your champs in the live server. Don’t you have a team dedicated to doing this? I dont want to get a champion, invest my time and resources into it and it gets nerfed.

    Testing the champ for Playstyle and general usefullness and strategies and stuff. Not for bugs
    So they don’t have a team that does testing before they release the champ? Maybe because I work in Development in a Chemical lab I see things differently. Before a product is sent out to a customer there is a series of extensive testing that produces data and we can see what needs to be fixed. Kabam wants to sell the product before testing is done.
    Nobody can test a champ for every possible Playstyle in every content in game. That's just near impossible for only the dev team to do.

    This example is a tad bit different from testing chemicals. I'm sure there is a very specific purpose you make chemicals for and they are to be used that way only(correct me ) but champions are only given a set of kit with a broad application. It's upto the players to use them in ways even the dev team couldn't
    Chovner said:

    I don’t think this new champ balance system is a real pro player move in how it's being implemented.

    If I understand the announcement properly, the main focus for champion tuning will be on the NEW champs every month of which the only way we’ll be able to get them are with:
    1. Excessive arena grind where only 1000 people out of hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people will get a 5 or 6* version of the new champ this way (focus on 5 and 6* rarity because they’re the most sought after rarity)
    2. Money spent on preview bundles with a very low chance of luck
    3. Units/money spent on special Cav/featured crystals with a very low chance of luck. So a main focus will be put on a small percentage of the community that will have the new champs in a 6 months window.
    So the main focus of this balance system will be to initially affect a small percentage of the overall community

    The area of champs balance where the MAJORITY of the community has been excited for and wants to continue (buffing existing under performing champs) will now take a backseat and will only be taken on IF there’s time depending on how excessive the new champ tunning is. As a point of reference there are currently 216 champs in the game and (in my opinion) these are the champs that are pretty useless in the game and making overall champion balance garbage (synergies to buff champs are not taking into consideration, just how the champ themselves perform on their own:
    1. Abomination
    2. Agent Venom
    3. Air Walker
    4. America Chavez
    5. Ant Man
    6. Beast
    7. Black Bolt
    8. Black Panther CW
    9. Black Widow
    10. Captain America
    11. Captain America WW2
    12. Captain Marvel
    13. Cyclops
    14. Cyclops Red
    15. Daredevil
    16. Dr Strange
    17. Dormamu
    18. Drax
    19. Electro
    20. Elektra
    21. Green Goblin
    22. Groot
    23. Heimdall
    24. Hulk
    25. Invisible Woman
    26. Iron Fist
    27. Iron Fist Immortal
    28. Iron Man
    29. Iron Patriot
    30. Jubilee
    31. Korg
    32. Loki
    33. Moon Knight
    34. Ms Marvel
    35. Kamala Kahn
    36. Nightcrawler
    37. Nova
    38. Phoenix
    39. Sentry
    40. Rogue
    41. Rocket Racoon
    42. Rhino
    43. Red Skull
    44. Spider Man
    45. Spider Man Symbiote
    46. Super Skrull
    47. Superior Iron Man
    48. Taskmaster
    49. The Champion
    50. Thor
    51. Thor Jane Foster
    52. Ultron Prime
    53. Unstoppable Colossu
    54. Winter Soldier
    55. Yondu

    55 out of 216 champs works out to 25% of the Champion pool needing attention and re-balancing to make relevant with the current game Meta, and those 55 champs are existing in likely 50%+ of the community’s roster as a 5 or 6* rarity.
    If the interest is to serve the player community in offering a better balanced game experience then the MAIN focus should be continuing to improve the large pool of pretty useless champs and not the new champs released every month. I’d say with the new balance team you’ve created, a 75% focus should be on continuing the popular old champs buffing monthly (still 2 per month) and 25% focus on reviewing the new champs. Given my list above, and 2 old champ buffs a month we’re looking at almost 2.5 YEARS to address your underperforming champs which is kind of ridiculous to think THAT wouldn’t be your main focus.

    Last, with the new balance system, one important point that was never addressed (that I can find) is Kabam fairly giving us the opportunity to change our mind on rank up decisions we made to these champs in their 6 month Beta/Balance window. If we acquired a new champ through means of time and/or money, AND ranked up those champs with resources acquired again through means of time and/or money, then we should 100% have the opportunity to rank them down and get back those resources (at a min.) if you decide to change them from their initial state. Generic rank down tickets are not the answer for this, but champion specific rank down tickets should 100% be implemented to be fair to the community that are lucky enough to acquire, play and essentially BETA TEST these champs FOR YOU! I personally have way less drive to push for newer champs now knowing any base utility they have that I’m excited for (and possibly fill a niche role in my roster) could change after I’ve invested in them.

    I don’t think re-balancing champs is a bad idea, I jus don’t think this is the right way to go about it, and not much about this new system gives the community a lot of confidence in how this will end up going (given the recent track record from Kabam in the last year), and now one of the only reliable things to be excited about (WHO WILL BE THE NEXT 2 CHAMPS TO BE BUFFED THAT I MIGHT ALREADY HAVE??1?!!!!), isn’t a guarantee anymore, so 1 less consistent thing to be excited for every month. Personally, with how poorly the game has performed across the board the last year (game controls, stability, bugs, champ bugs, etc.) the one thing I always looked forward to was the new buffs announcement and then testing.

    I hope this all goes well, I’m just honestly not optimistic at all… the last 9 months of playing a pretty broken game and mis-managed community has taken its toll on me.

    I haven't ever used her but I think Jubilee doesn't need a buff
    Ultron Prime is essentially a trophy champ so he doesn't need it either
    I don't think they'll ever buff Champion bcoz of his regen potential, but he could do well with a value only
    Other than that every other champ on that list desperately needs a buff ASAP
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    LordabckLordabck Posts: 297 ★★★
    Wozzle007 said:

    So here’s my list of champions that are pretty useless in the game. There’s more that would ideally need a buff as well, but I have no idea why the focus is not on buffing these as quickly as possible. Then we’d start to see some balance to the game.

    Abomination, Captain America, Captain America WW2, Ant Man, Hulk, Rhino, Sentry, Spider-Man, Agent Venom, Black Widow, Daredevil, Elektra, Korg, Moon Knight, Punisher, Winter Soldier, Beast, Cyclops Blue, Cyclops Red, Deadpool X Force, Nightcrawler, Storm, Iron Patriot (still trash for me), Green Goblin, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Psycho Man (confirmed value buff), Red Skull, Rocket, Yondu, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Drax, Gamora (still trash for me), Groot, Heimdall, Ms Marvell, Nova (still trash for me), Phoenix, Ronan, Spider-Man Symbiote, Superior Iron Man, Thor, Dr Strange, Iron Fist, Immortal Iron Fist, Juggernaut, Loki, Mordo, Jane Foster, Unstoppable Colossus

    Don’t know what there expert team is doing in this matter.
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    Harish_HK07Harish_HK07 Posts: 9
    edited January 2022
    First of all...Give proper buff to the champ who are really powerful in comics..like sentry..he deserves more powerful buff. I can't believe how useless he is in this game..he is one of powerful character..but in this game it's like a puppet..it's not at all logic... secondly - Odin..one of very powerful character but he is not much powerful in this game.. it's kinda annoying and disappointing.. it's no fun..he doesn't have any abilities like Armor break etc..with that animations..where he using his powerful weapon to hit opponents..but still he can't even apply Armor break.. it's not logic at all..so just redo the balances in proper ways according to how powerful that character is..i am sure that atleast it's makes sense..In this ways.. it's looks good..

    Above scenarios is an examples..we can tell more like these...i hope u understand this..
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    MattstafariMattstafari Posts: 691 ★★★
    I would like to know what the benchmarks are for the new rating system; what champs are 5/5 in a given area and what champs are 1/5.

    Mario Kart can reliably give you stats on a racer for a few attributes but, I'm not sure this is going to deliver as required.

    New champs balancing!
    Hmmmm, surely this is just going to leave people not wanting to rank up the great new champs, for fear that in 6 months time they'll be nerfed!

    This post just just flopped in a ridiculous way but, dont worry, the Tin man is getting a numbers buff.
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