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An Update to Balancing in MCOC!



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    AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★

    It is refreshing to occasionally see just how stupid most of the playerbase is

    Or maybe they could've written this down better? If even dna300 only speculates as to what exactly kabam is going to be doing, what is the avergae player who can't filter through the information going to think?
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    pala94pala94 Posts: 13
    edited January 2022
    Something that might be helpful to improve the communication - can we get a realistic simulation of what is intended for the rating program and how a champ released more than 6 months ago would be balanced? Take any champ released pre-July 2021, rate the champ as you would (even loosely is fair at this point) and let us know how said champ would be balanced now. I'm sure the data that would be used for this already exists and that examples like these would have been used to hammer out the finer details of this decision, just make a couple of these available to the community. Serves 2 purposes - lets everyone know that what to expect and also opens the door to more constructive conversation now rather than 8 months down the line when a (possible) balance is introduced and people are (predictably) outraged.

    Personally, I agree with @DNA3000's interpretation that the ratings are intended to show what devs intended for a champ and not serve as an official rating. So yes, they open the door to better communication but also open a can of worms with people complaining left and right about being cheated by a balance on a champ they whaled out on in the preview bundles. How that is handled remains to be seen.

    I'm seeing this as a new direction in the buff program and will reserve judgement since it doesn't affect how I will be playing the game. But I think it would help everyone if we could understand exactly what is intended rather than just having to wait for 8 months for the results to land.
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    ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 3,183 ★★★★★
    benshb said:

    Doom ratings
    Damage: 5/5
    Utility: 5/5
    War defender: 4/5
    War attacker: 5/5
    Synergy needs (scaled in reverse): 5/5
    Prestige: 5/5

    Groot ratings
    Damage: 1/5
    Utility: 2/5
    War defender: 1/5
    War attacker: 0/5
    Synergy needs (scaled in reverse): N/A (literally no meaningful synergies for him)
    Prestige: 0/5

    Gonna be interesting how the tune ups gonna look based on this.

    I'd move Doom's damage down to 4/4.5. His DPS is good but not as good as others that would be in 5.

    Still a phenomenal champion through and through.
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    WeXz5WeXz5 Posts: 13
    Wow seems like Gamora is getting tons of love, she was updated twice even before the rework program came into existence.
    All I can say is the rework program has some controversies as not all changes were for the better of the majority or totally welcomed but not so for a few ...
    So if the rework program is so controversial do we still need another balancing program ? Truly a food for everyone's thoughts.
    However, right now no matter who disagrees, this is still gonna happen anyways whether we like it or not ...
    As this reality is being set in and shoved down our throats to accept ...
    If I wanted to bring renewed interest on OG champions, maybe not all but the majority of OG champions should get an animation update cadence. Till today. Winter Soldier and Punisher still have same Special 3 animations, same goes for Hulk and Red Hulk. Just hoping the love going out is to all OG champions at the very least as so far karnak's special 1 animation is still as disappointing as spider gwen's original special 1 animation.
    If raids ever to come into existence, hopefully celestials can be included as they are gigantic as well.
    Strikers were awesome but its technically and potential are still not fully drawn out due to bugs and interactions unforeseen, maybe due to lack of extensive tests before rolling it out.
    Also hopefully all champions in summoner's choice 21 and 22 gets added into this game eventually regardless so as to hype up and carry on this game's passion forth into eternity and beyond !
    Lastly what is the deal with 2* star champions bring so rare and almost non-existence in the game despite being shown available in the vault for collection, yet they are not even added to the premium vaults for crying out loud.

    Thank you for reading my lengthy post and Tarh Tarh.

    Your ever-passionate summoner of MCoC !
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    Skiddy212Skiddy212 Posts: 1,101 ★★★★

    DNA3000 said:

    This really sucks. We don't need an official tier list sort of thing in place of regular buffs.

    So this is speculative, but here's what I think happened here. The ratings system is not replacing the current buff program. Somewhat the reverse, the current buff program is being replaced by the new buff program, and the rating system is being added to make the new buff program easier to explain.

    Once upon a time, champions were designed, released, monitored, and then if necessary rebalanced. Back when champions were much simpler, champions didn't need rebalancing as often, but this was still the process. We know this because Kabam described this process long ago. My guess is that when they moved to the more aggressive buff schedule, this released champion review process was either heavily reduced or almost completely eliminated to make time for the buff program. And as a result, we might be seeing a higher variation in champions: more super gods, more duds.

    This is problematic, because today's duds are tomorrow's old duds. If we are focusing on buffing old champs to the point where we're breaking all the new champs, we're not really making progress on the problem. What's more, whether we buff an old champ or a new champ in the long run doesn't affect how many duds the average player gets, but it does sour the new champion well more if the new champs are busted. More over, the longer the champ exists, the more people have it, the more familiar people are with the champ, the harder it becomes to tweak if there's a problem.

    The hope, I'm guessing, is to solve several problems simultaneously. First, to try to stop the flow of duds into general population by returning to the old style release/review/tweak system. This might reduce the number of duds faster than buffing the old champs, because these tweaks are less likely to get tangled up in long term player expectations. Second, increase the value of new champions and new champion pools (which, when all is said and done, ultimately powers the game). And third, to learn some lessons from the last time this sort of thing was attempted, and create a system where the devs can signal to the players well in advance what the intended capabilities of a champion are in general terms, so that players are less surprised by updates: both when they happen, and what things are updated when they happen.

    The rating system is not necessary for Kabam to update champions. The rating system is there to communicate to the players what they intended to make and what they are looking at when the release a champion. It is a kind of short hand for communicating the design intent of the champion when it was created. If we eliminate the rating system, all that changes is the players no longer get to know ahead of time what the design intent of champions is. The devs will still return to the release/monitor/tweak system. We just won't have any inside view of it.
    Once again stop wasting energy spitting BS, Kabam should just invite you to dinner, after a good meal y’all can lock yourselves, put together these wonderful ideas and start playing some competitive mode together.. Sounds like a lotta fun right? Maybe get employed when you win too
    Wouldn't mind this nutcase getting banned permanently Kabam mods.
    yea i am getting very sick of these long posts of nonsense
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    AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★
    Kevo9513 said:

    We should not be testing your champs in the live server. Don’t you have a team dedicated to doing this? I dont want to get a champion, invest my time and resources into it and it gets nerfed.

    Testing the champ for Playstyle and general usefullness and strategies and stuff. Not for bugs
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