Alliance Wars Season 33 Changelog, Rewards Update, Loyalty Store and Glory Store Updates!



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    SlankSlank Posts: 9
    thepiggy said:

    But this is like charging customers a large fee before they could enter a store and start browsing. It alienates anyone who's not a massive spender and literally inverts their main business model. F2p just became pay to play. Is this where we're going?

    Very well put. I also spend on deals when I think the deal is beneficial to me. I like spending on these deals as they help me rank my champs or pad my roster. The idea that I have to pay money to play a game mode is disturbing to me. Seems like a very slippery slope where they'll require cash transactions to play other game modes.

    I've been trying to understand the thought process behind this decision since it was announced. This isn't motivating me to play AW and buy deals that would benefit my AW champs. It actually has the opposite effect as it is disincentivizing me to participate in this game mode.
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    AstamanianaAstamaniana Posts: 23
    Thats absolutely ridiculous - i cant believe what my eyes see.

    Kabam probably burry their most fun and competitive game mode and made it playable for only massive p2p Player.

    What are you thinking kabam, that everyone who is playing AW can afford minimun of 800 units to heal one k.o.ed Champion? What the heck is going on in your minds? I mean, u neither need a calculator too see how disproportionate this is.

    Im very sad to See that game mode dying After there are no More compensation packages in the near future.

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    MandagarMandagar Posts: 51

    This says that there will be T5CC for cavalier and uncollected but I don’t see any in the the store atm. These def need to be added for Cav players asap.

    @Kabam Miike
    The above is correct because the only time us, Cavalier players, can even get a chance of getting some T5CC is either 4th of July or Cyber Monday. You guys made a mistake by including the announcement that Cavalier players will be getting access to T5CCs on a more regular basis in the Glory Store. Unfortunately, rather than holding up to your word, regardless of it being a mistake, when you know that most of gaming community saw that post, you decided to quickly edit that post and pretend that no one saw it. I seriously hope that all the contact creators make mention of this action.

    I already have at least 1 rank three 6* champion, though a second would be great but I ask this question:
    How are other players going to get the T5CCs needed in order to get their rank three 6*s for Thronebreaker?
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    BassanioBassanio Posts: 162

    2 weeks ? 1 week?
    MCOC Team said:

    Loyalty Store Changes

    We’re making a few changes to the Loyalty Store which are intended to go hand in hand with the Glory Store update coming with AQ Season 9.5. We’re looking to let players get more access to the AW specific potions,
    • We’re reducing the store reset from once every 2 weeks to once a week.

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    MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 473 ★★★
    1. 5* nexus crystal in Platinum 2-4 rewards - ?? Wth. Make it a 6* basic or something... 5* are worthless.
    2. Loyalty for AW potions - ?? 20k... facepalm..

    "Replaced Alliance Healing Potions and Revives with Alliance Quest Healing potions and Revives. Prices remain the same as equivalent."


    Le Sigh.

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    Ckent1099Ckent1099 Posts: 69
    Absolutely absurd move by Kabam. Everything has a price. They buff the rewards and take away the potions. So in reality those tier 3 and tier 6 that you need that you see in the units store every so often for 50 bucks or higher, you will pay for them double or triple times more if you spend units during war season. As an end game player and leader of my alliance we are done with alliance wars. If something glitters, it’s not gold. Players are dropping like flies a;ready. Pretty soon the office executives at Kabam headquarters will look in the mirror and point at themselves. Hey, I need you to do this. Too bad the person looking back at them is themself. That is coming for sure. Bad direction in the game. We should start having a choice in what we get, i.e nexus. Tier 5 cc in the glory store should be a nexus. Terrible..just terrible.
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