Alliance Wars Season 33 Changelog, Rewards Update, Loyalty Store and Glory Store Updates!



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    AmitDevineAmitDevine Posts: 6
    Thanks for updating Glory store.
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    Kappa2gKappa2g Posts: 272 ★★★
    I think the issue on costs and purchase limits have been echo'd quite a lot already so I'll skip that part.

    It's just truely tone deaf and bafffling this change went through considering there's already been discussions recently on how the AW mode will be sustainable when the weekly compensations stop dropping, and the fact that Kabam surely has internal data on how many potions the average alliance war player uses per war.

    But lets talk about some solutions apart from simply changing the cost/limits of potions for the long run:
    1. Restructure the alliance war solo event, you can make it all loyalty / potion based, increase the number of milestones.
    2. Add potions to the weekly alliance war solo objective (win 3 fights in AW) and maybe make it repeatable?
    3. Increase the loyalty from War victory/defeat and participation bonuses
    4. Rework the war victor and war challenger crystals. Remove the signature stones/arena boosts/ISO, make them each give a set amount of loyalty and additional potion or boost

    I'm sure your internal data has also shown that player engagement in alliance war has increased ever since the weekly compensations have started and surely you can figure out the correlation in that...
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    LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,643 ★★★★★
    How can you hand out L5 AW health potions like candy and then update the store to 2 L4 potions every two weeks? Even if it is every week it's still garbage. The solution is don't spend on war. Play casual limited item wars. If the data shows that they have demotivated alliances to play competitively maybe it will bring change.
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    DraveDrave Posts: 2
    Changes in potion system will kill the war, just give us back old system
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    MauledMauled Posts: 3,957 Guardian
    I’m going to see how this season goes but this is a real shame. One of the main reasons I play this game is to compete in high level war. I have one remaining goal in this game and that’s to get a masters title, without AW being a realistic game for a minimal spender and arena grinder I’ll seriously have to reconsider playing this game seriously.
    I am not alone in this regard either, if you look through the alliances that finished in masters sure there’s a few whales floating about but ⅔ are out of the top 45 in AQ, most are looking to be scraping the top 90 at best, so for many of these 600 players - some of the game’s most serious - AW is their most important game mode.

    My genuine assumption was that the next potion update, if there was one, would be a switch to them being percentage based so that boosting wouldn’t have such a negative impact on healing with an item cap and to make it so that Kabam don’t actually have to consider higher and higher level health potions to keep up with increasing health pools of champions.
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    FalongFalong Posts: 125
    players unhappy?then dont play AW ! thats simple, u dont needx to play all feat on this game, if u cant effort coz need money to buy them then just let pass of it, i m hate aw since after season5 i know to be on top need to pay a lot since the beggining was always the same way, nothing change for me, i play silver aw and thats fine for free lol
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    MauledMauled Posts: 3,957 Guardian
    Falong said:

    players unhappy?then dont play AW ! thats simple, u dont needx to play all feat on this game, if u cant effort coz need money to buy them then just let pass of it, i m hate aw since after season5 i know to be on top need to pay a lot since the beggining was always the same way, nothing change for me, i play silver aw and thats fine for free lol

    AW is the main mode I play. No viable AW means I probably won’t play much, if at all, and I certainly won’t spend. The majority of serious AW alliances aren’t filled with big spenders and this game won’t survive if the only spenders are the enormous whales, who likely won’t spend on this either.
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    Zan0 said:

    FiiNCH said:

    Think its time to nerf the competitive aspect of AW. Is unnecessary with the introduction of BattleGrounds as well.

    Make it a casual game mode.

    War is literally a competition.
    If it wasn't I wouldn't say to make it a casual game mode.

    If people are so reliant on potions then clearly something is wrong with it. It just goes all back to the "whoever is able to spend most money on it wins" meta. Would be much easier to fix the problem by its base
    Yeah, none of the top 3 alliances this season "spend the most". This is the dumbest oldest trope that's continually spouted by people that don't even have the slightest but of experience with AW competitively
    Exactly, I’m not in them but I’ve spoken to plenty who are. The amount of skill and organisation that goes into planning out and taking each fight with almost 0 deaths cannot be bought. You need to be skilled and it needs to be planned.

    Not everything is P2W just because there’s a leaderboard.
    If anything, this change will mean even more planning for officers, and place a bigger reliance on having 10 active people to support with mini’s/boss.
    No, people will just stop playing unless they can/want to spend to finish maps. Already loads of people from T1 that have said they'll just quit AW
    T1 here and absolutely gonna be quitting war if this doesn’t get fixed
    You and I both. I obviously spend substantially on this game. I won't however spend just to be able to continue playing it. What would be the point, as I'd no longer have the ability to continue playing with the people I enjoy doing so?
    Same, in t1 and i know how many items i use to get through deathless. Take 10+ fights every war, and with this change, it is a direct exit from the game mode.
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    Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 777 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike

    "We’re making a few changes to the Loyalty Store which are intended to go hand in hand with the Glory Store update coming with AQ Season 9.5. We’re looking to let players get more access to the AW specific potions,
    We’re reducing the store reset from once every 2 weeks to once a week."

    Since the Glory store went live... Can you check why the reset for loyalty purchases hasn't gone into effect either? (My purchases I made show 13+ days until reset as of the time typing this)
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    Wozzle007Wozzle007 Posts: 945 ★★★★★
    Well it’s nice that Kabam Miike responded to the questions about “what’s in the box.” But we still need the wider point addressing. Players are genuinely concerned/angry Kabam has shifted the purchasing and availability of resources and now won’t be able to continue with a whole game mode.

    The shift in how they are purchase with the current in game economy is insufficient to allow them to be competitive and they are not prepared to use real world money. I would have thought this would have been responded to as a matter of urgency.
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    Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 777 ★★★
    Also... over the course of the past several months, I've been stock piling L3 AW health potions.

    This announcement just cut their potency down basically in half. Why? Either I'd like a refund back of my loyalty spent or have these converted to L4 potions to at least be close to what I originally bought, since there was no disclaimer that their potency had an expiration date (a la the love juice did).
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    Mobile_P0tat0Mobile_P0tat0 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    Do we have an ETA on a solution? The workday has started and the morning meetings should be done by now.
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    techgrappletechgrapple Posts: 37
    Thank you very much for this Poopy Update. War was already a headache now just whales will enjoy. It's all about business after all. Just forcing people to use units to complete war (it's obvious because the amount of loyalty you give is not enough to buy those potions).
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