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The difficulty increase is ridiculous



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    TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 3,014 ★★★★★
    You know what the weird unintended consequence of this might be? Disaffected players like me stick to farming 3.2 and prioritize gathering resources for Carina instead of autofighting EQ to accumulate units for holiday deals.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,386 ★★★★★
    R_jay0027 said:

    R_jay0027 said:

    7714dtl said:

    If people don't want their opinions discussed among others, this isn't the proper place to express them.

    So someone who is always saying that they are free to express their opinion is telling people not to express them.

    And you believe that you have some mission to discuss(argue would be the correct term) every opinion that differs from yours just so you can keep repeating the same opinion incessantly throughout a thread.

    You have taken hypocrisy to whole new level
    I don't believe I told anyone not to express their views. I said if the goal is to leave opinions unchallenged, this is the wrong place for it. Anything that's posted is up for discussion. That means you, or I, or anyone else.
    Again you are absolutely free to express you points of view.

    But you are condescending, and repeatedly tell people their points of view are wrong, while quoting them. When they have no interest in a dialogue with you.

    You can simply state what you believe, which we all know is Kabam is bestis ever.
    And not be so combative with people, and then play the victim card when you don't like how you have challenge.

    Have discussions with your friends on here. Express you points of view. But learn and accept most people don't want to discuss or debate with you specifically. Ok

    I don't need permission to discuss anything on here. I don't need people to make personal judgments on my character. I certainly don't need to have anyone turn a discussion into a delitany about me as a person.
    There are Moderators for a reason, and when I say something out of line, they're here to deal with it. I don't need a Kangaroo Court on my participation. The fact is, I stay on topic. I discuss the points that are made, and I share my own perspectives on what's been said. It's not personal. It's a discussion.
    So once again, I'm going to get back to what we're here to discuss. I've had my share of people turning these conversations into a slingfest
    towards me, and I have spent all the reactions I will on it. It's inappropriate. People need to stick to the topic.
    When people tell you personally to back off you ignore and challenge them some more. So when it's happening to you now, you are understandable getting pissed off. This is the point.
    This isn't about permission, you are 100% allowed to express yourself. You don't get to play the victim when you are called out on something yourself.
    I have treated you as I have watched you treat others and clearly you didn't like it. I agree it isn't cool. That's the point treat others as you wish to be treated.

    I said I'm sticking to the topic, and that's where it's staying. I do not behave the way people behave towards me. That's not a thing. I'm sorry if that's your perception, but I talk about topics that are being discussed. Not the people discussing them. This Forum would be a great deal less toxic if others did the same. These conversations only serve to take things off the rails.
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