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The difficulty increase is ridiculous



  • mbracembrace Posts: 707 ★★★
    I thought we would be comparing TB to Cavalier, and I have to say that TB takes a lot longer to complete each lane than Cav did.
  • SearmenisSearmenis Posts: 1,477 ★★★★★
    Shamir51 said:

    Searmenis said:

    Shamir51 said:

    Searmenis said:

    Jwagg said:

    Wozzle007 said:

    For context, if you had a roster that could easily auto fight previously but now can’t, imagine what it’s like for those who previously could complete each month, but only by a little. Or maybe with a revive or two. This isn’t about Paragon and Thronebreakers who can’t auto fight the Master Equivalent quest. It’s about conquerer and low level uncollected who now can’t get through.

    Which they will grow into.
    They won't grow at all now because they can't complete things now that they used 100%, new people will just quit increasing the timeline for the death of the game.
    New people will grow and adapt, the same way we grow and adapt, and have done since the beginning of playing. If we all quit the second we couldn't do something 100% the day that it came out, there would be no game. This game has had an infinite number of "deaths", pretty much everytime something comes along that people are uncomfortable with. Life goes on, and so will the game.
    When we grew and adapted in the "beginning of playing", the difficulty was compatible with skill and rosters at that time and level of progression. At the moment, it is not for newer accounts, if they were skilled enough, they would have been at least Thronebreakers already. But, they are good enough for Uncollected.

    ... Or so they thought...

    You mention "compatible with skill and rosters at that time". I'm curious, do you see that rosters now develop at the same rate as yours did way back when?

    Just 1 post below yours is a newly minted cavalier. With 2 6* rank 3's. Not sure about you, but I didn't have any 6* rank 3's at cavalier. My first was when I beat Grandmaster. It is infinitely easier to get ahold of 5* and 6* shards now- and that's a fact.
    Yes, if you don't count the Christmas crystlas it is. A normal player who don't buy a bunch of GBcs or GCCs (don't forget the rng factor in them as well) don't get a 6 star before level 40. Let s not also forget that 80% of the player base is ftp, so having 2 6* rank 3 is not that usual, and, even if they do, they don't have the skills yet.
    But it’s not just banquet that gives greater access to shards and rank up materials is it. BG’s does, incursions does, AW and AQ also do.

    And getting rank 3’s is no longer the mission that it was when first introduced. It’s much easier to get them now.

    I’ve just seen a guy on global with a rank 3 6* duped Hercules. And he’s finding passing story 5.2.6 hard.
    Bgs are for Uncollected players and up, Conquerors that used to be able, with a struggle, complete the EQ uncollected now they can't. Also, Conquerors don't have access to 6* shards (I believe Uncollected as well) through Incursions, and most of them are in silver alliances at best.
  • JinxesaxeJinxesaxe Posts: 318 ★★★

    Kabam Jax said:

    Hello Summoners!

    tldr: The team is actively discussing this topic, we're hoping to know more soon.

    When we announced Thronebreaker difficulty was coming to the contest, we also announced there would be a rework to all the other difficulties as well.

    We've received a lot of feedback that the new difficulties feel overtuned, and is something I've experienced as well; it's something we have brought to the game team.

    Hi Jax
    Will there be any further feedback before the weekend on this?
    If it's going to get nerfed at some point would be good to know.
    Would not expect a nerf this month, friend. Maybe they’ll tune her down next month, but we’re stuck with this difficulty.

  • CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    Wait a min... I saw a ton of brag posts flexing their banquet pulls... From players of all progressions.. even conquerors getting top notch 6* champs... Well put them to use...
    Yay i pulled god tier champs.. oh no content is hard!! Rofl..
  • Ceti_EelCeti_Eel Posts: 52
    I may be off base but the game design is migrating more towards spenders and grinders and those who are already paragon. Probably not much financial benefit for the company to focus on the causal/FTP who aren’t spending lots of money or time in the game. So you either
    zuffy said:

    I don’t mind the extra grind for TB but it’s insane of a grind for the lower difficulty. It’s ridiculous that a team of R4 can’t auto fight conqueror.

    A cav player in my alliance can’t complete UC now.

    Same here.
  • JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 863 ★★★★
    Just played the easiest EQ and SQ missions and, dude, I think someone just missed up something and doubled and maybe cuadrupled some amounts of data, 3 star bosses doing 6 star lvl damage, kinda crazy hahahaha

    I think this was just a bug, not intentional, this is way hard for the low level players even right now when is way easier to get 5 stars for low level accounts, Im 1 R4 away from Paragon and I have a quite big roster so I just used some of my R1 that Im not used to play to have some fun and damn, for me is nice because I dont oneshot them life before but dude, this shouldnt be like this for the people that really need to do this difficulties
  • JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 863 ★★★★
    Coppin said:

    Wait a min... I saw a ton of brag posts flexing their banquet pulls... From players of all progressions.. even conquerors getting top notch 6* champs... Well put them to use...
    Yay i pulled god tier champs.. oh no content is hard!! Rofl..

    Doesnt matter what you pull if you cant lvl him up, I have maybe 20 champs that are going between R2 and R3 but I dont have enough ISO or Gold for them
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