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I wanted to see how Paragons feel about current matchmaking in Bgs so figured I'd ask this question to all of you.

Quick background, I'm end game player, have 100% all content (spend a little but very far from a whale) and before the "git gud" comments flood in, be advised that I have hundreds of gameplay vids on my channel showing I'm fine on the "git gud" category.

Last few seasons, with minimal effort I was out of victory track and in gladiator circuit within first week of BG season. Ive finished decently high top 1000 players in GC each season (without much effort) of BG.

This season, I've put in similar amount of effort but am still in gold. I know with more effort that will change soon and will change as the season goes on, but I can't help but feel this seems a bit unfair based on recent matchmaking changes.

Im fairly positive I'm not the only paragon or high prestige player in this situation and can't help but get annoyed when I see far weaker players who would get slaughtered against me already in GC because the matchmaking system matches weak players against weak players while strong players have to try and win several in a row against end gamers and massive whales in every tier starting in bronze.

This is the only game mode that I'm aware of that actually rewards players for having weaker accounts, avoiding rankups and avoiding prestige. It really doesn't make sense to me. It makes less sense since Kabam tries to do a very similar thing in AW seasons a couple years ago and it was a massive failure and resulted in far weaker alliances getting same or better rewards than much stronger alliances.

We are all competing for same rewards in BG (yes, stores have different prices but we competing for exact same rewards, to include exact same amount of battleground tokens) so why is it setup this way.

I know the lower players have to love this so I'm sure plenty of troll comments coming, but I'm curious to see how others in similar situations feel.

Personally, I feel like it's counterproductive on Kabams end doing it this way.


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    My win rate has been fairly consistent throughout all the seasons including this one. I have very high prestige but also a very large account with most niche options ranked. I haven't noticed any major difference in the types of people I match from last season
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    @Chatterofforums what is your channel, let's your gameplay
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    I have no problem with this, even if it ends up with some lower-level players initially getting ahead of me. What is the alternative? That they are matched against us and get steamrolled? I think you should get matched with people who have relatively similar roster (in the VT).

    GC will come. I'm also lagging behind and am only in Gold still, but both of us will probably reach it eventually. When we do, we are all on an equal playing field and lower-level accounts will get matched up against higher-level ones, and whoever is most skill will advance upward on the ladder. As it should be.

    The issues I've noticed the most have all revolved around lower-level players having a hard time in the VT since they keep getting tough matches that they can't get through. That has been a bigger problem for some of my alliance mates than any issues I've had myself with being matched with other Paragon players.
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    You know there is a problem with matchmaking, when your alt account reaches Gladiator Circuit, way faster than your main 😂
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    DoosraDoosra Posts: 359 ★★★
    Either I am losing my games, or winning ugly
    I don't enjoy it either, iam a paragon with 7 r4 and 1.7 m rating and I still struggle with bad draft rng
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    DeaconDeacon Posts: 4,138 ★★★★★

    i don't know about anyone else but i've only faced S T A C K E D accounts. i don't mind just that i wish i could get a sandbagger or two lol

    I'd say 90%+ of everyone I've faced starting back in bronze 3 has had at least a dozen r4 6 stars.
    yep sounds about right ... i'm fairly decent so i'm plugging along but still ... can I catch a break or easy win hahaha
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    JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    I was in GC 4 days in and with less solo points than previous seasons. Typically I would have around 300k points when entering GC using a mix of free elders marks and energy. I absolutely disliked the power burn nodes but somehow it worked out in my favour.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,334 ★★★★★

    I’ve been struggling last few days. I’m a low-end paragon (1.3M account) in Platinum 2 and getting matched against much larger 4M accounts.

    To be fair, 1.3M Paragon is unusual.
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    Dragoon81Dragoon81 Posts: 147 ★★

    I got to gold a few days ago and yes I have been struggling too suddenly.
    If I win then good if I dont I just consider it they had more skill/better luck/ or I made bad decisions.
    My roster this season has a bit more 5stars in it due to the meta.

    I dont really bother thinking about matchmaking. I match who I match and gotta defeat them to get up there in the rankings.

    Also I dont think they said matchmaking is done by prestige and dont think they will admit how it is done to keep people from abusing it.

    Based on testing it out (both myself and others Ive read/seen) , I am extremely positive matchmaking is set by either prestige or pi. Fairly positive it's set by brackets of pi or prestige and you face those in your pi or prestige bracket.

    Exceptions are made at higher tiers where there are less options and most likely for lower players to get matched with higher players, but this is extremely rare in lower tiers (making bronze, silver and gold harder than higher tiers for advanced rosters).

    Problem I see is I don’t match people below my Prestige I either match equal or above my Prestige. Example when in P3 I was having to fight players in P1 because it couldn’t find players in P3 that were the same or higher prestige? My account is 15k prestige, I typically fight people right at 16k prestige and they typically have hero ratings 1 million or better above mine thus much larger rosters.


    Last 3 fights

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    FiiNCHFiiNCH Posts: 1,664 ★★★★★
    I’ve not noticed a difference to my matchmaking throughout all seasons. I face weaker players and I face stronger players with whale accounts.

    I’d be interested in seeing a breakdown of your match history OP.
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    Dsc0721Dsc0721 Posts: 83
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    I have a fairly decent sized account and I have found this meta enjoyable and easier to climb through victory track than last meta. I’ve faced a ton of similar and more stacked accounts than mine with a few progressing accounts mixed in, my experience this meta is that I’m winning these matches in the draft phase, I think many summoners (of all levels) are struggling to wrap their head around how this meta works and what their deck should look like. I’ve had people who do out draft me make some super questionable choices with their defense choices and attacker choices as well. I think the reason is that the meta while simple on paper when applied to the champion pool as a whole makes the split second choices made in the ban and draft and placement phases much more complex than usual, as a result mistakes are made much more frequently (myself included).

    This meta even for bigger accounts requires a much higher amount of thinking than a lot of the previous victory track metas which makes it that much more difficult.
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    TeemoISBadTeemoISBad Posts: 12

    @Chatterofforums what is your channel, let's your gameplay

    Channel is MCOC AlBundyRules. I took over a year break but recently started it back up.

    Dang bruv, u got stacked account and gameplay looks alright... not sure how you struggling bruv. I got slightly lower account and mostlu match ppl same as you
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    Ngoalong711Ngoalong711 Posts: 306 ★★
    even though it just took me 5 days to get to GC but still i have to say the meta is suck. even week 2 is too specific. last season i would say :
    40% skill
    40% roster
    20% lucky
    This season :
    25% skill
    40% roster
    35% lucky
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    L0TUS_MANTISL0TUS_MANTIS Posts: 221 ★★

    It's absolute GARBAGE. 15.8k+ fights the entire VT is friggin AWFUL. Kabam is killing their best gamemode.

    Whats your prestige?
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