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Alliance War Compensation [merged]



  • Killdisplayed_Killdisplayed_ Posts: 26
    Hey kids, on go to the beach for the summer and get a job.
  • ahmynutsahmynuts Posts: 5,913 ★★★★★
    Bruh... i constantly have like 10 level 2 revives in overflow this is worthless
  • ActmanActman Posts: 16
    These keys are master stroke of Kabam. Instead of compensation, they gave us these keys so that we play the quest and spend some more units. I would accept it happily but not under the name of alliance war compensation. This is not acceptable.
  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,630 ★★★★★
    I actually got a bit excited at seeing more keys for gauntlet, but it seems like a really weird item/possibly an unintended compensation....

    Can we get confirmation that gauntlet keys were at least an intended part of compensation?
  • NeoDazarasNeoDazaras Posts: 102
    MCOC Players: It’s been really stale these past few months, we really need some new solo content to have some fun with.

    Kabam’s “New” Solo Content:
  • Rohit_316Rohit_316 Posts: 3,386 ★★★★★
    Why did we get normal revives in AW compensation ? This doesn't makes any sense at all . You guys kept AW down and now many haven't been able to build up their stash . We should have gotten AW revives and potions and 500k loyalty minimum.
  • Mknight123Mknight123 Posts: 276 ★★★
    Wait so we got guantlet keys for people who cant do guantlet? Bit silly. Also another thing I haven't received anything anyways and i was in my alliance for the duration of the alliance wars screw up however I did expect to get nothing since I recently left but I did miss out on loyalty too but whatever.
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