Major issues with recovery timings, dexterity, and all combat mechanics [Under Investigation]



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    @Sinister7th the game is becoming worse and worse,because of the people,like you.you support this dodgy way.
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    @Sinister7th go back and enjoy your perfect game and stop to troll here please.thank you!
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    I have learnt every skills,which needed to know,to play this game,block,parry,evade and intercept.they are useless now.i do not say that,it is impossible to beat heavy opponents.it is still possible.the question is that,am i enjoying the game like this and how much unit i will spend?do i like this dodgy way,do i like the boosted and cheater ai?not at all.do i want to grind too much for units,or to spend too much money,to spend it,because the ai is able to cheat?not at all.i guess,99% of the players are not enjoying the end game contents.
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    If you have no issues with this game,just do not make comments here @Sinister7th pretty simple.thank you.
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    ViciousJViciousJ Posts: 256
    Hi guys at @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf any update on the lags..
    Did you guys find the reason why lags happen or still “under investigation”.
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    MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 474 ★★★
    Agreed with post - lots of inconsistency in the timings.
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