Beta Test - Technical Issues Thread [PLEASE READ ORIGINAL POST FOR STATUS]



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    DAFkus wrote: »

    Restart, and nothing

    I haven't been able to get in since out started.
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    Less than 2 days left and still can't get in. Sucks.
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    So, what are your plans for the people who couldn’t get in throughout this whole beta?
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    I’ll take the survey when you let me actually do the damn thing.
  • Desde que inicio la prueba BETA solo me aparece próximamente, no he podido entrar, que necesito para ingresar
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    Cuando puedo ingresar???????
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    I haven’t been able to participate in the beta testing yet. Why invite people to test and then not let them do it? Smh
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  • Well still can’t get on stil but you want me fill in a survey for what how u can’t get on
  • And I have never switched devices ever so that’s not the problem
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    I waited but i still cant conect to the beta server, the survey button works well.
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    I still haven’t had a chance to play and I got invited
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    I am unable to be in beta server and i have not been invited for beta testing
  • I was invited, but never able to participate in the beta. It never worked (tried >10 times per day)

    Maybe next time. Perhaps?
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    Never was able to log in into beta. Username : lussiano1
  • Passed the World of Legends, using Luke cage and Red Hulk. Have Luke cage a little bit. Throws no more than 12 adverse effects. Damage good. And very happy that his invincibility can now be used several times per battle instead of once as before. Well, the rating would have him to raise and it is very low. And Red Hulk pleases the damage. Regeneration with 2 special attacks is very small. Only 6%. To increase at least to 10%. In General, change was good. Made them much better. I they will stop gathering dust and I'm going to play them. Thank you for the test
  • Красный Халк радует. Регенерация с двумя специальными атаками очень мала. Только 6%. Увеличте до менее 10%. В целом, изменение было хорошим.
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    Wow the beta is really good. Stil nothing to play next time good luck but I will not help you guys.
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    You sent me a message on my game asking me to remember to fill in my survey, I can not fill in a survey because I was never to access the beta site, so I cannot comment on something I don’t no about.
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    Completed ROL, forgot how much fun wolvy and BB are. Used Rulk for every fight except WS, BP and wolvy.

    Wolvy for obvious reasons, the others simply because of time.

    Wont get time to do much more than that since it took so long to get in, sorry to those who got screwed.

    Won't say too much yet as I'm sure I read somewhere that feedback should not be posted publicly until authorised but I will post my useless and uninformed opinions that are of no help to anyone except the few summoners who are worse than me when the opportunity arises.
  • 5 star hero now
  • (Kk (kkkkkkk
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    Adorei as mudanças, já estou ansioso para testar as mudanças no jogo principal !
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    if u dont mind we would like to see more regen with red hulk
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    Захожу в бета тест, и попадаю не в свой аккаут, в целом персов хорошо отредактировали, по крайней мере появления велось желание их использовать. А вот то что награды в реальный акк не перешли очень жаль
  • When all players get new beta update
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    @Kabam Miike We've got less than two days before the beta is over. Just out of curiosity, when should we expect these changes to be official? It'd be nice to see these implemented ASAP
  • Hey everyone

    Thanks so much for all of your feedback and comments! We've had a ton of interest and participation in the beta. As expected with any beta, we've also had a few hiccups along the way. We appreciate everyone's patience. At this point for anyone that hasn't been able to get in to play, we won't be able to add anyone else - the beta itself is soon coming to it's scheduled end. While not everyone was able to participate this time around, we look forward to running more betas in the future. It's been very valuable to get feedback and thoughts from our players on new changes! Thank you all for the excitement and encouragement on this topic!
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