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Beta Test - Technical Issues Thread [PLEASE READ ORIGINAL POST FOR STATUS]



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    SharkJawsSharkJaws Posts: 78
    mine says upcoming
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    StellarStellar Posts: 1,069 ★★★★
    Bash100000 wrote: »
    Stellar wrote: »
    Hi kabam,

    While the beta testing process we’ve been invited to is very nice (at least for those who can log in), there are a few things you could improve to make it better !

    You could make sure people have enough energy to tests your champion without having to wait for energy refill - and you did it by giving us 50 refil energy 👍 ! But because our inventory can only store up to 10 refills, the other went directly to the stash which is lock … maybe unlocking the stash would be a good idea 😉

    Testing champion is good but if one of your goal was to make us test them in the realm of legend, as you ask us in mail, you should give us enough catalyst, gold and iso to upgrade the champion we’re meant to test to their maximum rank and level. Why not giving us the possibility to dupe them and level their signature to their maximum as well

    Hope it will help you for futur beta testing

    I understand what your saying but I feel the idea here was to test a new version of our existing champs that we are familiar with so ranking up the new version would obviously be better than the current version in our roster. Assuming of course you use these champs. To compare apples to apples they want those of us who use these champ who know where they excel and fail in our current roster then take the new version of that champ at the same level and compare them. Mind I have been able to log into the beta test yet so as I was writing this it occurred to me that the new version champs may not match our current roster champs. If that is the case please let me know.

    They match our champion, same rank and level, but the rewriting of their signature make them really different.

    My Red Hulk is not duped, so it is hard to test the benefit of its signature on the game ! Hopefully i had an awakening gem so i could awaken him to see the benefits he gains.

    By the way, trying the RoL with and RH rank 3/30 is really hard and frustrating.
    I would have like to test him fully upgraded to see if he was really a new and nice addition or still a **** not worth if rank 4 or 5 :wink:
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    Cannot join beta as well. ID: SCHMOZ
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    Still unable to join beta id:xerograv1ty
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    Al2QAl2Q Posts: 66
    is there an option to resync the Beta with the original account?
    I upgraded my Rulk but its not showing in the Beta version. And my champs which were locked in AW are still locked there and cannot be accessed.
    Other than that I think the Survey's and the Data collected in the Beta version will be enough to know whether the changes are good or not. :)
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    @Kabam Miike I’m still not able to participate in the Beta because it’s grey out and it’s been over 2 days
    My in game name is Jon Wright
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    AnubisPGAnubisPG Posts: 4
    edited January 2018
    @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike
    January 12
    Also wanted to give a quick reminder that we'll only be able to use this method to help those who have already been invited to the beta and are just experiencing technical issues with accessing the beta. Additionally, I wanted to let everyone know that we won't be able to add anybody to the beta over the weekend, but will still be helping out before and after.

    It’s a holiday for some company this weekend, does this mean we won’t get into the beta until Monday or Tuesday?
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    Can’t get into beta to test. It’s been 2-3 days already and haven’t been able to log in once.
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    Deejay16Deejay16 Posts: 10
    Still cannot access.
    Username is DeeJay16
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    HatshipuhHatshipuh Posts: 146
    Almost 4 days in and can't access beta, submitted IGN yesterday, great organisation as always :smiley:
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    SR2108SR2108 Posts: 1
    анонс был более ввсоким чем то что я увидел в бета версии. Халк хорош, но я ниразу не увидел чтобы спец атаки1 или 2 были неблокируемы, заряды приэтом были минимум 5. а обещанной синергии с сорвиголовой у Кейджа тоже нет.
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    I was ready to use all my resources too. Can we receive units or a 5 star crystal?
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    @Kabam Miike been trying to get into beta since pop up started 3 days ago and still cant connect to beta servers, is this still intential? I must of tried 40-50 times to connect now
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    José_d_sJosé_d_s Posts: 3
    Toujours impossible de me connecter, c est dommage de faire croire qu on peut donner notre avis... Et très décevant de voir qu on ne pourra pas le faire.399mckfx1f9l.png
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    Can’t access. In game username: ProdigiousRug
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    If I rank up a champ for testing in beta will that transfer over to the game or will I still have those
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    I'm still unable to connect. Still getting 'could not connect to beta server' error
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    AjitmoAjitmo Posts: 10
    Starting to think I won’t get into this beta before the end. Been 4 days of trying the beta first before my main server every time I log in and no luck, now I see here in forums that anyone that’s been unable to access the server will have to wait thru the weekend and possibly thru the holiday on Monday as well. So best bet those of us on the outside looking in, if all issues are resolved we will get to possibly see 1 day of beta testing? And if you aren’t trying to get us in, could you just send us word that you have enough testers that made it in and to stop trying? Would make this whole process a bit less frustrating.
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    MovueMovue Posts: 1
    Unable to connect to beta server
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    Still can’t log in f5rxlngcr8vr.png
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    WattyWatty Posts: 17
    Just letting you no it’s been almost 4 days know and I’m still getting this not been able to test what’s so ever I can’t do or give you a survey if I don’t get to test
    User name Angus35
    I only have 1 account on 1 device
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    GK625GK625 Posts: 18
    I lost my beta hub altogether. In game name is GK625
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    LyncebestLyncebest Posts: 6
    Its weekend guys. Just Wait till monday
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    MareskaMareska Posts: 5
    kabam I asked a question that I really want an answer to. Will I be able to get the rewards from the beta test, such as the web slinger challenge in my main account?
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    Still unable to connect to sever!!
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    Mreyay2234Mreyay2234 Posts: 9
    Still cannot access in game name Mreyay
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    Mreyay2234 wrote: »
    Still cannot access in game name Mreyay

    Me too, is this normal?
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    Still not in, ign MADBROWN
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    LeeMLeeM Posts: 3
    I still can't get in why??
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    Hiç bişi anlamadım desem !!
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