Beta Test - Technical Issues Thread [PLEASE READ ORIGINAL POST FOR STATUS]



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    My status is still upcoming with survey and participate still grey. The countdown timer is still going though.
  • Lots85Lots85 Posts: 4
    Mets17 wrote: »

    Mine is the same
  • How long til everyone can use it? Mine is still greyed out
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    Hey Beta Testing Summoners!

    This thread is to report any technical issues that you may be having with the Beta Test program. Please report any problems that you encounter, and provide as much information as you can, including where the problem occurs, and if you have any reproduction steps (steps to make the problem occur).

    Note: If you are not yet able to enter the Beta Test, this is intentional, as we are still rolling entry to the Beta out. You can read more about this here:

    Status Update:

    We are still working on getting the Beta out to everybody, but this will be taken care of over the next hours, or day. Players that are seeing the Errors when trying to connect, this is because you also do not yet have access to the Beta, but are able to try and log into it for an unknown reason. You will also find your way over the next hours. Give it some time. Trying to log in over and over will not speed the process.

    The Auto-Fight issue should now be live in the mode so you can toggle it off if you were stuck with it on.

    The Orange Beta Hub button should be there for all Players.

    If you do not see the Auto-Fight Button, or are not able to find the Orange Beta Hub button, please let us know.

    Lastly, we had reports that players are using their Live energy in the the Beta servers, but this is not possible. It may be a case that when you account was added to the Beta, you did not have full Energy, but it is not possible for a completely different server to use Energy on a different one. If you do happen to find that this is happening, please send us screenshots or a video.

    Я не могу войти, кнопки входа не функционируют
  • Greyed out
  • все работает нормально, Пока тестирую люка, нравиться его изменения.
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    Same here. Am unable to login. The server keep saying "Could not connect to beta server".
  • I can't play beta. kaban stuff xD
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    I'll try again in the morning
  • Hi! I was logging into my acc and went in to try the beta. After 1 fight, i got dropped out of game, and account was banned due to suspicious activity??? So is this beta test a suspicious activity?
  • Restart the Game ans nothing still come too my Main Acc
  • I do not see the difference yet. I think beta is not active yet on my account and I have not received the beta reward or the message that it's activated at home but I see the yellow tab on my homepage is all
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  • 0qyd4o3tddds.png
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    I can Not testing....
  • I want to upgrade Luke Cage in the beta but I have no gold in my beta account. I think the beta account should come with the resources to upgrade the characters. These dont have to carry over into our main account. Ideally, you should provide rank-up tickets to take the champs up to max level so that we can compare with our favourites
  • I have luke cage 4/55 and how to start beta test let me know
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    Most of us dont know even prestige of 4/55 luke. This snap will help most of u guys. Bcoz none of us upgraded him. I did it though.
  • Lots85 wrote: »
    Mets17 wrote: »

    Mine is the same

    Me to i cant participate.. buttons are unavailable
  • Buttons “Participate” and “View” in beta test are hide for me
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    @Kabam Miike Please remove all other champions from beta

    Also, provide a way to add/remove awakening ability on RH & LC over beta account
    Also, provide a way to rank up champs in beta account, So we can fight all champions in ROL

    These are few of possible scenarios where testing can be done in a better way.

    Above things will help all beta users to check all aspects of these two champions.

    Also, i am confused if a user buy portions with those 10000 units will it be transfer or deduct to/from main account?
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    This is ridiculous.

    Will kabam ever roll out an update or beta or anything they have tested rigorously to stop things like this happening.

    Rolling it out bit by bit, what a load of rubbish. When you roll out an update every player gets it at once so why would a beta going to only select players need to be rolled out in stages.

    Kabam mike why make your lives harder for yourselves and suffer all the questions and abuse when everything you guys do fails and needs rectifying a dozen times before it works.

    Here’s a tip, test it and make sure it works before you make announcements and end up looking stupid when it doesn’t work. @Kabam Miike
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    I can’t get in, I press the participate button then starts loading then says can’t connect to beta servers, tried last night and this morning, then shut down and restarted still nothing, can I get some advice please.
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    @Kabam Miike Can't disable auto fight in main account
  • rohitbhati110rohitbhati110 Posts: 55
    @Kabam Miike Enable stash option on beta account

    All my 50 energies are in stash, and i can't claim them
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    Can't join. Why?

  • Bah !!! LV 60 and i can’t participate .... I’m disgusting
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    Wont let me do nothing. Time keeps restarting and won't give me option to go Beta or survey.edvq385ay6yr.png
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    What a huge mess... "here's an invite for beta, but most of those invited can't join..." haha "This is intentional" haha

    I actually delayed sleep to jump in & gave up after an hour... Thanks for wasting my time Kabam :neutral:
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