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  • Same thing happened with me too now next t4b shards r costing 600 something...kabam kindly look in
  • HB_617HB_617 Posts: 9
    Exact same thing me with me too
  • MrOnizukaMrOnizuka Posts: 121
    I normally only purchase stuffs using glory when there is less than 24h on the timer... yesterday when i last checked on the timer, it showed about 1days 12hours left till reset... but today when i wanna purchase something from glory store, it refreshed and its a new cycle.. is this the reason triggering these bugs and errors on glory store?
  • I spent more than required without realising because i always buy atleast 1 t4b + 1 glory crystal + 1 t1a + health potion every week
  • lpmastorlpmastor Posts: 19
    I have the same problem as others: made 2 T4B purchases, was overcharged on glory and am now at 7/10 purchases remaining. Could a notice be sent out so that those that have yet to make purchases don't have to come find this thread to learn this an acknowledged ongoing problem?
  • Any news on how it will be solved? I don't have much Glory credits and I would've liked to buy the T4B shards in order to upgrade my champions. A faster response would be very much apreciated.
  • Dezz_1Dezz_1 Posts: 118
    This is just sad.
  • Have we hit 24 hours of broken glory store??
    Is there any update other than:
    Kabam is aware.
    Kabam is working on it
    Deleting and reinstalling the #2 grossing game in Google play....
  • HexWarHexWar Posts: 24
    @Kabam Miike I wanted to use my glory points to buy T2A fragments to rank up a specific champ. I had planned and timed everything. Did all the math...made sure I had enough points to get the fragments I needed. Timed my ISO inventory to have expiry aligned with the rank up. Now, I have been overcharged in the glory store, don’t have the necessary T2A, have tons of ISO expiring in <24 hours. I have sent multiple tickets to support but get the same canned answer...”we are looking into and so..”

    Will Kabam reimburse all the ISO that expires because you overcharged me for T2A fragments, effectively preventing me from ranking up a champ on who I wanted to invest the ISO before expiry?

    I hope someone can respond on the team.
  • ZirarsonZirarson Posts: 22
    edited September 2018
    Same problem here. I buy 2 or 3 every time it resets because it gets too expensive after that.
    Today I saw it refresh to 10/10 with price indication as 1st purchase for my T2A fragments and T4B fragments only to find out they charge you more as if it never reset.

    It's like "here is an item for 800 glory but I will charge you 1300 once you press 'buy'."

    Response to my ticket was that they were investigating the issue and cannot answer individually.
    Hope that they will do some kind of group compensation for all the people that were affected.
  • _fr3do__fr3do_ Posts: 48
    Yup purchased tier2 alfa. One bought but now it says I bought 2 and next cost is more than it should be
  • Same this is happening to me too
  • I have had the same for about a month now but it was t1 alphas
  • Can some tell me how to fix it so I can finally buy alphas again
  • Same here. I went to purchase 3 T4BC shards and said insuficient funds.
    Then it took the 3 from the store and said I had 7/10 left to purchase without giving them to me.
    Very annoying especially when trying to r5 someone.
  • Same thing happened to me. Said 10/10, purchased 2, went to 5/10 and charged me for the 4th and 5th buy. Missing out on half of a t4bc now... Got totally ripped off to a bug.
  • Yesterday I purchased 2 T4B's with Glory. It said insufficient funds and took my glory plus I didn't get the T4B's.
  • Enigma50Enigma50 Posts: 55
    Guys relax, this is obviously a complicated problem, otherwise they would have solved it by now.
    The difficulty of the problem can't be compared to taking out a revive in 1.1.5 or Magik's constant power steal. You can however compare it to the difficulty of Rhino's dash showing unblockable again, or to the donation bug which took 3 months to fix a while ago.
  • Ch1efsterCh1efster Posts: 475 ★★★
    Same issues here. I just bought 1 T4B fragments because I saw it was reset and it went down to 7/10 left to purchase. Wish I saw this thread beforehand and would have double checked before I bought.
  • Ashok1504Ashok1504 Posts: 38
    I got the same issue, I bought 2 t4b as usual and it showed that it costs 960 glory points but after I purchased it I lost 1356 glory from balance. I tried restarting too and it didn't fix it either. :|
  • Still broke! Am I or are any of us getting reimbursed for the extra glory spent? This really sucks Kabam
  • TensioTensio Posts: 158
    image of glory store before exchanging and glory points - sjdi3jle1kre.png

    image of the cost of 4 t2a shards - shwan5h0o1mi.png

    Glory points after bought them - hponuqp4u28h.png

    Simple numbers
    Glory points 6902 - cost 3752 = 3150 should have had but only have now 1946
    Extra cost of 1204 glory point

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious waiting for an answer
  • We're working on getting this resolved, everyone. Once we have more information on the proceedings for this, we'll update the thread. Thank you for your continued patience!
  • Same happened to me...
    Tried to buy five but could only buy three, (one by one), when I had enough for five initially!
    Not kool Kabam!!
  • TensioTensio Posts: 158
    We're working on getting this resolved, everyone. Once we have more information on the proceedings for this, we'll update the thread. Thank you for your continued patience!

    Ok @Kabam Vydious but expected a different solution for people with this mistake than the solution with aq that have been announced now

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