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  • @Phantom4 They changed it. That's a different message and different color. They mentioned it after the "Enlistment/Matchmaking" sentence and before the "exploring the cause" one. It was also more like a cream or banana shade of yellow, instead of the honey or butterscotch shade it is now.
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    I didnt get awards from the arena. I think its possible my mail might be bugged as well as collecting rewards.
  • Same with me
  • ezgoingezgoing Posts: 269 ★★
    Kabam, 4 more days before my rewards expire from my stash, you guys better fix this claiming bug by then.
  • Broly0930Broly0930 Posts: 13
    Anyone else still not able to claim rewards thay were locked during this weekend bugs?
  • HobospyHobospy Posts: 80
    Yep, guessing they will get to it at some point, not like they are going anywhere anytime soon for my ones
  • DERTDERT Posts: 2
    Ye fantastic friend objective can’t be taken - next level not available. Same as many others. Will it be a ‘blanket’ fix?
  • Anakin83Anakin83 Posts: 30

    We are aware this is still on-going, y'all. We are working to get this resolved and fixed so you can collect the rewards that you are owed. Some of you may see your rewards jumping into your stash, this is a temporary means of aiding in keeping everything together so you don't miss out. When we have a solution, we'll update everyone!

    I need the mutant iso that are waiting for claim!
    I rank up my colossus, there is level up event. I had to use some basic iso because I had not enough mutant isos.
    So, do you give us more gold for this issue?
  • Does this problem get fixed yet? I need my 1000 5* crystal shards
  • BA_OU812BA_OU812 Posts: 3
    @Kabam Vydious
    Can we get a status? Also, in the event this is not fixed prior to items that can’t be claimed, can you explain how you will provide our earned rewards.
  • Having the same problem with collecting the reward.
  • kfd2010kfd2010 Posts: 423 ★★
    I trust I'll get the rewards I can't collect currently.

    But man, that consistent notice in the lower right hand corner is going to nag at me
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    I’m still having issues with collecting rewards.. this one in particular

    Can kabam please check it out while fixing the AW issues.. thanks
  • why i m not able to claim my rewards from the stash... this time bugs r just unstoppable... frustrated.. 😑😑😑😑
  • omar92omar92 Posts: 2
    I still can’t claim the crystals!!!! Comooon
  • hmdemerahmdemera Posts: 77
    Still can claim my objective reward. I trust you'll get it fixed soon, Kabam.
  • I still can't claim my Crystal!!
  • DrJ_9DrJ_9 Posts: 4
    I know this is a known issue - just annoyed because it is fairly significant reward and I just want this posted as a note
  • DrJ_9DrJ_9 Posts: 4
    Picture attached (maybe)
  • Titan_slayerz84Titan_slayerz84 Posts: 16
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  • same problem and I need those shards like asap
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    Same ....we were told we would be able to claim them but now i cant . How is that anyway like what kabam said .....dont worry they will be there to collect...thats what you said KABAM....
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    Same here
  • TimeTravelerTimeTraveler Posts: 41
    Several days have passed and we are still unable to claim the rewards.
    Kabam, how long will it take for you to come up with a solution? We need an update on this issue.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Zibiit

    The delay to provide a fix and an update is very disrespectful.

  • Wanted to drop in and assure you all once more that we are in talks about correcting this across the board. We apologize for the wait and the frustration, but super appreciate the patience while we determine the best fix.
  • There’s two days left in my stash rewards that I’m unable to claim due to the past game issues that accord. Am I going to lose those rewards?
  • Dmo1973Dmo1973 Posts: 42
    Starting to think this isn't going to be fixed before the awards age out of my stash. I know 500 5* shards isn't the end of the world but those shards are hard enough to come by that - makes the situation even more aggravating. It's been nearly a week, and it doesn't feel like Kabam is putting any urgency into fixing this. Vydious's response was the first thing we'd seen in what- 2 or 3 days?
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    can't claim my reward.
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    Hi there
    @Kabam Miike , or any moderator who is active, other issues are solved regarding claiming of rewards,but i am unable to claim items from the stash even if there is enough space in the inventory
    Here's the video proof:
    What shall i do??

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