the new black market

thanks, i hate it.

also, how about you go ahead and fix the price of that legendary crystal before i laugh so hard my eyeballs fall out. thx.


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    The 5k four star shards for a 80% chance to get a four star is not worth it.
    Doing the math if I open 5 crystal on average I will get 120 5k iso(300,000 gold) and 2200 5 star shards and a 5 star which will be a dupe and 275 6 star shards.
    Vs 25k 4 stars shards which will be 300 5k (750,000 gold) and 6875 5 star shards.

    If you ever put in the 5 star selection crystal where you get to pick 1 of 3 champs I would be all over that.

    Note I have 110 5 stars I only have to explore, 6.2,6.3 and abyss did completion on all of them. I am only missing human torch for abyss.
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    The legendary crystal should be a MAX of 3000 four star shards, but it really should be 2,000 four star shards since you are more likely to pull a four star anyways

    Completely agree. 5k is way too expensive for an 80% chance to end up waisting shards.
    3k should be the price. Much more reasonable
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    certainy not renewing my sigil
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    @Vartox we didn't lose the chance to purchase 1k 5* shards. They changed the refresh period on them.
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    A lot of the things are on a 7-day instead of 14-day refresh, so that does matter: the 5* shards refresh every week now, so you get 2 a week instead of 1.5 a week (assuming you have the 4* shards to afford it)
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    According to the chart it shows Legendary at 14 days
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    We appreciate any constructive feedback you can offer. Simply saying "thanks, i hate it" doesn't really tell us what your full thoughts are. Thanks in advance for clarifying!

    @Kabam Vydious

    Let me explain it this way...let’s there was a dinner buffet you kinda liked, they had some stuff there, but just enough to keep you coming back. Then one day you went to this buffet, the the stuff you liked wasn’t there anymore, and was replaced with something you’d never put on your plate. And when you asked management, why? You got one of these 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Don’t frequent buffets, Same here...

    Or let’s say you signed up for those monthly Prize Crates where, and $10 a month was just enough to keep you subscribed. And one month you opened the box and the stuff you actually liked getting was cut in half and replaced with a board game, something you’d never use. And when you asked why? You got one of these 🤷🏼

    Don’t subscribe to that stuff, me neither...

    Ok, let’s say you go to a gym, and for $10 a month, it’s open all day and night. Small place, but you were able to do cardio and lift weights and do aerobics, you used all day you walked in, and one of the three aspects was replaced with something you’d never use. When you asked why, you got one of these 🤷‍♀️

    Don’t work out?

    Ok, np, let’s say you purchased a monthly bus pass, and rather than taking you to your destination where you had to walk three blocks, now you gotta walk a 6-blocks even though the driver passes your old drop off, and when you asked why...well, hopefully you get the point by now.

    You took something that most people barely felt was worth buying due to the fact that you have to use items to level up champs and go through resources like crazy just to even make it worth buying and made it worse.

    Hope that helps
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    @Nabz034 do u realize most of the items r refreshed every 7 days now so we end up getting more than we previously did?
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    Plinko said:

    5k 4*shards for an 80% chance at a 4* champ. With your "RNG", that's almost a guaranteed 4* for almost double the price for paying customers on a mobile game. If you can't understand what is wrong with that then nobody can help you.

    I accidentally typed almost double. It's more than double the cost. That's what is disgusting about it.
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    I was originally taken aback by the cost of the legendary but if 4*s are your goal then it isn't for you. However if 5*s are your goal you’re trading 4-8% of a 5* crystal for a 20% chance at a full 5*; This depends on how often you’ll pull a 4* max sig crystal.
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    CJDorro12 said:

    I’m sorry but how can you guys change the terms of the contract (change the store items) when so many people paid for the existing setup? I think you guys need to reimburse your customers and start over. That’s a bunch of **** changing the items after the fact. I will be asking for a refund because the value is just not the same now.

    Lmao it’s better value though....
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