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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • ArtALCAArtALCA Posts: 31

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  • MulticatkidはいMulticatkidはい Posts: 11

    Okoye (Skill) the general of the Dora Milaje. One of the main fighting characters in the Black Panther movie and she is a black female (only 1or 2 in the game maybe) she is one of the most skilled fighters in DC. She Will definitely bring a different flavor to the game especially for skilled champions. I know there are so many characters in the marvel universe but I believe this is a must. As you can see I don't have a list of 100 characters. I need some more skilled champions and she would be perfect!

    I’m sorry to say that this is a marvel game.

  • MulticatkidはいMulticatkidはい Posts: 11
    m3chan1c said:

    Please no more endgame or infinity war versions of existing characters. I am sick of all spidermans or iron mans. Give us new characters. If it needa to be variation of existing character why not Cosmic Ghsot Rider or Beta Ray Bill? Even Red Goblim would be cool.

    If Kabam decide to ever put Professor X into contest I hope for new version from House of X storyline

    Yea I personally want more notable villains like wipelash, the leader, immortal hulk abomination(Nightmare fuel) and absorbing man. Or especially and what a ton of people are asking for are the rest of the freaking sinister six. Maybe they’ll finish it when the sinister six movie comes out, but I’m with I’m tiered of echo fighters.
  • MulticatkidはいMulticatkidはい Posts: 11
    I’m with you sorry I messed up the grammar at the end
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    War of the Realms characters?

    Like Malekith and Enchantress?
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    The Warriors Three

    A new Phoenix force character

    Cosmo could be cool

  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    More Kree characters could be cool too
  • sest22sest22 Posts: 933 ★★★
    the character Kree that is playable. and with a shang tsung style. with something akin to Mr Sinister's ability. with each fight he gains the ability to transform into defeated enemies for a few seconds. it would be great.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    sest22 said:

    the character Kree that is playable. and with a shang tsung style. with something akin to Mr Sinister's ability. with each fight he gains the ability to transform into defeated enemies for a few seconds. it would be great.

    I think you thinking of Skrulls, they’re the shapeshifters. The Kree are the ones who fight them and have the Accusers (like Ronan)
  • MulticatkidはいMulticatkidはい Posts: 11
    I’ve been wanting super skrull for a while
  • Another_NameAnother_Name Posts: 180
    alrighty chums, we need noir vulture (true nightmare fuel)
  • Notsavage19Notsavage19 Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★


    Class: Mystic

    Signature Ability

    Soul Absorption
    As she absorbs more souls, her inner demon grows stronger, giving her more abilities.
    If Satana knocks an opponent out, she gains a soul. Max 6.
    1 soul: Satana reduces the opponent's attack rating by 30% and their ability accuracy by 40% if they are male.
    2 souls: While the opponent is suffering from a Hellfire passive, their controls are inverted.
    3 souls: When a Hellfire passive expires, Stun the opponent for 1 second.
    4 souls: When under a Hellfire passive, opponents lose 2% of their max power every second.
    5 souls: If the opponent triggers any buff while suffering from a Hellfire passive, Satana regenerates 405 health over 4 seconds.
    6 souls: If the opponent has an active buff, Satana gains 5% of a bar of power for the duration of that buff.


    When facing Male opponents, gain +45% attack rating and +50% ability accuracy.

    Deals 1302 energy damage over 6 seconds.
    Deals 50% more damage to non-dimensional beings. Deals 50% less damage to dimensional beings.
    Power Locks the opponent for the duration of the passive if they are a non-dimensional being.

    Basic Attacks
    10% chance to inflict a Hellfire passive.

    Heavy Attacks
    100% chance to inflict a Hellfire passive.

    When Satana would be knocked out
    Once per fight, Satana instantly regenerates up to 40% health based on her power meter.

    Special Attack 1
    Refreshes all Hellfire passives on the opponent.

    Special Attack 2
    Deals an extra 40% as energy damage.

    Special Attack 3
    Satana gains +1047 attack for 6 seconds while the opponent is Power Locked and Heal Blocked for the same amount of time.
  • Xxshinrazxx_2020Xxshinrazxx_2020 Posts: 2
    How about Blue Marvel!! Who better to fight the Heralds of Galactus?
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    Addition to Smash Bowl synergy
    She Hulk: gains true accuracy for the duration of each fight
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    edited May 2020


    Cool champion!

  • FungamesFungames Posts: 1
    My wishlist
    Captain Italy
    Adam van helsing
    Crystalia amaquelin
    Cullen bloodstone
    Colleen wing
    Daniel drumm
    The divine wolf
    Cindy 65
    Tactical force
    Vox supreme
    Wolf Waco
    Madame web
    Kashmir vennema
    Mordred the evil

  • Redwing568Redwing568 Posts: 1
    My wishlist
    Power princess
    Adrienne frost
    Miss sinister
    Hangman (Roland)
    Mac mangel
    Number none
    Ultimate juggernaut
    Dark matter
    Charlotte witter
    Master pandemonium
    Michael English
    Death locket
  • DgbwingDgbwing Posts: 1
    My character wishlist are the fallowing.

    Vaughn the cancerverse’s quasar (Wendell Vaughn)
    Lord mar-vell
    Abraham van helsing
    Dirk anger
    Knight errant
    Mettle (ken Mack)
    Doctor demonicus
    The revenant
    Hope pym (red queen)
    Flying tiger
    Hangman (Krueger)
  • Blueberry306Blueberry306 Posts: 1
    My character wishlist
    Black Tom Cassidy
    Captain Spain
    Black cat
    Adam warlock
    Morbius the living vampire
    Malekith the accursed
    Lady sif
    Bor burison
    Gorr the god butcher
  • DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 37
    Señor Spice
    Class Skill or science
    (This is a custom character that would appear in a contest first, much like a guillotine)

    When taken into a new Weapon X program by mistake he was taught to fight and to protect his friends, until the day that people started to disappear he rose from the Weapon X base to find a world void of heroes so he chose to become a hero… for the right price that is. After so many experiments he found that he had gained the power to be 100% explosion-proof and the fire only makes him stronger.

    Signature Ability
    Señor Spice is a bomb and as such has a short fuse, at the start of the fight Señor Spice has a timer that ticks down slowly over 20 seconds whenever Señor Spice is hit the timer goes up by 5 seconds however if the timer reaches zero then Señor Spice explodes dealing an X amount of damage for every Ember on the opponent.

    If Señor Spice would be inflicted by incinerating it becomes a passive furry granting X increased damage for 5 seconds and is refreshed when another incinerate is placed.

    Medium Attack
    Señor Spice has a 25% chance to place a Spice or Stick Shot onto the opponent.

    Spice and Stick Shot
    Spice Shot is a debuff that lasts 6 seconds and acts much like an incinerate dealing X damage per tick however, it can still affect incinerate immune champions as long as they do not have a class advantage in which case this does no damage but is still placed.

    Stick Shot prevents evasion and but not unstoppable, if the opponent tries to evade they will become stunned for 3 seconds instead, consuming one of the stick shots. Stick Shot last for 6 seconds

    If the opponent is inflicted by both Spice and Stick Shot at the same time both are purified and replaced with an Ember(Max stack of 5) dealing X damage, the amount of damage does not increase with every Ember.

    If the opponent is hit by a heavy attack under the influence of Ember, all Embers on the opponent will be transferred to Señor Spice and become either orange(Max stack 3), blue (Max stack 5), or green(Max stack 1).

    Orange acts as a furry increasing Señor Spice damage by X.

    Blue increases Señor Spice’s armor rating by X.

    Green allows Señor Spice to regenerate X per tick.

    These are permanent until purified by Señor Spice or the opponent.

    Special 1
    Señor Spice aims his pepper pistols at the sky and shoots twice(if the opponent is not blocking when he does this they become stunned for 3 seconds) after which he aims both pistols at the enemy and fires three times.

    If this hits the opponent then they are inflicted with 3 stick shots.

    Special 2
    Señor Spice starts by shooting his opponent in the eyes with his spicy pepper sauce blinding the opponent then he kicks the opponent backwards while he grabs an explosive pepper grande and launches it at the opponent.

    If all parts of this hit the opponent then an Ember is placed, if the opponent is blocking then Señor Spice becomes indestructible and unstoppable until hit.

    Special 3
    Señor Spice Points his guns at the enemy as if he was going to shoot however, places them into his holsters instead. He then turns and begins to walk away while eating some of his explosive peppers as the opponent approaches confused Señor Spice points both of his pistols at the opponent and shots covering them in a stick shot then turns around and breaths fire onto the opponent.

    If his signature ability is active, Señor Spice fuse is cut short so short in fact that after using this attack he removes all Embers on himself and transverts them into X energy damage for every Ember he has.

    If his signature ability is not active he loses all of the Embers on himself but because he cannot explode he implodes instead making him unbreakable and unstoppable for 10 seconds.

    If you can draw and like this idea place attach this to a picture of what you think Señor Spice should look like.
  • DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 37
    I made this Character not because they already exist, but because they don't. If no one throughs there Ideas out then the marvel universe will no longer expand. so what if I can't write comic books I have ideas that I want to share whether or not they are ever going to become realized. I know that Señor Spice is a silly character idea but so is hit monkey and Howard the Duck. So I hope that you can accept my strange character for his strangest qualities and that if you have ideas that you share them because more then likely your ideas are great.
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