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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • green_arrow_8green_arrow_8 Posts: 189

  • My wishlist
    Morbius the living vampire
    Sentinel X (Shogo lee)
    Cecilia Reyes
    Kate pryde
  • My wishlist
    Blue marvel
    Iron Maiden
  • My wishlist
    Lady death
    Kraven the hunter
    Beta ray bill
    Shadow king
    Captain Britain
  • Blue marvel
    Omega sentinel
    Modi thorson
    Sebastian Shaw
    Madam masque
  • DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 35
    The Leader
    Class science with tech like abilities
    Size Small

    Signature Ability
    The Leader unlocks his latent psychic abilities decreasing the time it takes to mind control the opponent by 1 second for every hit that makes contact(this does not apply to gamma beings), and all none contact attacks ignore armor rating.

    When fighting against lower life forms The Leader gains a pride debuff that prevents him from evading out of his own ignerans. (Lower life forms include hulk, gladiator hulk, abomination, man thing, rino, and juggernaut.)

    When fighting like minded opponents he gains intelligence twice as fast.

    All technological weapons start with a 50% chance to place concussion, poison, armor break, or shock debuff(view Tech Attacks below for more information.)

    Mind control tech
    As The Leader fights he attempts to take control of the opponent's mind, so every 7 seconds the opponent will falter for 2 second increasing to 4 seconds when Intelligence is at 100.

    When fighting Abomination he becomes mind controlled for twice as long.

    Juggernaut, Magneto, and Professor X are immune to mind control.

    Mental Aptitude
    With his mighty mind he has many Mental Aptitudes, each Aptitude is passive and recharge in different ways, and are permanent until put into cool down.

    Pattern Recognition: The Leader can see patterns in the way his opponent attacks, if attacked by the same attack twice(unless he is blocking) The Leader will evade and passively stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds, recharge over 5 seconds.

    Mental storage and retrieval: The Leader has an amazing memory and can retrieve past thoughts, Activates when the opponent lands a critical attack(even if it is blocked), knowing the strike he now prevents the opponent from dealing critical damage. Enters cool down if The Leader is knocked down for 10 seconds and must be reactivated.

    logical and philosophical structuring: Using his understanding of the universe and the way that it works he analyzes the situation, The Leader must do nothing for 1.5 seconds for this to activate, While active all of The Leader’s attacks are critical and the opponent can not evade or auto block, The Leader’s attacks can not miss. This is deactivated when the opponent reaches a combo of 10, or 20 if the opponent has a class disadvantage, the cool down is 7 seconds.

    Every 2 seconds(4 seconds when fighting someone with class advantage) The Leader gains 5 intelligence, the more intelligent the more damage his technology does and the higher chance for The Leader to place debuffs.(max Intelligence 100)

    Intelligence falls by 10 anytime the opponent purifies a debuff.

    Every 5 intelligence The Leader’s technological weapons do X more energy damage and increases the chance to place a debuff by 2.5%.

    Intelligence is passive and permanent.

    If Intelligence is at 100 special 2 is unblockable and special 3 places one of each kind of debuff.

    Intelligence falls by 15 when a Mental Aptitude is put into cool.

    Tech Attacks
    Tech attacks do X more energy damage for every unique debuff on the opponent.

    Attacks that use tech are as follows: medium, heavy, and special 1 are ray gun attacks and can place poison or shock, and poison deals X damage every tick over 7 seconds with a max stack of 5, shock deals X damage over 4 seconds with a max stack of 5.
    Special 2 and light attacks 2 and 5 are mental attacks which are non-contact and can place concussion or armor break, concussion reduces ability accuracy by 50% for 5 seconds with a max stack of 1, armor breaks lower armor rating and block proficiency by X for 7 seconds with a max stack of 3.

    Special 1
    Using tactical retreat The Leader throws a flash grenade to the ground(stunning the opponent for the duration of the special if they blocked the grenade) he then jumps back and uses his lazer pistols to shoot a barrage of shots at the opponent.

    Power drains 15% of the opponent's power if they are directly hit by the lazers and 30% if the opponent is stunned.
    Special 2
    Using The Leader’s mind control he forces Abomination to jump into the fight and attack the opponent ending his cambo with a head butt and then he jumps out of the fight.

    Every hit that makes contact will place a poison that lasts 5 seconds and deals X damage per tick.

    Special 3
    The Leader points a button at the opponent and then presses it, after a few seconds a portal opens above the opponent and a robotic exoskeleton falls and pins the opponent to the ground. The Leader rises from the back and slowly enters the suit using to first throw the opponent against the wall after that it shoots two beams from each shoulder, then The Leader sets up the bot to fly into the wall and self destructed and fires himself out of the the machine to preserve his life as the bot finishes its final attack.

    Power burns the opponent for half of the power that they currently have.

  • Blue marvel
    Black knight
    King Hyperion
  • Adam warlock
    Deacon frost
  • Franklin Richards
    Beta ray bill
    Silver samurai
  • BluebagerBluebager Posts: 1
  • Maybe we could add more champions that could be tagged under Guardians of the Galaxy (like that Flag guy and Mantis) or from the 1969 team (Vanca Astro, Charlie-27, Nikki, Martines, Starhawk, Talon, etc).

    btw, Yondu was part of the OG Guardians of the Galaxy, and some had a cameo in GOTG2 as the ravegers.
  • Hyperstorm
    Malekith the accursed
    Black Tom Cassidy
    Lady sif
    Ezekiel stane
    Machine man
    Hannibal king
  • Science:

    Weapon H
    Wasp (Nadia Pym)
    Spiderwoman (Ashley Barton)
    Wonder Man
    Devil Hulk
    Red She-Hulk
  • Lady sif
    Lady deathstrike
    Captain Britain
    Adam warlock
    Modi thorson
    Red shift
  • Immortus
    American son
    Mister M
    Kingo sunen
  • DoppelgangerDoppelganger Posts: 35
    Exhort(a fan made character)
    Class Mutant
    Size Medium

    Signature Ability
    Exhort grants 15% less energy to the opponent when striking or when being struck.

    Exhort’s genes are constantly changing any debuff placed on Exhort has a 10 % chance to cause Exhort to gain an energize buff that lasts 10 seconds and increases combat power rate by 20%, the chance of this being is increased by a flat 10% for every Gene that is active.(max stack 1)

    Exhort Starts the fight with 3 inactive genes(no duplicates) of these 6 types Mutant, Skill, Science, Cosmic, Mystic, and Tech when active they gain different abilities which are as follows:

    Mutant: When active causes all other Genes to increase in potency by 50% and the opponent's ability acurricy to fall by 50%.

    Skill: When Active any debuff placed on Exhort is 45% shorter and has a 15% chance of not being placed at all.

    Science: When active if the opponent is close to Exhort they are afflicted by a poison debuff that deals X damage per second and is removed when the opponent is far from Exhort.

    Cosmic: When active rotate between a furry that lasts 12 second that increases attack rating by X, and an armor that lasts 12 second and increases armor rating by X.(If purified it goes into cool down for 7 seconds and then returns to its rotation.)

    Mystic: When active places a fate seal on the opponent that lasts 7 seconds then goes into cool down for seven seconds and then returns.

    Tech: When active medium attacks are non-contact and grant no power to the opponent, non-contact attacks power drain 5% power.

    If a special 1 is used any non-active Genes are removed and randomly replaced with any other non-active Gene.

    If a combo is ended with a medium attack move the first Gene(the one closest to the left) to the far right.

    When Exhort Mutates he activates the Gene closest to the left that is not already active. Exhort Mutates when he hits the opponent with a heavy attack or is hit by a heavy attack.

    If all the Genes on Exhort are active then he becomes a Superorganism.

    As a Superorganism he regenerates all health lost by a damaging debuff when the debuff expires. He no longer can be harmed by light attacks however takes X more damage from special attacks, but resists the last hit.

    Special 1
    Exhort transforms his hand into a gun after which he shoots the opponent, he then teleports above the opponent and slams down on them.

    If Exhort is a Superorganism the opponent is granted no power from this attack.

    Special 2
    Exhort releases an energy beam from his hands, after which he Splits using mitoses so that he can throw his clone at the opponent and detonate it.

    If Exhort is a superorganism every hit in this special is critical.

    Special 3
    Exhort teleports in front of the opponent and grabs them by the neck, he then flies upwords high in the sky and begins to release energy at an accelerated rate as he becomes a living sun, he then uses all of the energy to fire a beam of pure solar energy at the opponent sending them back to the ground below.(this attack is entirely energy damage)

    If Exhort is a Superorganism all Genes are deactivated and randomized however this attack deals a burst of physical damage equal to the damage of this attack.

  • Deez_TroyDeez_Troy Posts: 8
    Its worth a shot -This is what would razzel my dazzel to see tussel in a match one day.

    1) Lizard AND Scorpian
    2) Sandman AND Hydroman (Summer)
    3) Lasher AND Scream
    4) Absorbing Man
    5) Infinite Stones Iron Man
    6) Iron Spider
    7) Dr. Karl Lykos (Sauron)
    8) Morph

  • Escanor3Escanor3 Posts: 4
    ONSLAUGHT would/ should by far be one of the coolest and best ever to enter the contest!!! Immeasurable strength with the abilities of professor x, magneto, nate grey and franklin richards!! Beyond omega level, I strongly suggest!!!
  • Deder80Deder80 Posts: 157
    Pleas update Antman.

    Antman should should be and have more abilities and be little more powerful. Come on Kabam!
  • Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 48
    I have suggestions for champions to enter in the contest but will only mention 3 of each class, I will also suggest the the next Character Theme. I noticed in 2019, They released all the FF over the year. 2020 it was galactus Heralds. 2021 has two main options in my opinion. I would like to see the U-Foes (Vapor, Vector, X-ray, and Ironclad) introduced in the year. The next best option I think would four new horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    I will not include anyone in the Chose the Champion contest. I want to continue brand new options. now onto the suggestions by class starting with :
    COSMIC: Moondragon, Quasar, Super Skrull
    TECH: Viv Vision, Deathlocket, Arcade
    Mutant: Shadowcat, Rictor, Justice (Vance Astro)
    Skill: Shang-Chi, Patriot (Rayshaun Lucas) ,Black Cat
    Science: Silk, Speedball, Scorpion
    Mystic: Snowbird.Silver Dagger, White Fox
  • Tech:

    Leap Frog
    Death's Head
    Brain Drain
  • Toxin
    Blue marvel
    Recorder 451
    Recorder RE-404

  • Escanor3Escanor3 Posts: 4
    Symbiote Spider-Man could use a serious overhaul. Way underperforming compared to his actual character.
  • Mystic:

    Pip the Troll
  • 060295060295 Posts: 47
    edited November 2020
    I know people say that they are tired of spiderman variants but for some it's never enough!!! Can you plz add classic superior spiderman suit also known as superior spiderman suit 1!!!

  • Captain Universe

    Blue Hulk
  • Wildone888Wildone888 Posts: 1


    The griever at the end of all things

    Donald Blake
  • MaskedCAPMaskedCAP Posts: 12
    * Captain America (end game)
    * Class mystic
    * bio:
    the super-soldier has proven himself worthy of wielding the mighty hammer Mjölnir, command over lightning, , Cap is a born leader of humans, heroes, and gods, all the while continuing to do what he believes is right — saving the world one clandestine mission at a time.
    * Tags
    #Defensive: Utility
    #Size: M
    * Signature ability: Unbreakable will
    While Heavy Attack Charging
    cap activates charge for the next 5 second(s), reducing all damage by 50%, plus +1% for each Safeguard
    Once this ability finishes, it goes into cooldown and cannot be reactivated for 20 seconds.
    Unbreakable will will also trigger when cap is Stunned.
    Unbreakable will will also trigger when the Opponent would deal 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Basic Attack, or 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Special Attack Hit. This trigger ignores the ability cooldown.
    * Abilities
    ** Safeguard
    Captain America’s vibranium shield can store up to 10 charges. He will not generate any new charge while at this limit.
    50% Chance when Blocking to gain +1Safeguard. This chance increases to 100% on a Well Timed Block.
    100% Chance when Stunned or when cap stun the opponent to gain +1 Safeguard.
    Safeguard falls off over time, falling off faster the longer its been since it last increased.
    100% chance to Nullify Unstoppable Buffs when striking the Opponent.
    +30% chance to cause Opponent’s attacks to Glance. Glancing Hits cannot be Critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% Offensive Ability Accuracy. This chance increases by 100% against Mystic and cosmic Champions.
    10 charges makes his attacks unblockable
    Entering this Safeguard has a 100% chance to Purify a Debuff by consumin
    ** Fractured shield
    Each Safeguard increases Perfect Block chance by 5%. Perfect Blocks reduce incoming damage to 0.
    While the Shield is intact, cap can block Heavy and Unblockable Attacks and gains X Block Proficiency.
    Blocking a Heavy or Unblockable Attack reduces Shield Safeguard to 0, however all hits of the incoming Attack can be blocked.
    When reaching 0 Safeguard the Shield is Fractured, entering cooldown for 8 seconds. This cooldown increases by 300% each time Fracture occurs. When cooldown ends, the Shield is repaired at 7 Safeguard.
    On Fracture
    vibranium shards from the vibranium shield burst onto the Opponent, inflicting a Stun Debuff for 1.9 seconds.
    ** lightning clouds
    Special Attack 1: 100% chance to Shock your opponent, dealing 233.55 - 884.25 Energy damage over 8 seconds.
    Special Attack 2: 100% chance to Shock your opponent, dealing 242.2 - 917 Energy damage over 8.5 seconds, 100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 488.7 - 1854.9 Direct Damage over 4 seconds
    Special Attack 3: 100% chance to Shock your opponent, dealing X Energy Damage over 5 seconds.
    This Special Attack can only inflict up to maximum of 20% of the opponent’s max Health as damage
    unblockable for 5 seconds
    After any Special Attack, Captain America consumes all Safeguard.
    ** Stun
    Stun prevents Champions from being able to move for several seconds. When a Champion is Stunned, it leaves them vulnerable to attack.
    All Attacks: Striking an opponent that has been Shocked has a 30% chance to Stun them for 1 seconds.
    ** Shock Resistance
    Passive: 70% Shock and stun Resistance.

  • Skill:

    Chipmunk Hunk
    Captain America (Sam Wilson)
    Hawkeye (The Wastelands)
    Koi Boi
    Red Wolf
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