Lvl 51....r3 6* already ?

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Hey Summoners ! Im an mcoc summoner like you. Im a lvl 51 cavalier player. Over the past week i have completed abyss ( got mutant t5cc). Completed act 6. And am about to complete 7.1 today. I have 10 6 star champs in total ( none are mutants ) but in the event of me pulling a decent 6* mutant i would like to r3 for throne breaker i would be faced with yet another problem. My max capacity for t5 basic is 3 but need capacity 4 to r3 a 6*. Does anyone know at which level i would recieve an increase to my catylyst capacity ? Im sigil.
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    NewWorld said:

    Wow...alright...idk what u mean by the f2p deals but i will post screen shots of my entire account why would i be dishonest ?

    Peter parkers wallet x 5 or 6. That deal.
  • Crcrcrc said:

    60. Did you just skip all exploration and fly through the content? That seems like a very low level to get a t5cc.

    I bet he did that
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